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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Donald J. Trump will be a Representative of the People once he wins the White House, which is WHY News Media on ALL Sides have formed a Coalition to destroy our Champion


“Donald J. Trump will be a Representative of the People once he wins the White House, which is WHY News Media on ALL Sides have formed a Coalition to destroy our Champion” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall



The piling on of Donald Trump is breathtaking to behold, which is WHY we must support him all the way to the White House
Santa Barbara, CA, 10-27-2016 Thursday:  As a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I have to say watching the Cleveland Indians beat the Chicago Cubs 6-0 in the opening game of the World Series two nights ago gave me hope.  The hope I received from the game (we write one day in advance, which is why I am talking about the first game) is that the Dodgers losing the final game between them and the Cubbies in the NLCS was a fluke.  Furthermore, I have faith that the Dodgers will roar back next year and do something they have not been able to do since 1988 and win the World Series!
I know claiming that Dodgers fans are ‘long-suffering’ cannot compare in any tragic way with either the Indians or the Cubs, two teams that have waited far longer than the Dodgers have had to wait.  Still, there was a time in the history of the nation and of the Los Angeles-based club that were about ‘winning championships’ and being among the crème de la crème of Major League Baseball.  Let us root for the Indians to pound the snot out of the Cubs!
Megyn Kelly once again on Tuesday night showed that she is little more than a media hack.  She took to task former House Speaker Newt Gingrich over the accusations by women against his boss, Donald Trump.  It should be clear by now that Ms. Kelly wants to harm Mr. Trump and harm him to the point that he crumbles on the spot and loses the election. 
Mr. Gingrich, on the other hand, did not allow her to get away with her one-sided blitz on the GOP nominee to which, I say, “BRAVO, SIR, BRAVO!  Someone needs to take this stick-thin hag to the mat and give her a drubbing she will never forget.”
Once again, the actions of the media betray the fact that they are indeed deep in the tank for the Hillary camp, that they have reconciled with one another—temporarily—through the end of the election to knock Trump out of the running regardless of what it takes.  How they can come to some sort of entente is unclear to me but the evidence is there that they despise Mr. Trump and will do whatever it requires them to do to take him out of the race. 
We know that Ms. Kelly has a bone to pick with the New York billionaire because of him calling her out during one of the early primary debates.  She launched herself at Trump demanding he announce that he would support the ‘eventual nominee,’ which I think he wisely understood to be an attempt for his rivals to gang up on him and push him out of the fray so one of them could grab the brass ring instead. 
Trump had none of it and then brought up the fact that perhaps Kelly was in the throes of her monthly, which caused a great many people in the audience and at home to gasp, and demand, “WHAT DID HE SAY?  OH MY GOD, DID HE REALLY SAY WHAT I THINK HE SAID?’
Yeah, he said it and God bless him for doing so.  Although some among us here at the blog did not wish to admit that his opponents were stacking the odds against him (or at least attempting to do so), it became clear as time progressed that the media on all sides wanted nothing to do with Mr. Trump.  They wanted to oust him so politics as usual could progress and a loser Republican such as JEB would win the nomination. 
Had Jeb won the nomination, he would not be fighting back the way Mr. Trump has and continues doing.  Trump is not the sort of man to roll over, show his belly, and then pee all over himself.  The Donald comes from Queens, not Manhattan and is a man used to having to fight and scrap to achieve the amazing goals he sets in place for himself.  He has very few friends among the media because, although he brings in phenomenal ratings, he will upset the apple cart should he achieve the White House. 
I hope Donald Trump wins the election because the nation has long needed someone to go in and to drain the flipping cesspool as he says he will do.  The people, who represent us in Washington, DC, and in some state capitals such as here in California, live and work together in circumstances that one could compare to the court at Versailles prior to the French Revolution. 
While they might not like one another or enjoy being in one another’s company, the Republicans and Democrats still belong to the same exclusive club, the one that former Senate Majority Leader and scumbag Harry Reid, D-NV, holds dear.  Every elected official can seek refuge in this closed club and keep their noses held high as they view the people who sent them there to do THEIR bidding with disdain.   
Who can forget that Reid once dismissed famously the common folk as ‘sweaty tourists?’  What was it he said?  “It must be summer because one can smell the sweaty people waiting to tour the Capitol” or some ugly comment such as that?
There was a time in American history when serving the people back home was amongst the highest callings a person could attain through having one’s fellows elect him or her to go to the nation’s capital and represent the people who sent them there. 
People actually fought and fought hard to keep the innumerable promises they made prior to winning the election whereas now, they continually spit in our faces every time one among us says, “Hey, what happened to what you promised us?  We want you to keep your word!”    
Keeping one’s promises apparently has become gauche—to the elected officials—and they do their best to keep their distance from us until it is time to come back home to seek reelection.  They view we, the people, back home as being less-than-sophisticated, not as genteel or as urbane as they are so they feel that gives them the right to rebuke us, to push us back as hayseeds, losers, and chumps.  This simply has to stop. 
The only candidate capable of stopping this is Donald J. Trump as the man has the cojones to do what he says he will.  Oh, he will have BOTH parties coming down on him should he be so fortunate as to become the nation’s 45th president but I suspect he has the chutzpah to outflank his political enemies repeatedly through going directly to THEM as President Ronald Reagan once did.
