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Friday, December 16, 2016

Every American should prepare him-or-herself to join Donald Trump on the Restoration-of-American Journey he plans to embark upon once he assumes Office

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“Every American should prepare him-or-herself to join Donald Trump on the Restoration-of-American Journey he plans to embark upon once he assumes Office” by Chef Pedro Muñoz

"Cada estadounidense debe prepararse para unirse a Donald Trump en la Restauración del Viaje Americano que planea emprender una vez que asuma la Oficina" por el Chef Pedro Muñoz




Everything Barack Obama has touched is a mess
San Diego, CA, 12-16-2016 Friday: Because of Barack Obama, the Middle East has gone to hell in the proverbial handbasket over the past eight years.  At the time Barack became president of the United States, Iraq was peaceful and Afghanistan well under control.  Now, however, the Middle East has gone insane and the Taliban once again, are on the march, attempting to cause as much havoc as possible before winter snows seal the goat paths into Pakistan. 
I am not a warmonger, you know-- belicista--nor have I ever been one; however, if we are going to fight, shed blood, and die, then we need to go in there and wipe out the scumbags opposing us.  I am sure that if President Obama had not scurried out of Iraq with his tail between his legs, ISIS would never have arisen and al-Qaida would be on the wane.
I have no problem whatsoever with Donald Trump nominating competent military generals to posts of prominence within his upcoming administration.  I say this because we need successful war fighters who know the heartbreak of war but who have the will to prosecute them to a successful and quick conclusion. 
It seems that with each pick President-elect Donald Trump selects, my former amigos on the left go plum loco over them.  At first, the pick to head the Justice Department—Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions—had them foaming at the mouth. 
The man is a rock-hard foe to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities and the leftists on the Hill figured that they would have to fight him tooth and nail. 
Then, each pick that Mr. Trump selected seemed to excite the leftists even more among the media and in the Congress to the point that they have no clue as to whom they should do battle with first.
Now, we hear that the CEO of Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, is his pick to head State.  This has caused the lefties to go completely loony as they despise anyone connected to big business as well as to oil and gas production. 
I have to admit, I love the pick because Exxon-Mobil does business in 100 countries and Mr. Tillerson has been with the company from leaving engineering school to becoming the CEO, a time frame of approximately four decades. 
Add to this the fact that Mr. Tillerson travels the world doing business with a wide range of governments and leaders including Vladimir Putin, the current villain of the day for the left. 
It also upsets the lefties because it is a clear sign that business is on the agenda of the 45th president and that he wants someone who can promote American oil and natural gas production. 
You see, we have the wherewithal to become a chief exporter of American energy, whether it is oil, gas, or coal.  We need someone who can talk the language of energy and who knows the global players.
The lefties are upset because Mr. Tillerson lacks any prior political experience, which I think should be very good as he is not an ideologue but a business mogul who knows how to talk the dynamic language of making money.  For too long a time now, the United States has allowed other nations to make money off of us and not us of them.
It is time for American policy to transform into one that benefits the American people rather than punishes them for stupid, ideological reasons such as pushing Obamaism and keeping people uneducated and ignorant. 
Virtually every pick coming out of Trump Plaza is a good one, picks that should instill a sense of optimism in every American who wants to return to the good old days of economic success.
I also have faith that Donald Trump will seek to bring the Keystone XL pipeline through the middle of the country, from Canada’s oil sands to the refineries on the Gulf Coast.  We need to work hand-in-hand with the Canadians and other producers of energy who wish to partner with us. 
This is something we need to do so we can turn the Middle Eastern oil potentates back into the backwater they became once Portugal managed to reach India by going around Africa instead of going through the Middle East.  
The power that Middle Eastern states had over east-west trade prior to Europeans being able to avoid going through the region dissipated once the trade routes changed to something favoring Europeans and not Muslims.
I like other signs of impending energy independence such as President-elect Donald Trump picking former Texas governor and primary foe, Rick Perry, to head the Department of Energy. 
You see, I like the governor because I know he is going to enter his department and begin cleaning out all of the intolerable Global Warming-Climate Changer losers clogging up the department.
In fact, I think that no matter what the mayors of sanctuary cities say, no matter what the media says, no matter what late night TV comics say, and no matter what Dems on the Hill and in various state governments say, CHANGE is going to come REAL SOON. 
Whereas Barack Obama promised false ‘change,’ aka ‘fundamental transformation of the country,’ I think the change that Donald Trump promises is one that is going to re-instill hope in the nation once again. 
Imagine, being able to go out and find a good job, one that promises to be a career with the security money and five-star benefits can provide.  Too many people under the age of 50 have no clue as to how America was when it was the economic engine of the world.
Imagine, too, a world in which, the EPA is under control, doing what Richard M. Nixon meant it to do and that is clean up the air and water without driving jobs offshore.  We can conserve our resources and we can increase them, too, simply through using plain old common sense, American ingenuity, and know-how. 
I predict Donald Trump is going to be a success and in being one, he is going to elevate the living standards of EVERY American who wishes to accompany him on this journey of restoration.  For those who do not wish to go with President Trump’s plans for America, they can sit along the sidelines, bitching, moaning, and becoming irrelevant. 
Something tells me that a lot of people—especially the youthful ones—are going to begin deserting the leftwing of the political aisle and begin gravitating to the right, lured by the opportunity of good-paying careers, advancement, and a better life.  One would be stupid NOT to do so.  What will YOU do?   
Gracias mis amigos.
Pedro Muñoz
Executive Chef Pedro Muñoz
CEC, American Culinary Federation, Inc.

This is a photo of me at an awards dinner in San Diego for the Chefs de Cuisine in 1978.  I began my culinary career in the 1950's and had the good fortune of working with many different chefs before meeting my good friend, Stinkbug, in the mid 1980's in Bakersfield.  I am still working part-time in my semi-retired years in my hometown in San Diego, CA.
Member of the CA063 San Diego Chefs de Cuisine Chapter 
Chef Pedro is now an Independent.