I hope he works hard at righting the sinking ship of state.  I hope he finds a way to impose term limits on ALL elected and appointed officials.  Serving government must return to be a calling of the highest regard and not one from which the politicians can feed as a hog at the people’s trough.  Even the Supreme Court’s justices must serve for a set number of years to prevent the highest court from becoming a political tool of either side. 
You see, this is what this election is all about--it is about entrenched power, power the holders seek NEVER to relinquish because it keeps them there for life.  How can people go to Washington DC ‘middle class’ or less and return home after 30-40 years—or longer—as wealthy as the wealthiest people any of us know. 
Moreover, how do they do this unless they scratch one another’s backs and overlook crimes that would send ordinary everyday people to prison for 30 years or longer?  Once they hid their nefarious doings whereas now, they feel so secure in what they do that they do it brazenly in front of us.  It simply has to stop.   
If you need further proof of what I am saying bears truth, let us investigate what now seems to be common knowledge—although no one is going to do anything about it—regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. 
We know the FBI under the auspices of the Justice Department was NEVER going to hammer Hillary Clinton over her use of it because President Barack Obama also bears implication for having used a pseudonym to communicate back and forth with his then-secretary of state. 
You see, to bring down Hillary Clinton would be the launching pad to bring down President Obama so no wonder the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Hillary.  Even more proof of this outrageous matter of fact is that the White House has—after three decades of compliance—stopped Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for information related to presidential emails.
Just this aforementioned action alone should tell the most reluctant political observer that something does stink like dead fish surrounding the Clinton private email server AND the destruction of devices and more than 33,000 emails connected to it. 
There was a time in our history when ANY of the above would have doomed an administration to inactivity at best and prosecution at worst.  Even Richard M. Nixon did not do half of what we see the first non-white president and his administration do and that should tell us all something. 
What it tells me is that the Republicans will NOT go after President Obama or seek to derail the Democratic nominee because they want nothing to do with bringing down the first BLACK or possible FEMALE president. 
They do not want historians to call them haters, bigots, sexists, racists, and whatever other popular negative terms used in today’s historical accounts and so will submit to stepping out of the way, as the nation implodes.  NO wonder people are angry—I am angry and am mad as hell!
That will do it, we will continue this sad narrative tomorrow, and I hope you can see the reason WHY we need to stop any further damage we know a President Hillary Rodham Clinton will cause.  Please, let me know what YOU think and we will discuss it as much as you desire.      
Thanks, my friends and God bless both the United States and all you hold dear.
Jimmy Hall
James Hall
Cook III, CWC, ACF, CA273 Santa Barbara ACF chapter and HI033 Maui Chef’s and Cook’s Association

This is me as a chef during the 1980's when we took a group photograph for a Chefs de Cuisine yearbook.  At the time, I was working at a hotel in Bakersfield, CA, down on Union Avenue.  It was still somewhat nice and the area was still the original "restaurant row" of the city.  Now, I am 70 years old and work over in Santa Barbara, CA, as a food and beverage director for a fine-dining country club.
Chef James “Jimmy” Hall writes from Santa Barbara, CA.

Chef Jimmy Hall is a former member of the Peace and Freedom Party and now votes as an Independent.

Contact me at the following email address: jimmyhall2014X@hotmail.com
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10-27-2016 Th Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXCIX: “Donald J. Trump will be a Representative of the People once he wins the White House, which is WHY News Media on ALL Sides have formed a Coalition to destroy our Champion” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.    
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Hall, James.  “Donald J. Trump will be a Representative of the People once he wins the White House, which is WHY News Media on ALL Sides have formed a Coalition to destroy our Champion
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The Velvet Underground featuring Lou Reed:
  1. 625: Honorious I begins his reign as Catholic Pope.
  2. 1492: Christopher Columbus discovers Cuba and claims it for Spain.
  3. 1651: English troops occupy Limerick, Ireland.
  4. 1676: Poland and Turkey sign the Peace of Warsaw.
  5. 1702: English troops land at St. Augustine, Florida, and after driving the Spanish defenders out of the city, they plunder it.
  6. 1775: The Congress of the United States authorizes the formation of the U.S.  Navy.
  7. 1787: The first of the Federalist Papers, a series of essays calling for the ratification of the Constitution of the United States, underwent publication under the pseudonym of “Publius,” but were in truth collaboration between James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.
  8. 1795: The United States and Spain signed the Treaty of San Lorenzo (or Pinckney’s Treaty), which provided for free navigation of the Mississippi River.
  9. 1858: The 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, was born in New York City.
  10. 1880: On his 22nd birthday, Theodore Roosevelt married his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee.  
  11. 1886: The musical fantasy, “Night on Bald Mountain,” written by Modest Mussorgsky and revised after his death by Sergei Rimsky-Korsakoff, was performed in St. Petersburg, Russia.  
  12. 1904: The first mass transit subway, the IRT, was inaugurated in New York, City.
  13. 1913: President Woodrow Wilson informs the world that the United States will never attack another nation, that it will remain neutral in all conflicts.
  14. 1922: The first annual celebration of Navy Day took place.
  15. 1938: DuPont announced the name for its new synthetic yarn: “Nylon.”
  16. 1942: On the fifth day of the Battle of El Alamein, despite heavy losses, Australian troops continue pushing through the defensive rings of the Afrika Korps.
  17. 1944: The partisan troops under the command of Josip Broz Tito reach the city of Belgrade and begin its liberation from the remaining Axis troops defending it.
  18. 1947: “You Bet Your Life” starring Groucho Marx premiered on ABC radio.  Later, it became a television show on ABC TV.
  19. 1954: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio divorce came through on this date.
  20. 1962: During the Cuban Missile Crisis, a U-2 spy plane flying over the island nation suffered hits from anti-aircraft fire while conducting a reconnaissance mission killing the pilot, U.S. Air Force Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr.    
  21. 1964: Pop singers Sonny Bono and Cher wed on today's date with both wearing bell-bottoms at the ceremony.
  22. 1971: The Democratic Republic of the Congo was renamed the Republic of Zaire but went back to its original name in 1997.
  23. 1978: Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin won the Nobel Peace Prize for progress toward achieving a Middle East accord.
  24. 1981: Former ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, becomes the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia.
  25. 1985: In the 82nd World Series, the Kansas City Royals beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to three.
  26. 1992: US Navy Petty Officer Allen Schindler, a Gay, was beaten to death near Saesbo Naval Base in southwestern Japan by shipmate Terry Helvey, who pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison.
  27. 1999: In the 95th World Series, the New York Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves 4 games to zero.
  28. 2001: In Washington, the search for deadly anthrax widened to thousands of businesses and 30 mail distribution centers.
  29. 2002: In the 98th World Series, the Anaheim Angels beat the San Francisco Giants 4 games to three.
  30. 2003: Suicide bombers in Baghdad struck Red Cross headquarters and three police stations killing dozens of people. 
  31. 2004: In the 100th World Series, the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to none.
  32. 2010: In an interview with the BBC, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev says that it was ‘impossible’ for Coalition forces to secure a victory in Afghanistan.
  33. 2012: In response to thousands of protesters demanding the Spanish government resign over austerity measures, the riot police took to the streets and drove the crowds out of Madrid.
  34. 2013: Lou Reed, rock-and-roll innovator and co-founder of the New York band, the Velvet Underground, passed away on this date.
  35. 2014: Wal-Mart apologizes for labeling one of its Halloween plus-size costumes, “Fat-Girl” costumes on its website, which fat people find offensive.  Wal-Mart retitles the costume size and apologizes on Twitter, which is like saying ‘nothing.’             

As always, we thank the good folks at Brainy History for doing the hard work of the compiling of historical happenings, dates, and everything else by which at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day publish a blog that draws readers from all over the world!  Thank you and God bless you for doing this very important work!























The Hollies released a live album they originally recorded in 1969 following the release of “Hollies Sing Dylan.”  This album bears the title, “In London Live” (2013) and while the album satisfies the listener, it fails to make room for numerous of their early hits.  Still, it is a snapshot in time for music fans of the 1960s, which is why we wholeheartedly urge the readers to check it out seeing as how most of the past month, the albums by the group have been one ‘best of compilation’ after another.  By using the convenient link we provide you here, you can go directly to Amazon.com and pick the CD up there in the format, the condition, and the price that works best for you.  For what more could you ask?  Take it from one friend to another, this CD is a fine one.  We thank you for your patronage!

“Donald J. Trump will be a Representative of the People once he wins the White House, which is WHY News Media on ALL Sides have formed a Coalition to destroy our Champion” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall


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54. 02-23-2015 M: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLV: Today’s Topic is how Difficult it is to own and operate a Business, especially in the State of California when it comes to Minimum Wage, hiring Illegal Aliens, and providing Obamacare to American Workers—time to retire!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
55. 02-24-2015 T: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLVI: today’s Topic switches to the growing Crisis of Runaway Islamism in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the World—let’s give these Bastards Sex Reassignment Surgeries and then put them in U.S. and Mexican Prison Yards!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
56. 02-25-2015 W: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLVII: Chef Jimmy continues the Discussion of the Danger we have in the United States of having an Open Border with Mexico—one of the MOST Dangerous Nations on the Face of the Earth, one that Obama wants to merge with the U.S.!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
57. 02-26-2015 Th: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLVIII: Jimmy returns to discussing the Growing Danger we face from ISIS aka Da’ish who promised us Last Week that yes, indeed, they are coming to the ‘Land of the Cross’; are we ready to confront them on Home Soil or will Obama leave us to the Wolves?” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
58. 02-27-2015 F: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCXLIX: could it be the President wants Oil Train Derailment Disasters so he can shut down ALL Oil Transit across the United States in the Name of Safety in the same way he shut down almost ALL Offshore Drilling in the Gulf?” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
59. 02-28-2015 S: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCL: Chef Jimmy finally gets around to the Mind-blowingly Dumb Comments made by State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf last Week—how did this Dimwit get the Job as Number Two Spokesperson at the State Department?” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
60. 03-01-2015 Su: “Political Topics and Essays, Part CCCLI: we conclude our Week pretty much as we began it by discussing the Anti-President, how is opening America for the Death-Stroke from ISIS, and how 1984’s ‘Red Dawn’ Movie has more in Common with the Present than it did back then” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
61. 10-12-2015 M: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part CXXII: What the Heck—Chef Jimmy begins a Week of Baked Goods beginning with a Great Recipe for Red, White, and Blue Muffins—Join him!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
62. 10-13-2015 T: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part CXXIII: after briefly mentioning the Kevin McCarthy Fiasco in the House last Week, Chef Jimmy shares his Carrot Cake Muffins with the Readership” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
63. 10-14-2015 W: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part CXXIV: Chef Jimmy expresses his Feelings about hiring Illegal Aliens in California then breaks out his Applesauce Muffin Recipe since he is on Medical Leave—join him!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
64. 10-15-2015 Th: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part CXXV: Did Kevin McCarthy drop out of the running for the Speaker because he was schlepping a Colleague or a Staffer PLUS a Cherry Muffin Recipe” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
65. 10-16-2015 F: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part CXXVI: After discussing the New Axis Powers—Russia, Iran and Syria—Chef Jimmy shares a Great Recipe for Apple Butter Muffins—hmmm did Mohammad know anything about ‘Apple Butter?’” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
66. 10-17-2015 S: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part CXXVII: after asking WHERE OH WHERE President Obama’s Balls might be when it comes to Vladimir Putin, Chef Jimmy presents a Recipe for Healthy Bran Muffins—check it out!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
67. 10-18-2015 Su: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part CXXVIII: We let China know that if they want us to Promote their Alibaba Website, they need to start sending us Cash underneath the Table but until then, we reserve Judgment PLUS Fresh Cranberry-Nut Muffins” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.