Chef Pedro writes from San Diego, CA

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Muñoz, Pedro.  “Every American should prepare him-or-herself to join Donald Trump on the Restoration-of-American Journey he plans to embark upon once he assumes Office
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Beverly Carrick: the World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)
Pictures #0960-1480

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Big Brother and the Holding Company featuring James Gurley and the Hollies featuring Tony Hicks:

A.    882: Marinus I begins his reign as Catholic Pope, seceding John VIII.
B.     1431: King Henry VI of England becomes the king of France on this date.
C.    1631: Mt. Vesuvius erupts, destroying six nearby villages killing 4,000 people.
D.    1653: Oliver Cromwell became Lord-Protector of England, Scotland, and Wales.
E.     1761: The Russian army occupies the Prussian city of Kohlberg.
F.     1773: The Boston Tea Party took place as American colonists boarded a British ship and dumped more than 300 chests of tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxes on imported tea.
G.    1809: The French senate granted a divorce decree to Emperor Napoleon I and Empress Josephine, with the dissolution being made final the following month.
H.    1811: The first of the powerful New Madrid earthquakes struck the central Mississippi Valley with an estimated magnitude of 7.7.
I.       1880: The Republic of South Africa forms.
J.      1907: Sixteen U.S. Navy battleships which came to be known as the “Great White Fleet,” set sail on a 14-month, round-the-world voyage to demonstrate American sea power.
K.    1939: James Gurley, future guitarist with the San Francisco band, Big Brother and the Holding Company is born on this date. 
L.     1941: Japanese troops begin landing on Sarawak on the Malaysian island of Borneo during World War II.     
M.  1942: German leader, Adolf Hitler, orders war against Russian and Balkan partisans.
N.    1944: The World War II Battle of the Bulge began as German forces launched a surprise attack against Allied forces in Belgium.  However, the Allies were able eventually to beat the Germans back.
O.    1945: The Cleveland Rams win the NFL Championship.  Meanwhile, future guitarist/vocalist with the British band, the Hollies (1963-present), is born on this date in England.
P.     1949: Sukarno becomes the ruler of Indonesia with Mohammed Hatta becoming the premier.
Q.    1950: President Harry S. Truman proclaimed a national state of emergency in order to fight “world conquest by communist imperialism.”
R.    1953: At the first White House press conference, President Dwight D. Eisenhower fields questions from 161 reporters.
S.      1956: Francis Cardinal Spellman, the archbishop of New York, personally denounced the soon-to-be-released movie, “Baby Doll,” starring Carroll Baker, saying Catholics would be committing a sin if they watched it. 
T.     1960: 134 people died when a United Airlines DC-8 and a TWA Super Constellation collided over New York City.
U.    1969: The British House of Commons votes 343-185 to abolish the death penalty.
V.    1971: Indian army troops occupy the city of Dacca, which led to the surrender of West Pakistani soldiers and their commanders.
W.  1972: By beating the Baltimore Colts 16-0, the Miami Dolphins end the regular NFL season undefeated and would go on to win Super Bowl VII on January 14, 1973 by beating the Washington Redskins, 14-7.
X.    1973: O.J. Simpson becomes the first NFL running back to rush for 2,000 yards in a season.
Y.    1976: The government halted its swine flu vaccination program following reports of paralysis apparently linked to the vaccine.  Meanwhile, a Liberian oil tanker runs aground off Nantucket leading to an oil spill of 180,000 barrels of oil into the Atlantic Ocean.
Z.     1982: Environmental Protection Agency head Anne M. Gorsuch became the first Cabinet-level cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to submit documents requested by a congressional committee.
AA.          1991: The U.N. General Assembly rescinded its 1975 ruling equating Zionism with racism by a vote of 111-25.
BB.           2002: President George W. Bush named former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean to replace Henry Kissinger as head of the panel investigating the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.  Senate Republican leader Trent Lot, in an interview on Black Entertainment Television, asked black Americans to forgive his seeming nostalgia on segregation when he said kind things about Strom Thurman.    
CC.          2011: A report claiming nearly all research on chimpanzees is scientifically unjustified causes the U.S. National Institute of Health to place a moratorium on new studies using chimpanzees.
DD.          2012: Japan holds its presidential elections with Shinzo Abe, former prime minister, and opposition Liberal Democratic Party leader, predicted to be the winner.      
EE.           2013: After years of receding, scientists report that the Arctic sea ice has rebounded in extent and volume
FF.2014: Astronauts at the International Space Station have created a specialized wrench in their 3D printer using a custom-designed blueprint emailed to the station from engineers on Earth; previously, the astronauts printed objects from pre-loaded design files.                                                                        

As always, we thank the good folks at Brainy History for doing the hard work of the compiling of historical happenings, dates, and everything else by which at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day publish a blog that draws readers from all over the world!  Thank you and God bless you for doing this very important work!























The Beatles released a collection of 16 ‘essential tunes’ entitled, “The Essential Beatles” (what else?) in 1972.  At the time, it was a collection of tunes running from “Love Me Do” to “Let It Be.”  Now, the album is a collector’s item although not an expensive one, one we hope you will check out by using the link we provide you here.  It will take you to Amazon.com, the world’s greatest online marketplace.  We know you will find this album worthy of adding to your growing collection so please, use the link we have for you here—you will be glad you did.

“Every American should prepare him-or-herself to join Donald Trump on the Restoration-of-American Journey he plans to embark upon once he assumes Office” by Chef Pedro Muñoz

"Cada estadounidense debe prepararse para unirse a Donald Trump en la Restauración del Viaje Americano que planea emprender una vez que asuma la Oficina" por el Chef Pedro Muñoz


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As always, we thank the good folks at Brainy History for doing the hard work of compiling historical happenings, dates, and everything else by which at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day publish a blog that draws readers from all over the world!  Thank you and God bless you for doing this very important work!

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53. 10-15-2014 W: “Political Topics and Essays, Part Two-Hundred-and-Seventy-Six: Chef Pedro explains WHY he left the Democrat Party to become a Political Independent and how Ebola will be the only thing for which, the World remembers Barack Obama” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
54. 10-16-2014 Th: “Political Topics and Essays, Part Two-Hundred-and-Seventy-Seven: the Chef urges Islam to undergo a push towards Modernity and to put the Radical Jihadists out of your Faith before it destroys ALL of its Practitioners—Christianity did it!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
55. 10-17-2014 F: “Political Topics and Essays, Part Two-Hundred-and-Seventy-Eight: Chef Pedro reiterates what he said earlier in the Year about WHY he moved from being a Democrat to being an Independent favoring the Right—this Nation is Worth Saving and it is up to US to save it!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
56. 10-18-2014 S: “Political Topics and Essays, Part Two-Hundred-and-Seventy-Nine: whether we like it or not, we cannot but help wonder as to WHY President Obama would open the United States to a Possible Epidemic of Ebola—is ‘Social Justice’ the Prime Mover for the President?” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
57. 10-19-2014 Su: “Political Topics and Essays, Part Two-Hundred-and-Eighty: we need a Third Political Party to balance the other Two; plus, the GOP has a Duty—if it wants to Win and Win Big Next Month—to tell us what they plan to do once they take Power ” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
58. 03-16-2015 M: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLV: Chef Pedro returns with the News that anyone who thought the Border Invasion has abated, you need to look again—the Illegals continue crossing it bringing more and more Dangerous Diseases into the Country—we must stop it!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
59. 03-17-2015 T: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLVI: how can we vote for Hillary Clinton when she is as Transparent as is her Former Boss, Barack Hussein Obama, a Man who definitely is NOT Crystal Clear—we need to elect People with whom we agree and trust, NOT Politicians seeking to rule us as if we are Serfs” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
60. 03-18-2015 W: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLVII: the Topic of the Day is the Witch-Hunt of Democrat Senator Bob Menendez because he opposes President Obama on BOTH making Deals with the Iranians and normalizing Relations with Cuba—what is up with that?” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
61. 03-19-2015 Th: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLVIII: why the Double Standard when it comes to Private versus Government-Controlled Email for Cabinet Secretaries, Ambassadors, and other Potentates within the U.S. Government—because they plan to do something we have NOT seen since Benedict Arnold” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
62. 03-20-2015 F: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLIX: thanks to the Obama Administration and the Justice Department, we saw Violence erupt in Missouri Last Week as Thugs shot Two Ferguson Police Officers in an Apparent Ambush—we might be entering the Antebellum before a Second Civil War, Folks!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
63. 03-21-2015 S: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCL: I love Jaz McKay’s Idea about ‘Thugfest 2015’—let’s reinvent Gladiatorial  Games by putting them on Pay-Per-View and then sending out the Nation’s Death Row Inmates to do Battle with one another—how awesome is that—and I’m a Former Liberal!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
64. 03-22-2015 Su: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCLI: Pedro ends the Week discussing Birth Tourism, how the Democrats want Illegal Aliens over Native-Born Citizens, Dick Durbin’s demanding those given Amnesty need Enfranchisement, and finally how the NAACP is fighting back” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
65. 11-09-2015 M: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXXII: Voting for Trump might not be a Bad Thing, especially if he fixes the Broken Immigration System by building his Wall and deporting all of the Criminal Aliens” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
66. 11-10-2015 T: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXXIII: So, the President wants to remove our Ability to ask a Potential Employee whether or not he or she has a Criminal Record?  What is wrong with this President?” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
67. 11-11-2015 W: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXXIV: WHY does President Obama have such a Hard-On for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad?  If the American People tried to remove HIM from Office, he might be dropping Barrel Bombs on them, too” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
68. 11-12-2015 Th: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXXV: Jeb cannot ‘Fix’ anything, the man is so messed up that it is an embarrassment not only to his Family but to the Entire Nation and the World as well—NO MORE BUSHES!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
69. 11-13-2015 F: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXXVI: why does it NOT surprise me that the UC Merced Stabber was another Muslim SOB by the Name of Faisal Mohammad—this has to STOP NOW!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
70. 11-14-2015 S: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXVII: the Next President needs to dismantle and dismember CAIR before it allows Islamists to dismantle the United States of America—CAIR is EVIL” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
71. 11-15-2015 Su: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DLXVIII: it is pretty damned Sad when the Only World Leader for whom Americans have to cheer is Russian President Vladimir Putin—kick some ISIS Ass, Vlad!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.
72. 07-04-2016 M: “I thought Things were Bad Last November when I was last here but now, Things are even Worse than they were then as we see the Clintons outsmarting President Obama with Loretta Lynch as their Inside Eyes and Ears” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXIV
73. 07-05-2016 T: “The United States is not as Bad as the Liberal Sell-Out Democrats attempt to make it but if we no longer teach American History in High Schools and in College—even to History Majors—how are we to get the Truth out there?” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXV
74. 07-06-2016 W: “FBI Director James Comey gave Hillary Clinton a PASS on her Private Email Server through ruling out ‘Intent,’ which not only clears her but Everyone Else in the Obama Administration whom we now know most likely did the SAME Thing ” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXVI
75. 07-07-2016 Th: “If there is anyone out there who cannot see the Obvious Comparisons to the Weimar Republic of Germany or to the Days preceding the October Revolution in Czarist Russia, then I don’t know where you been!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXVII
76. 07-08-2016 F: “Both Political Conventions this Year are going to resemble what we saw 48 Years ago in Chicago when Street Riots and Protests broke out around the Democratic National Convention in Protest over the Vietnam War” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXVIII
77. 07-09-2016 S: “If J. Edgar Hoover instead of James B. Comey were in charge of today’s FBI, I think Hillary Clinton would have much to fear and might have to withdraw from the 2016 Presidential Election” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCLXXXIX
78. 07-10-2016 Su: “After watching the Dallas Massacre on Thursday Night, I can say with Conviction that we as a Nation are entering a Period in U.S. History akin to or worse than what we witnessed in the 1960s” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXC
79. 12-12-2016 M: “Friends, I sure do hope that President-Elect Donald Trump plans to keep his Word when it comes to defending the Borders, booting out Illegal Aliens, and letting Immigration Authorities do their Jobs” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLV
80. 12-13-2016 T: “It is Time we Americans tell the Truth—the RIGHT is not responsible for the inundation of Fake News but the LEFT—they are the Ones who create the Lies, Falsehoods, Accusations, and Disinformation” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLVI
81. 12-14-2016 W: “I think that Barack Obama—and NOT THE RUSSIANS—was behind the DNC Hacks because he is a Malignant, Evil Force who will do better attacking Trump than Hillary” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLVII
82. 12-15-2016 Th: “Democrats have ONLY themselves to blame for the defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton so enough with the whining, crying, and moaning you leftists scum—grow up!” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLVIII
83. 12-16-2016 F: “Every American should prepare him-or-herself to join Donald Trump on the Restoration-of-American Journey he plans to embark upon once he assumes Office” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Political Topics and Essays, Part CMXLIX
84. 12-17-2016 S:
85. 12-18-2016 Su:


1.  11-11-2015 W: “Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part Sixty-Three: Beverly always had a Soft Spot in her Heart for America’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines and always supported their Causes with her Fortune” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part LXXI
2.      07-06-2016 W: “Beverly Carrick certainly does deserve becoming a Saint of the World of Fine Art because her Paintings lift the Spirits when Criminals such as Hillary Clinton seem to escape the Punishment she so rightly deserves” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CIII
3.      12-14-2016 W: “Beverly Carrick Artworks are akin to communing with God as it opens the Mind, purifies the Soul, and opens the Heart to something far greater than anything anyone else ever could” by Chef Pedro Muñoz.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXXVII


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125.                     03-25-2011 F: “Appetizers Index, Part IX: after discussing the ongoing Turmoil in the Middle East and how President Obama seems to favor the Jihadists, Chef Elvin shows the Readership how to make a Superb Dungeness Crab Cocktail!” by Chef Elvin C. McCardle
126.                     03-26-2011 S: “Appetizers Index, Part X: Brand-New Blogger, V. Vicky Mazarotti comes in and shows the Readership how to make Clam Dip and talks about reclaiming the White House in next Year’s Presidential Election!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
127.                     03-27-2011 Su: 03-27-2011 Su: “Appetizers Index, Part XI: after discussing the Legality of President Obama’s Air Strikes on Libya, Chef Mazarotti shows the END Readership how to make the Perfect Cheeseboard—Kaddafi might have liked it!” by Chef V. Vicky Mazarotti
128.                     03-28-2011 M: “Appetizers Index, Part XII: does Mr. Obama have the Same Cojones that George W. Bush had?  Stick around and find out and then learn how to make Chef Mazarotti’s French Onion Dip—Best in the West!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
129.                     03-29-2011 T: “Appetizers Index, Part XIII: Chef Vicky finished up with her Series on Appetizers and Hors d’oeuvres after bashing President Obama and his Islamist Connection—quite enthralling!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
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131.                     03-31-2011 TH: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part II: Fabulous Pork Meatballs—Fit for King Kamehameha and the Story of Luigi’s on Maui” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
132.                     04-01-2011 F: “Educational Writings, Part V—Syria—Dictatorship Five Thousand Years in the Making” by JT.
133.                     04-02-2011 S: “Educational Writings, Part VI—Discourse on Hatred’s Kingdom” by Brian Carrick.
134.                     04-03-2011 Su: “Educational Writings, Part VII—the Infamous Standard Prison Experiment” by the Hooter.
135.                     04-04-2011 M: “Educational Writings-Discourse Index, Part VIII: showing that ALL Chefs who write for the AICP-END are Brilliant Individuals, Chef Gdansk presents a Paper on the Apache Indians—Awesome!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
136.                     04-05-2011 T: Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part III: Chef Carrick talks about the Good Old Days of living in Hawaii and then shows us how to make his Mango Chicken, something similar to what his Counterpart Stinkbug recently did!” by Chef B. Carrick
137.                     04-06-2011 W: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part I: today, Chef Stinkbug kicks off a Brand-New Series on the Prepmaster, the Man or Woman who is responsible for the Smooth-Running of virtually every Restaurant across the Nation and who does not receive the Rewards they’re due!” by Chef Stinkbug
138.                     04-07-2011 Th: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part II: Stinkbug takes us into the World of the Prepmaster, the Number One Position in the Kitchen following the Chef and sometimes more so than the Head Chef because this Guy does it All!” by Stinkbug.
139.                     04-08-2011 F: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part III: after shooting Barbs at Blowhard and Phony Chefs like Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsay, Stinkbug shows the Readership how to make Key Flavoring Ingredients used by every Professional Chef!” by Stinkbug..
140.                     04-09-2011 S: ”Mis-en-Place Index, Part IV: Stinkbug returns with More Prepmaster Recipes but First raises the Question as to WHY Would anyone want to be an Ally of the United States with Barack Obama in the White House!” by Stinkbug.
141.                     04-10-2011 Su: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part V: Chef Vlad comes in to begin the First Day of a Three-Day Stint and shares his Prime Rib and Potato Seasonings with the Readership!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
142.                     04-11-2011 M: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part VI: Before discussing some Important Spice Mixtures, Chef Vladimir bemoans Barack Obama’s Treatment of American Allies, blasts the Libs, and praises Conservatism; just another Day at the AICP-END!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
143.                     04-12-2011 T: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part VII: Chef Gdansk finishes the Mis-en-Place Series by going out with a Bang—something ALL of you will enjoy but First there is a Great Deal to Cover and We need to Cover it Today so come on in!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
144.                     04-13-2011 W: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XIV: Lilah presents the Classic Carrot Cake that Chef Brian Carrick first devised while working at the famed Stockdale Country Club in Bakersfield, California!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
145.                     04-14-2011 Th: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XV: The Murph arrives for her First Day at the New Blog and Lo and Behold what does she present to the Readership on her First Day: Southern-Style Pecan Pie, good enough for the Obama White House!” by Chef Murph MacDougal.
146.                     04-15-2011 F: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XVI: Chef Brian arrives today to present one of his Famous Stockdale Country Club Desserts, the Classic Old English Trifle, a Delicious Masterpiece of macerated Cake, Custard, and Delectable Fruits!” by Chef B. Carrick.
147.                     04-16-2011 S: “Side Dish Seminar, Part II: Chef Charles returns for his Second Go-Round at the New AICP-END and presents the Second Installment of the Side Dish Seminar—Hickory Smoked Potatoes, a Southern Gem that ONLY I Know so come along and learn how to make it with me!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
148.                     04-17-2011 Su: “Side Dish Seminar, Part III: Chef Charles presents another Stellar Side Dish Recipe, this one plucked from Northern Italy, a Dish so Delightful and Wonderful that it remains with one throughout their Entire Lifetime but First a Discussion about what is happening in the Middle East and in Barack Obama’s Mind” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