68. 05-09-2016 M:  “The Mainstream Politicos of BOTH Major Political Parties have NO one but themselves to blame for the Outsider Rebellion seeking to regain Control of the GOP and the Democrat Party—it is a Bit like ‘Game of Thrones’” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXXXV
69. 05-10-2016 T: “I hope the People of West Virginia and Nebraska vote resoundingly for Donald Trump today as he is the ONLY Candidate in the running who will restore America to the Shining City on the Hill and the Beacon of Light it once was” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXXXVI
70. 05-11-2016 W: “A Year-Old Law in California allows Illegal Aliens to practice their ‘Professions,’ which not only denies American Citizens Jobs but is Damned Crazy—NO Wonder why Millions of Americans love Donald Trump ” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXXXVII
71. 05-12-2016 Th: “If Hillary Clinton cannot put Bernie Sanders down, there is NO Way in Hell that she can beat the Illustrious Donald Trump—she drops an Attack Ad on the Donald and the Donald strikes back with something TEN TIMES Worse” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXXXVIII
72. 05-13-2016 F: “A Three-Part History Lesson begins today in which, we learn the REAL Truth as to WHY President Harry S. Truman dropped TWO Nuclear Weapons on Japan at the end of World War II—it was NOT Racism!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXXXIX
73. 05-14-2016 S: “Racism was not the Reason why we dropped Two Nuclear Weapons on Japan; we Nuked them because the War in Europe was over and Tokyo would NOT surrender and the War would have gone on 2-3 More Years” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXL
74. 05-15-2016 Su: “The U.S. rushed to build the Atomic Bomb because the Fear that we and Many had was that Nazi Germany was at least 2-3 Years ahead of us in Research and would have NO Problem using the Bomb on the Allies” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCXLI
75. 10-24-2016 M: “The Fight to save California begins November 8 and no matter which way it goes, we must fight to restore the crumbling State to the Golden One it once was—join me!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXCVI
76. 10-25-2016 T: “With TWO Weeks to go to Election Day, do not allow the Democrat-controlled News Media to demoralize you into believing Donald J. Trump cannot win the White House—he is going to win!” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXCVII
77. 10-26-2016 W: “The impending Collapse of Obamacare is the Canary in the Coalmine demanding that we vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and not for Hillary and Tim Kaine” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXCVIII
78. 10-27-2016 Th: “Donald J. Trump will be a Representative of the People once he wins the White House, which is WHY News Media on ALL Sides have formed a Coalition to destroy our Champion” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXCIX
79. 10-28-2016 F:
80. 10-29-2016 S:
81. 10-30-2016 Su:

1.      10-14-2015 W:  “Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part Fifty-Nine: Chef Jimmy gets his Freshman Chance to do a Post here at the Blog we devote to the Artistic Genius of America’s Greatest Artist, Beverly Carrick” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part LXVII
2.      05-11-2016 W: “Chef Jimmy fantasizes about ‘Club Carrick,’ a Private Fine-Dining Club in which, he would have as Many Beverly Carrick Original Artworks on Display as he could combined with his Exquisite Gastronomical Creations” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part XCVII
3.      10-26-2016 W: “On the Nearly Four-Year Anniversary of the Death of Beverly Carrick let us rectify the Mistake of 2012 by electing Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States this November 8” by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.  Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXX

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2.      11-26-2010 F:  Miscellaneous Articles Index, Part II: “Today, we begin discussing the Art of managing the Professional Kitchen, something one has to learn from the School of Hard Knocks and nowhere else—the Chef as Manager, Part I” by Chef Craig “Stinkbug” Carrici.
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118.                     03-18-2011 F: “Appetizers Index, Part II: Today, the Chef shows the Readership how to make one of the Best Appetizers anywhere in the World: Calamari Greek-Style, Appetizers, Part II” by Chef El Chilote.
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121.                     03-21-2011 M: “Appetizers Index, Part V: Today, the Chef teaches the Readership HOW to make the Ultimate Crab-and-Artichoke Dip, something upon which, he’s based his Worldwide Fame—Join us now!” by Chef El Chilote.