149.                     04-18-2011 M: “Side Dish Seminar, Part IV: Chef Charles teaches the Readership how to make the Delightful Scalloped Potato Dish his Parents used in their Own Restaurant more than 50 Years Ago, something Few See much anymore as Many Chefs utilize Box Mixes and Illegal Aliens for Staff” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
150.                     04-19-2011 T: “Side Dish Seminar, Part V: Chef Charles presents TWO Classic Side Dishes today, one being an Italian Rice Dish—Risotto Milanese—and the other, a Rutabaga Dish—Rutabagas O’Brien—Irish Cuisine at its absolute BEST!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
151.                     04-20-2011 W: “Side Dish Seminar, Part VI: Chef Smithenstein shows the Readership HOW to make the Standard Au Jus Recipe—you use more than just a Packet with a Dry Mix in it, my Friends; if you don’t know how to make it in MY Restaurant, I will kick your Butt out my Back Door!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
152.                     04-21-2011 Th: “Side Dish Seminar, Part VII: Yet another Chef returns to the NEW Blog, one who wrote at the OLD Blog—at Choseit.com and he presents an Amazing Scalloped Potato-Carrot Dish that goes well with Most Entrees and is Beautiful to Behold!” by Chef B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
153.                     04-22-2011 F: “Side Dish Seminar, Part VIII: Today, we learn the Tricks of the Trade to making Stuffed Baked Potatoes, not something you see much of in today’s Culinary World but still a damned Good One to pull out of your Chef’s Hat on Occasion!” by Chef B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
154.                     04-23-2011 S: “Side Dish Seminar, Part IX: the Day before Easter 2011, the Chef pulls a Trick out of his aged Chef’s Hat—Classic Greek Pilav, perfect for any Mediterranean Dish you might have in Mind!” by Chef B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
155.                     04-24-2011 Su: “Educational Writings-Discourse, Part IX: you may not know it NOW but in a Few Years, Illegal Immigration—under the Control of Barack Hussein Obama—is going to become a MAJOR Problem, one that has the Power to destroy this Nation for Good!” by Tiresias Helenus Grinikeodopuloposlus.
156.                     04-25-2011 M: “Side Dish Seminar, Part X: on the Day following Easter 2011, Chef Stinkbug pulls a True Gem out of his Aged Chef’s Hat, one for the Classic Green Herbal Pilaf, a Diamond in one’s Personal Chef’s Book to be used only in the MOST Important Menus!” by Chef Stinkbug.
157.                     04-26-2011 T: “Miscellaneous Articles Index, Part XVIII: the Care and Feeding of a Chef’s Knives as defined and instructed by a Master Chef such as Chef Charles—this is an Important Topic so do not shy away from today’s Blog Post—thank you!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
158.                     04-27-2011 W: “The Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen—the Pantry Chef, Part I” by Goldfish.
159.                     04-28-2011 Th: “The Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen—the Pantry Chef, Part II” by Goldfish.
160.                     04-28-2011 Th: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part II: today, Chef Goldie elaborates on the Basic Mayonnaise-based Sauces she began in Yesterday's Post!” by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara.
161.                     04-29-2011 F: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part III: Goldie begins the Presentation of Top Pantry Recipes with a Great One for French Vinegar and Oil Dressing as well as one for Sauce Ravigote—don’t miss these!” by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara.
162.                     04-30-2011 S: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part IV: Goldie pulls out a Couple of Zesty Cocktail Sauces for Today, something of which, every Chef worth his or her Salt needs to have in his or her Repertoire—be sure to check these two out now!” by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara.
163.                     05-01-2011 Su: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part V: Lilah comes in and picks up where Goldie left off Yesterday by presenting Two More Important, All-Purpose Pantry Sauces that will enliven your foods, amaze your Palate and enrich the Bottom Line of the Foodservice Operation!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
164.                     05-02-2011 M: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part VI: Lilah discusses the Joys of living and working in the Hawaiian Islands, the Diversions, the way of Life that ALL Native-born People love…then, she shares her Recipe for House Croutons, noting it is better to do everything from Scratch rather than buying it from a Purveyor!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
165.                     05-03-2011 T: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part VII: Lilah presents a Great Recipe for 1000 Island Dressing, one of the Best as she says herself so please, join us in our ongoing, lengthy Series on the most Important Post in any Restaurant, the Prepmaster!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
166.                     05-04-2011 W: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part VIII: after sharing comments on the Recent Death of al-Qaida Terrorist Osama bin Laden and congrats to the Commander-in-Chief, Lilah continues with Prepmaster Recipes such as the outstanding Bleu Cheese Dressing #1 in an Institutional Size!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
167.                     05-05-2011 Th: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part IX: Chef BC jumps into the ongoing Topic of the Death of Osama bin Laden, how the Pakistanis gave him Succor, and how the World is close to exploding over the growing Terrorism Crisis then shares a Recipe for an Institutional Sized-Batch of French Dressing!” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
168.                     05-06-2011 F: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part X: Chef BC continues to give Kudos to the Obama Administration for taking Out Number One Terrorist, Osama bin Laden, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and then questions the ‘Alliance’ with that Nation—and then shares TWO Caesar Salad Dressing Recipes” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
169.                     05-07-2011 S: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XI: Chef BC discusses the Lunacy of Mexico seeking American Tourism when their nation is among the Most Violent, Corrupt, and Criminal Countries on the Earth and then some More Salad Dressings from Hawaii!” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
170.                     05-08-2011 Su: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XII: we discuss Murderous Punk Joran van der Sloot as well as the rising Tide of Angry Arabs around the Middle East and then launch into an Institutional-sized Batch of Hot Seafood Salad Dressing—don’t miss this Post!” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