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125.                     03-25-2011 F: “Appetizers Index, Part IX: after discussing the ongoing Turmoil in the Middle East and how President Obama seems to favor the Jihadists, Chef Elvin shows the Readership how to make a Superb Dungeness Crab Cocktail!” by Chef Elvin C. McCardle
126.                     03-26-2011 S: “Appetizers Index, Part X: Brand-New Blogger, V. Vicky Mazarotti comes in and shows the Readership how to make Clam Dip and talks about reclaiming the White House in next Year’s Presidential Election!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
127.                     03-27-2011 Su: 03-27-2011 Su: “Appetizers Index, Part XI: after discussing the Legality of President Obama’s Air Strikes on Libya, Chef Mazarotti shows the END Readership how to make the Perfect Cheeseboard—Kaddafi might have liked it!” by Chef V. Vicky Mazarotti
128.                     03-28-2011 M: “Appetizers Index, Part XII: does Mr. Obama have the Same Cojones that George W. Bush had?  Stick around and find out and then learn how to make Chef Mazarotti’s French Onion Dip—Best in the West!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
129.                     03-29-2011 T: “Appetizers Index, Part XIII: Chef Vicky finished up with her Series on Appetizers and Hors d’oeuvres after bashing President Obama and his Islamist Connection—quite enthralling!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
130.                     03-30-2011 W: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XV: New Blogger “the Hooter” talks about the Need for REAL HOPE AND CHANGE and then shows the Blogosphere how to make Yellow Cornbread Muffins—mm-mm Good!” by Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein
131.                     03-31-2011 TH: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part II: Fabulous Pork Meatballs—Fit for King Kamehameha and the Story of Luigi’s on Maui” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
132.                     04-01-2011 F: “Educational Writings, Part V—Syria—Dictatorship Five Thousand Years in the Making” by JT.
133.                     04-02-2011 S: “Educational Writings, Part VI—Discourse on Hatred’s Kingdom” by Brian Carrick.
134.                     04-03-2011 Su: “Educational Writings, Part VII—the Infamous Standard Prison Experiment” by the Hooter.
135.                     04-04-2011 M: “Educational Writings-Discourse Index, Part VIII: showing that ALL Chefs who write for the AICP-END are Brilliant Individuals, Chef Gdansk presents a Paper on the Apache Indians—Awesome!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
136.                     04-05-2011 T: Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part III: Chef Carrick talks about the Good Old Days of living in Hawaii and then shows us how to make his Mango Chicken, something similar to what his Counterpart Stinkbug recently did!” by Chef B. Carrick
137.                     04-06-2011 W: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part I: today, Chef Stinkbug kicks off a Brand-New Series on the Prepmaster, the Man or Woman who is responsible for the Smooth-Running of virtually every Restaurant across the Nation and who does not receive the Rewards they’re due!” by Chef Stinkbug
138.                     04-07-2011 Th: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part II: Stinkbug takes us into the World of the Prepmaster, the Number One Position in the Kitchen following the Chef and sometimes more so than the Head Chef because this Guy does it All!” by Stinkbug.
139.                     04-08-2011 F: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part III: after shooting Barbs at Blowhard and Phony Chefs like Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsay, Stinkbug shows the Readership how to make Key Flavoring Ingredients used by every Professional Chef!” by Stinkbug..
140.                     04-09-2011 S: ”Mis-en-Place Index, Part IV: Stinkbug returns with More Prepmaster Recipes but First raises the Question as to WHY Would anyone want to be an Ally of the United States with Barack Obama in the White House!” by Stinkbug.
141.                     04-10-2011 Su: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part V: Chef Vlad comes in to begin the First Day of a Three-Day Stint and shares his Prime Rib and Potato Seasonings with the Readership!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
142.                     04-11-2011 M: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part VI: Before discussing some Important Spice Mixtures, Chef Vladimir bemoans Barack Obama’s Treatment of American Allies, blasts the Libs, and praises Conservatism; just another Day at the AICP-END!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
143.                     04-12-2011 T: “Mis-en-Place Index, Part VII: Chef Gdansk finishes the Mis-en-Place Series by going out with a Bang—something ALL of you will enjoy but First there is a Great Deal to Cover and We need to Cover it Today so come on in!” by Chef Vladimir Gdansk.
144.                     04-13-2011 W: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XIV: Lilah presents the Classic Carrot Cake that Chef Brian Carrick first devised while working at the famed Stockdale Country Club in Bakersfield, California!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
145.                     04-14-2011 Th: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XV: The Murph arrives for her First Day at the New Blog and Lo and Behold what does she present to the Readership on her First Day: Southern-Style Pecan Pie, good enough for the Obama White House!” by Chef Murph MacDougal.
146.                     04-15-2011 F: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XVI: Chef Brian arrives today to present one of his Famous Stockdale Country Club Desserts, the Classic Old English Trifle, a Delicious Masterpiece of macerated Cake, Custard, and Delectable Fruits!” by Chef B. Carrick.
147.                     04-16-2011 S: “Side Dish Seminar, Part II: Chef Charles returns for his Second Go-Round at the New AICP-END and presents the Second Installment of the Side Dish Seminar—Hickory Smoked Potatoes, a Southern Gem that ONLY I Know so come along and learn how to make it with me!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
148.                     04-17-2011 Su: “Side Dish Seminar, Part III: Chef Charles presents another Stellar Side Dish Recipe, this one plucked from Northern Italy, a Dish so Delightful and Wonderful that it remains with one throughout their Entire Lifetime but First a Discussion about what is happening in the Middle East and in Barack Obama’s Mind” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
149.                     04-18-2011 M: “Side Dish Seminar, Part IV: Chef Charles teaches the Readership how to make the Delightful Scalloped Potato Dish his Parents used in their Own Restaurant more than 50 Years Ago, something Few See much anymore as Many Chefs utilize Box Mixes and Illegal Aliens for Staff” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
150.                     04-19-2011 T: “Side Dish Seminar, Part V: Chef Charles presents TWO Classic Side Dishes today, one being an Italian Rice Dish—Risotto Milanese—and the other, a Rutabaga Dish—Rutabagas O’Brien—Irish Cuisine at its absolute BEST!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
151.                     04-20-2011 W: “Side Dish Seminar, Part VI: Chef Smithenstein shows the Readership HOW to make the Standard Au Jus Recipe—you use more than just a Packet with a Dry Mix in it, my Friends; if you don’t know how to make it in MY Restaurant, I will kick your Butt out my Back Door!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
152.                     04-21-2011 Th: “Side Dish Seminar, Part VII: Yet another Chef returns to the NEW Blog, one who wrote at the OLD Blog—at Choseit.com and he presents an Amazing Scalloped Potato-Carrot Dish that goes well with Most Entrees and is Beautiful to Behold!” by Chef B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
153.                     04-22-2011 F: “Side Dish Seminar, Part VIII: Today, we learn the Tricks of the Trade to making Stuffed Baked Potatoes, not something you see much of in today’s Culinary World but still a damned Good One to pull out of your Chef’s Hat on Occasion!” by Chef B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
154.                     04-23-2011 S: “Side Dish Seminar, Part IX: the Day before Easter 2011, the Chef pulls a Trick out of his aged Chef’s Hat—Classic Greek Pilav, perfect for any Mediterranean Dish you might have in Mind!” by Chef B. H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
155.                     04-24-2011 Su: “Educational Writings-Discourse, Part IX: you may not know it NOW but in a Few Years, Illegal Immigration—under the Control of Barack Hussein Obama—is going to become a MAJOR Problem, one that has the Power to destroy this Nation for Good!” by Tiresias Helenus Grinikeodopuloposlus.
156.                     04-25-2011 M: “Side Dish Seminar, Part X: on the Day following Easter 2011, Chef Stinkbug pulls a True Gem out of his Aged Chef’s Hat, one for the Classic Green Herbal Pilaf, a Diamond in one’s Personal Chef’s Book to be used only in the MOST Important Menus!” by Chef Stinkbug.
157.                     04-26-2011 T: “Miscellaneous Articles Index, Part XVIII: the Care and Feeding of a Chef’s Knives as defined and instructed by a Master Chef such as Chef Charles—this is an Important Topic so do not shy away from today’s Blog Post—thank you!” by Chef Charles Smithenstein.
158.                     04-27-2011 W: “The Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen—the Pantry Chef, Part I” by Goldfish.
159.                     04-28-2011 Th: “The Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen—the Pantry Chef, Part II” by Goldfish.
160.                     04-28-2011 Th: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part II: today, Chef Goldie elaborates on the Basic Mayonnaise-based Sauces she began in Yesterday's Post!” by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara.
161.                     04-29-2011 F: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part III: Goldie begins the Presentation of Top Pantry Recipes with a Great One for French Vinegar and Oil Dressing as well as one for Sauce Ravigote—don’t miss these!” by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara.
162.                     04-30-2011 S: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part IV: Goldie pulls out a Couple of Zesty Cocktail Sauces for Today, something of which, every Chef worth his or her Salt needs to have in his or her Repertoire—be sure to check these two out now!” by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara.
163.                     05-01-2011 Su: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part V: Lilah comes in and picks up where Goldie left off Yesterday by presenting Two More Important, All-Purpose Pantry Sauces that will enliven your foods, amaze your Palate and enrich the Bottom Line of the Foodservice Operation!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
164.                     05-02-2011 M: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part VI: Lilah discusses the Joys of living and working in the Hawaiian Islands, the Diversions, the way of Life that ALL Native-born People love…then, she shares her Recipe for House Croutons, noting it is better to do everything from Scratch rather than buying it from a Purveyor!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
165.                     05-03-2011 T: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part VII: Lilah presents a Great Recipe for 1000 Island Dressing, one of the Best as she says herself so please, join us in our ongoing, lengthy Series on the most Important Post in any Restaurant, the Prepmaster!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
166.                     05-04-2011 W: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part VIII: after sharing comments on the Recent Death of al-Qaida Terrorist Osama bin Laden and congrats to the Commander-in-Chief, Lilah continues with Prepmaster Recipes such as the outstanding Bleu Cheese Dressing #1 in an Institutional Size!” by Chef Lilah Paulikovich.
167.                     05-05-2011 Th: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part IX: Chef BC jumps into the ongoing Topic of the Death of Osama bin Laden, how the Pakistanis gave him Succor, and how the World is close to exploding over the growing Terrorism Crisis then shares a Recipe for an Institutional Sized-Batch of French Dressing!” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
168.                     05-06-2011 F: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part X: Chef BC continues to give Kudos to the Obama Administration for taking Out Number One Terrorist, Osama bin Laden, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and then questions the ‘Alliance’ with that Nation—and then shares TWO Caesar Salad Dressing Recipes” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
169.                     05-07-2011 S: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XI: Chef BC discusses the Lunacy of Mexico seeking American Tourism when their nation is among the Most Violent, Corrupt, and Criminal Countries on the Earth and then some More Salad Dressings from Hawaii!” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
170.                     05-08-2011 Su: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XII: we discuss Murderous Punk Joran van der Sloot as well as the rising Tide of Angry Arabs around the Middle East and then launch into an Institutional-sized Batch of Hot Seafood Salad Dressing—don’t miss this Post!” by Chef B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki.