171.                     05-09-2011 M: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XIII: Chef Olaf Bologolo commences his First Day at the AICP-END Blog by picking up where Chef BC left off—more spectacular Prepmaster Foods, these being for Basque Restaurant Aficionados” by Olaf Bologolo.
172.                     05-10-2011 T: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XIV: Olaf’s Second Day on the Job features more Pickled Beans as well as a Great Recipe for the Most Exquisite of Dishes, Pickled Beef Tongue—a Basque Specialty!” by Olaf Bologolo.
173.                     05-11-2011 W: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XV: Olaf continues discussing the ongoing Road Trip the Bloggers at the AICP-END currently enjoy but also shares some Final Prepmaster Recipes everyone is going to enjoy” by Olaf Bologolo.
174.                     05-12-2011 Th: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XVI: after discussing the Insane (and Hypocritical) Policies of Barack Obama—namely interfering in Libya in the drive to expel Moammar Gaddafi—Pedro shares a Prepmaster Recipe with the Readers” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
175.                     05-13-2011 F: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XVII: California needs to do something about its dwindling Water Supply as if it does not, we might see a Revolution break out and the wipe out of the California Democrat Party —then we make some Pantry Salads” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
176.                     05-14-2011 S: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XVIII: Chef Pedro is glad he survived yesterday and then goes on to discuss the Recent Events taking place in Pakistan in the aftermath of the U.S. taking out Terrorist Osama bin Laden—then more Pantry Recipes!” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
177.                     05-15-2011 Su:  “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XIX: Chef JT shares Recipes for Spreadable Garlic Butter as well as Homemade Chutney, things EVERY Chef in the World needs to know how to make so why not learn with JT!” by Chef James “JT” Tobiason.
178.                     05-16-2011 M: “The Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen—the Pantry Chef, Part XX” by JT.
179.                     05-17-2011 T: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part I” by JT.
180.                     05-18-2011 W: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part II” by Stinkbug.
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182.                     05-20-2011 F: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part IV” by Stinkbug.
183.                     05-21-2011 S: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part V” by Stinkbug.
184.                     05-22-2011 Su: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part VI” by Stinkbug.
185.                     05-23-2011 M: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part VII” by Stinkbug.
186.                     05-24-2011 T: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part VIII” by Stinkbug.
187.                     05-25-2011 W: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part IX” Smithenstein.
188.                     05-26-2011 Th: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part X” Smithenstein.
189.                     05-27-2011 F: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XI” Smithenstein.
190.                     05-28-2011 S: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XII” Smithenstein.
191.                     05-29-2011 Su: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XIII” Smithenstein.
192.                     05-30-2011 M: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XIV” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
193.                     05-31-2011 T: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XV” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
194.                     06-01-2011 W: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XVI” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
195.                     06-02-2011 Th: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XVII” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
196.                     06-03-2011 F: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XVIII” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
197.                     06-04-2011 S: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XVI: ABC Muffins” by Lilah Paulikovich.
198.                     06-05-2011 Su: “Soup Seminar, Part II—Ground Beef and Three-Bean Soup” by El Chilote.
199.                     06-06-2011 M: “Soup Seminar, Part III—Cream of Asparagus and Cream of Onion Soups” by El Chilote.
200.                     06-07-2011 T: “Soup Seminar, Part IV—Old-Fashioned Vegetable Soup with Barley and Cabbage Soup” by El Chilote.
201.                     06-08-2011 W: “Classic Bakery Desserts, Part XVII: Butterscotch Cream Pie and Fresh Whipped Cream” by Murph MacDougal.
202.                     06-09-2011 Th: “Classic Bakery Desserts, Part XVIII: Lemon Mousse” by Gervais.
203.                     06-10-2011 F: “Classic Bakery Desserts, Part XIX: Broken Glass Cake” by Gervais.
204.                     06-11-2011 S: “Classic Bakery Desserts, Part XX: Coconut Cream Pie” by JT.
205.                     06-12-2011 Su: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XIII—Chicken Diavolo” by Tiresias.
206.                     06-13-2011 M: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XIV—Veau Sauté ala Orange” by Tiresias.
207.                     06-14-2011 T: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part IV—Chicken and Broccoli” by the Hooter.
208.                     06-15-2011 W: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part V—Oriental Beef and Veggies” by the Hooter.
209.                     06-16-2011 Th: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part VI—Chinese Orange Beef” by Elvin P. McCardle.
210.                     06-17-2011 F: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XV: Pane al Pomodoro—Classic Italian Tomato Bread” by Jimmy Hall.
211.                     06-18-2011 S: “Bread Seminar, Part XVI: Panmarino—Toasted Pulverized Rosemary Flavors Bread” by Vladimir Gdansk.
212.                     06-19-2011 Su: “Bread Seminar, Part XVII: Pane al Peperoni—Italian Loaf adds flair to Dining” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
213.                     06-20-2011 M: “Bread Seminar, Part XVIII: Pane agli Funghi—Seasoned Italian Loaf makes Perfect Dinner Bread” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
214.                     06-21-2011 T: “Pasta Specialties, Part I: Lasagna—Self-proclaimed Household Champ shares Recipe” by Murph MacDougal.
215.                     06-22-2011 W: “Central Asian Specialties, Part I: Lamb Curry—Curried Lamb is both a Treat and a guaranteed Money-maker for any Kitchen” by JT.
216.                     06-23-2011 Th: “Central Asian Specialties, Part II—Curried Cabbage, Vegetable, and Lentil Soup—loved by Vegetarians everywhere” by Goldfish.
217.                     06-24-2011 F: “Pasta Specialties, Part II: Spaghetti and Meatballs—much-beloved Italian Classic enjoyed by All” by Olaf Bologolo.