171.                     05-09-2011 M: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XIII: Chef Olaf Bologolo commences his First Day at the AICP-END Blog by picking up where Chef BC left off—more spectacular Prepmaster Foods, these being for Basque Restaurant Aficionados” by Olaf Bologolo.
172.                     05-10-2011 T: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XIV: Olaf’s Second Day on the Job features more Pickled Beans as well as a Great Recipe for the Most Exquisite of Dishes, Pickled Beef Tongue—a Basque Specialty!” by Olaf Bologolo.
173.                     05-11-2011 W: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XV: Olaf continues discussing the ongoing Road Trip the Bloggers at the AICP-END currently enjoy but also shares some Final Prepmaster Recipes everyone is going to enjoy” by Olaf Bologolo.
174.                     05-12-2011 Th: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XVI: after discussing the Insane (and Hypocritical) Policies of Barack Obama—namely interfering in Libya in the drive to expel Moammar Gaddafi—Pedro shares a Prepmaster Recipe with the Readers” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
175.                     05-13-2011 F: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XVII: California needs to do something about its dwindling Water Supply as if it does not, we might see a Revolution break out and the wipe out of the California Democrat Party —then we make some Pantry Salads” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
176.                     05-14-2011 S: “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XVIII: Chef Pedro is glad he survived yesterday and then goes on to discuss the Recent Events taking place in Pakistan in the aftermath of the U.S. taking out Terrorist Osama bin Laden—then more Pantry Recipes!” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
177.                     05-15-2011 Su:  “Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen, Part XIX: Chef JT shares Recipes for Spreadable Garlic Butter as well as Homemade Chutney, things EVERY Chef in the World needs to know how to make so why not learn with JT!” by Chef James “JT” Tobiason.
178.                     05-16-2011 M: “The Sergeant-Major of the Professional Kitchen—the Pantry Chef, Part XX” by JT.
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188.                     05-26-2011 Th: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part X” Smithenstein.
189.                     05-27-2011 F: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XI” Smithenstein.
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191.                     05-29-2011 Su: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XIII” Smithenstein.
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193.                     05-31-2011 T: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XV” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
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195.                     06-02-2011 Th: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XVII” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
196.                     06-03-2011 F: “Kitchen Nobility—the Saucier, Part XVIII” by Chef Kilgore Randalini.
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202.                     06-09-2011 Th: “Classic Bakery Desserts, Part XVIII: Lemon Mousse” by Gervais.
203.                     06-10-2011 F: “Classic Bakery Desserts, Part XIX: Broken Glass Cake” by Gervais.
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221.                     06-28-2011 T: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XX: Carrot-Pecan Loaf and Sweet Whole Wheat Bread—Favorite Quickbreads beloved by All” by Chef Pedro Munoz.
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234.                     07-11-2011 T: “Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Part VII: Sweet’n’Sour Pork—cooked in the Traditional Way: Pan-fried and covered with a Red Sweet’n’Sour Sauce” by Murph MacDougal.
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242.                     07-19-2011 T: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXI: Mexican Flan—a Classic Dessert from South of the Border to liven up your Summertime Meals” by Gervais.
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245.                     07-22-2011 F: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXIII: Maple-Graham Bread—a Mélange of Flavors combined together in One tasty Bread” by El Chilote.
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252.                     07-29-2011 F: “Soup Seminar, Part IX: Elvin P. McCardle’s Chicken Gumbo—Much-Beloved Soup from Chef McCardle’s Youth First on Today’s List” by Elvin P. McCardle.
253.                     07-30-2011 S: “Soup Seminar, Part X: Cabbage Soup and Red Cabbage Soup—Two Excellent Soups to add to your Repertoire” by Elvin P. McCardle.
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255.                     08-01-2011 M: “Soup Seminar, Part XII: Shrimp Gumbo #2—Jimmy Hall takes over the Soup Seminar and offers his own Shrimp Gumbo Recipe” by Jimmy Hall.
256.                     08-02-2011 T: “Soup Seminar, Part XIII: Chicken Vermicelli Soup—one of the All-time Classic yet simple Recipes that even the Pot washer can throw Together!” by Jimmy Hall.
257.                     08-03-2011 W: “Soup Seminar, Part XIV: Chicken Noodle-or-Rice Soup—Grandma always knew Best!” by Jimmy Hall.
258.                     08-04-2011 Th: “Soup Seminar, Part XV: Turkey-Vegetable Soup—Good for Any Time of the Year!” by Jimmy Hall.
259.                     08-05-2011 F: “Soup Seminar, Part XVI: Chicken-Vegetable Soup—the Flipside of Yesterday’s Soup Coin!” by Jimmy Hall.
260.                     08-06-2011 S: “Soup Seminar, Part XVII: Vegetable Chowder—a Great way to enjoy the Taste of Chowder without the Clams” by Jimmy Hall.
261.                     08-07-2011 Su: “Soup Seminar, Part XVIII: Vegetable Soup—the Classic Soup of All-time!” by Jimmy Hall.
262.                     08-08-2011 M: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XVIII: Cajun Sourdough Bread—one of the Best Sourdough Breads I ever created!” by Vladimir Gdansk.
263.                     08-09-2011 T: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XIX: Kraftbrot—not a Sourdough Bread but one of the Trickiest to make” by Vladimir Gdansk.
264.                     08-10-2011 W: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XX: Spanish Sourdough Bread—other Guys make Sourdough Breads, too, you know!” by Vladimir Gdansk.
265.                     08-11-2011 Th: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXI: Pane Paisano—Ordinary Italian Sourdough Bread with a unique Shape” by Vladimir Gdansk.
266.                     08-12-2011 F: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXII: Pane al Formaggio—Italian Cheese Bread a Great Way to utilize Old Cheeses” by Vladimir Gdansk.
267.                     08-13-2011 S: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXIII: Zeppelin Rolls—if you’re not careful, these Rolls will float right out of your Oven!” by Vladimir Gdansk.
268.                     08-14-2011 Su: “Yeast Bread Seminar, Part XXIV: Soft Rye Flour Rolls—Master Yeast Roll Dough Recipe in Rye Form” by Vladimir Gdansk.
269.                     08-15-2011 M: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part I—Classic No-Bake Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis is easy to make and a Joy to Eat!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
270.                     08-16-2011 T: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXIII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part II—White Chocolate Cheesecake—too Good to be True!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
271.                     08-17-2011 W: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXIV:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part III—Chocolate-Cherry Cheesecake—the Crème d’ la Crème of Cheesecakes” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
272.                     08-18-2011 Th: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXV:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part IV—Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake—none Better!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
273.                     08-19-2011 F: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXVI:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part V—Vick’s ‘Big One’—one of the Biggest I’ve ever Seen!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
274.                     08-20-2011 S: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXVII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part VI: the “Calorie Buster” Cheesecake—forget about your Diet and dig in!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
275.                     08-21-2011 Su: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXVIII:  Cheesecake Seminar, Part VII: Vick’s New York-style Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping—ain’t None Better!” by V. Vicky Mazarotti.
276.                     08-22-2011 M: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXIX: Old-Fashioned Puddings and Custards, Part III—Croissant Pudding with Pumpkin” by Murph MacDougal.
277.                     08-23-2011 T: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXX: Boysenberry Pie and Pie Dough—a Wonderful Summertime Treat!” by Murph MacDougal.
278.                     08-24-2011 W: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXI: Chocolate-Amaretto Mousse—a Tasty Treat from long ago that’s still Good Today!” by Murph MacDougal.
279.                     08-25-2011 Th: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXII: White Chocolate Mousse—another Light and Fluffy Mousse for your dining Delight!” by Murph MacDougal.
280.                     08-26-2011 F: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXIII: Peach Melba—the Classic Dessert as created by the Great French Chef Auguste Escoffier” by Murph MacDougal.
281.                     08-27-2011 S: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXIV: Cherries Jubilee—another Classic Dessert created by the Great French Chef Auguste Escoffier” by Murph MacDougal.
282.                     08-28-2011 Su: “Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Part XXXV: Peaches a’ l’ Opera—a Final Classic Dessert created by the Great French Chef Auguste Escoffier” by Murph MacDougal.
283.                     08-29-2011 M: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXIV: Peach-Pecan Muffins—Delicious Muffins with a Southern Flair” by JT.
284.                     08-30-2011 T: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXV: Pineapple-Almond Muffins—tasty beyond Description” by JT.
285.                     08-31-2011 W: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXVI: Banana Muffins—the Darker the Banana—the Better the Flavor!” by JT.
286.                     09-01-2011 Th: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXVII: Lemon Muffins—tricky to make unless one has access to a Bakery Supply Company but it can be done” by JT.
287.                     09-01-2011 Th: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXVIII: Quick Applesauce Bread—quick and easy like Chef JT promised!” by JT.
288.                     09-03-2011 S: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXIX: Quick Pineapple Bread—one of the All-Time Great Favorite Breads” by JT.
289.                     09-04-2011 Su: “Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Part XXX: Three Flavored-Butters—the Perfect Accompaniments for your Quickbreads and Muffins” by JT.
290.                     09-05-2011 M: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XX: Pork Cutlets a’ l’Orange—Fabulous French Cooking for an unforgettable Labor Day Dinner” by Goldfish.
291.                     09-06-2011 T: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXI: Veal Sauté St. Raphael—California Cuisine from the 1980’s for a Brand-New Generation” by Goldfish.
292.                     09-07-2011 W: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXII: Veal Sauté ala Oskar—one of the Greatest Veal Dishes from the Golden Age of French Cuisine” by Goldfish.
293.                     09-08-2011 Th: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXIII: Chicken Breast Sauté ala Gloria—tender Chicken Breasts covered in an Orange-Apricot Sauce” by Goldfish.
294.                     09-09-2011 F: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXIV: Braised Pork Chops —Mediterranean-style Cuisine from the South of France” by Goldfish.
295.                     09-10-2011 S: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXV: Blanquette d’Agneau—Continental Lamb Stew braised in Cream and Stock” by Goldfish.
296.                     09-11-2011 Su: “Famous Restaurant Recipes, Part XXVI: Halibut Cheek Penne Pasta in Pesto Cream Sauce—unique Seafood Dish from the Puget Sound” by Goldfish.
297.                     09-12-2011 M: “Coffee Shop Favorites, Part VI: Chicken-Fried Steak—All-American Truckstop Food from one end of the Nation to the Other” by Olaf Bologolo.
298.                     09-13-2011 T: “Coffee Shop Favorites, Part VII: Breaded Veal Cutlet with Chicken Gravy—once a Coffee Shop Deception now—the Real Thing!” by Olaf Bologolo.

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