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219.                     06-26-2011 Su: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XVIII—Multi-Bran, Date, and Carrot Muffins” by B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
220.                     06-27-2011 M: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins Part XIX—Banana-Blueberry-Nut Muffins by Charles “the Chuckster” Smithenstein.
221.                     06-28-2011 T: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XX: Carrot-Pecan Loaf and Sweet Whole Wheat Bread—Favorite Quickbreads beloved by All” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
222.                     06-29-2011 W: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part VI: Tangerine Chicken—Delicious Dish easily made at Home” by Gervais.
223.                     06-30-2011 Th: “Side Dish Seminar, Part X: Potatoes a’ la’ Crecey—Classic French Dish that can easily be made at your Home’” by Brian Carrick.
224.                     07-01-2011 F: “Side Dish Seminar, Part XI: Risi Bisi—Italian Rice Dish that is a Beautiful Classic if ever there was One” by Stinkbug.
225.                     07-02-2011 S: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XV: Halibut topped with Crab and Artichokes—One of the Best Seafood Dishes of all Times” by El Chilote.
226.                     07-03-2011 Su: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XVI: Halibut San Juan—an Old-time Delight from the Great Pacific Northwest” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
227.                     07-04-2011 M: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XVII: Beer-Battered Halibut—an All-American Treat for the Fourth of July” by Vladimir Gdansk.
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229.                     07-06-2011 W: “Side Dishes Seminar, Part XIII: Turkish Pilaf and Spanish Rice—Delicious Rice Recipes from around the Globe” by the Hooter.
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231.                     07-08-2011 F: “The Salad Chef Speaks, Part VI: more Mouth-watering Dressings to excite your Palate” by Jimmy Hall.
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233.                     07-10-2011 Su: “Central Asian Specialties, Part III:  Malaysian-style Chicken Breast—Curried Chicken with a Medley of Toppings that will wow one’s Palate” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
234.                     07-11-2011 T: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part VII: Sweet’n’Sour Pork—cooked in the Traditional Way: Pan-fried and covered with a Red Sweet’n’Sour Sauce” by Murph MacDougal.
235.                     07-12-2011 T: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part VIII: Pineapple Chicken and Vegetables—easily made at Home” by JT.
236.                     07-13-2011 W: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXI: Maple-Buckwheat Muffins—Southern Cooking at its Best” by Goldfish.
237.                     07-14-2011 F: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XIX: Chicken a la Normande—a Classic Dish by the ‘King of Chefs and the Chef of Kings’: Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935)” by Olaf Bologolo.
238.                     07-15-2011 F: “Central Asian Favorites, Part IV: A Trio of Savory Sauces—Delicious Sauces with which to enliven your Evening Meals” by Lilah Paulikovich.
239.                     07-16-2011 S: “Central Asian Favorites, Part V—More Tasty Condiments for your Asian Meals—Two Chutneys and a Sauce” by B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
240.                     07-17-2011 Su: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins Part XXII—Multi-Bran, Banana, and Orange Muffins—Wonderfully Sweet and Nutritious to Boot” by Charles “the Chuckster” Smithenstein.
241.                     07-18-2011 M: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XVII: Castilian Sourdough Bread—a Treat from the Iberian Peninsula” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
242.                     07-19-2011 T: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXI: Mexican Flan—a Classic Dessert from South of the Border to liven up your Summertime Meals” by Gervais.
243.                     07-20-2011 W: “Pasta Specialties, Part III: Quick Meat Sauce and Penne Pasta—a Fast Meal prepared in less than Sixty Minutes’” by Brian Carrick.
244.                     07-21-2011 Th: “Soup Seminar, Part V: Red Bean Soup—Prepared in the Old-Fashioned Way” by Stinkbug.
245.                     07-22-2011 F: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXIII: Maple-Graham Bread—a Mélange of Flavors combined together in One tasty Bread” by El Chilote.
246.                     07-23-2011 S: “Coffee Shop Favorites, Part V: Salisbury Steak—Long-Forgotten Coffee Shop Favorite from the Days when there were Coffee Shops” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
247.                     07-24-2011 Su: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part IX: Baked Luau Ham with Sweet’n’Sour Ham Sauce—Delicious Way to serve Ham in the Summertime” by Vladimir Gdansk.
248.                     07-25-2011 M: “Old-Fashioned Home Cooking, Part III: Shepherd’s Lamb Stew—a Basque Classic with which you will fall in Love” by Tiresias.
249.                     07-26-2011 T: “Soup Seminar, Part VI: The Classic Stockdale Country Club Chowder—released to the General Public for the very first Time!” by the Hooter.
250.                     07-27-2011 W: “Soup Seminar, Part VII—Lecture on the Soup-Master’s Position, Part 1” by Elvin P. McCardle.
251.                     07-28-2011 Th: “Soup Seminar, Part VIII—Lecture on the Soup-Master’s Position, Part 2” by Elvin P. McCardle.
252.                     07-29-2011 F: “Soup Seminar, Part IX: Elvin P. McCardle’s Chicken Gumbo—Much-Beloved Soup from Chef McCardle’s Youth First on Today’s List” by Elvin P. McCardle.
253.                     07-30-2011 S: “Soup Seminar, Part X: Cabbage Soup and Red Cabbage Soup—Two Excellent Soups to add to your Repertoire” by Elvin P. McCardle.
254.                     07-31-2011 Su: “Soup Seminar, Part XI: Shrimp Gumbo #1—a Southern Classic from Ventura Beach, California” by Elvin P. McCardle.
255.                     08-01-2011 M: “Soup Seminar, Part XII: Shrimp Gumbo #2—Jimmy Hall takes over the Soup Seminar and offers his own Shrimp Gumbo Recipe” by Jimmy Hall.
256.                     08-02-2011 T: “Soup Seminar, Part XIII: Chicken Vermicelli Soup—one of the All-time Classic yet simple Recipes that even the Pot washer can throw Together!” by Jimmy Hall.
257.                     08-03-2011 W: “Soup Seminar, Part XIV: Chicken Noodle-or-Rice Soup—Grandma always knew Best!” by Jimmy Hall.
258.                     08-04-2011 Th: “Soup Seminar, Part XV: Turkey-Vegetable Soup—Good for Any Time of the Year!” by Jimmy Hall.
259.                     08-05-2011 F: “Soup Seminar, Part XVI: Chicken-Vegetable Soup—the Flipside of Yesterday’s Soup Coin!” by Jimmy Hall.
260.                     08-06-2011 S: “Soup Seminar, Part XVII: Vegetable Chowder—a Great way to enjoy the Taste of Chowder without the Clams” by Jimmy Hall.
261.                     08-07-2011 Su: “Soup Seminar, Part XVIII: Vegetable Soup—the Classic Soup of All-time!” by Jimmy Hall.
262.                     08-08-2011 M: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XVIII: Cajun Sourdough Bread—one of the Best Sourdough Breads I ever created!” by Vladimir Gdansk.
263.                     08-09-2011 T: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XIX: Kraftbrot—not a Sourdough Bread but one of the Trickiest to make” by Vladimir Gdansk.
264.                     08-10-2011 W: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XX: Spanish Sourdough Bread—other Guys make Sourdough Breads, too, you know!” by Vladimir Gdansk.
265.                     08-11-2011 Th: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXI: Pane Paisano—Ordinary Italian Sourdough Bread with a unique Shape” by Vladimir Gdansk.
266.                     08-12-2011 F: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXII: Pane al Formaggio—Italian Cheese Bread a Great Way to utilize Old Cheeses” by Vladimir Gdansk.
267.                     08-13-2011 S: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXIII: Zeppelin Rolls—if you’re not careful, these Rolls will float right out of your Oven!” by Vladimir Gdansk.
268.                     08-14-2011 Su: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXIV: Soft Rye Flour Rolls—Master Yeast Roll Dough Recipe in Rye Form” by Vladimir Gdansk.
269.                     08-15-2011 M: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part I—Classic No-Bake Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis is easy to make and a Joy to Eat!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
270.                     08-16-2011 T: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXIII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part II—White Chocolate Cheesecake—too Good to be True!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
271.                     08-17-2011 W: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXIV:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part III—Chocolate-Cherry Cheesecake—the Crème d’ la Crème of Cheesecakes” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
272.                     08-18-2011 Th: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXV:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part IV—Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake—none Better!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
273.                     08-19-2011 F: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXVI:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part V—Vick’s ‘Big One’—one of the Biggest I’ve ever Seen!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
274.                     08-20-2011 S: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXVII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part VI: the “Calorie Buster” Cheesecake—forget about your Diet and dig in!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
275.                     08-21-2011 Su: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXVIII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part VII: Vick’s New York-style Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping—ain’t None Better!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
276.                     08-22-2011 M: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXIX: Old-Fashioned Puddings and Custards, Part III—Croissant Pudding with Pumpkin” by Murph MacDougal.
277.                     08-23-2011 T: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXX: Boysenberry Pie and Pie Dough—a Wonderful Summertime Treat!” by Murph MacDougal.
278.                     08-24-2011 W: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXI: Chocolate-Amaretto Mousse—a Tasty Treat from long ago that’s still Good Today!” by Murph MacDougal.
279.                     08-25-2011 Th: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXII: White Chocolate Mousse—another Light and Fluffy Mousse for your dining Delight!” by Murph MacDougal.
280.                     08-26-2011 F: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXIII: Peach Melba—the Classic Dessert as created by the Great French Chef Auguste Escoffier” by Murph MacDougal.
281.                     08-27-2011 S: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXIV: Cherries Jubilee—another Classic Dessert created by the Great French Chef Auguste Escoffier” by Murph MacDougal.
282.                     08-28-2011 Su: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXV: Peaches a’ l’ Opera—a Final Classic Dessert created by the Great French Chef Auguste Escoffier” by Murph MacDougal.
283.                     08-29-2011 M: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXIV: Peach-Pecan Muffins—Delicious Muffins with a Southern Flair” by JT.
284.                     08-30-2011 T: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXV: Pineapple-Almond Muffins—tasty beyond Description” by JT.
285.                     08-31-2011 W: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXVI: Banana Muffins—the Darker the Banana—the Better the Flavor!” by JT.
286.                     09-01-2011 Th: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXVII: Lemon Muffins—tricky to make unless one has access to a Bakery Supply Company but it can be done” by JT.
287.                     09-01-2011 Th: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXVIII: Quick Applesauce Bread—quick and easy like Chef JT promised!” by JT.
288.                     09-03-2011 S: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXIX: Quick Pineapple Bread—one of the All-Time Great Favorite Breads” by JT.
289.                     09-04-2011 Su: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXX: Three Flavored-Butters—the Perfect Accompaniments for your Quickbreads and Muffins” by JT.
290.                     09-05-2011 M: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XX: Pork Cutlets a’ l’Orange—Fabulous French Cooking for an unforgettable Labor Day Dinner” by Goldfish.
291.                     09-06-2011 T: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXI: Veal Sauté St. Raphael—California Cuisine from the 1980’s for a Brand-New Generation” by Goldfish.
292.                     09-07-2011 W: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXII: Veal Sauté ala Oskar—one of the Greatest Veal Dishes from the Golden Age of French Cuisine” by Goldfish.
293.                     09-08-2011 Th: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXIII: Chicken Breast Sauté ala Gloria—tender Chicken Breasts covered in an Orange-Apricot Sauce” by Goldfish.
294.                     09-09-2011 F: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXIV: Braised Pork Chops —Mediterranean-style Cuisine from the South of France” by Goldfish.
295.                     09-10-2011 S: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXV: Blanquette d’Agneau—Continental Lamb Stew braised in Cream and Stock” by Goldfish.
296.                     09-11-2011 Su: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXVI: Halibut Cheek Penne Pasta in Pesto Cream Sauce—unique Seafood Dish from the Puget Sound” by Goldfish.
297.                     09-12-2011 M: “Coffee Shop Favorites, Part VI: Chicken-Fried Steak—All-American Truckstop Food from one end of the Nation to the Other” by Olaf Bologolo.
298.                     09-13-2011 T: “Coffee Shop Favorites, Part VII: Breaded Veal Cutlet with Chicken Gravy—once a Coffee Shop Deception now—the Real Thing!” by Olaf Bologolo.

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