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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

“Political Topics and Essays, Part DXXIX—Just the Facts: if YOUNG Conservatives do not enter the Education System, the Liberals will destroy the Nation” by Assistant Publisher Moses Scharbug III


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“Political Topics and Essays, Part DXXIX—Just the Facts: if YOUNG Conservatives do not enter the Education System, the Liberals will destroy the Nation” by Assistant Publisher Moses Scharbug III

We have finally arrived back in Bakersfield, California, from our Lengthy Vacation…
Bakersfield, CA, 09-08-2015 Tuesday: Today is the day after a three-day holiday weekend so hooray, it is over, done, kaput, complete and the Scharbug Family is now back at home in Bakersfield, California.  My wife and I and some members of our family have had a great vacation, we drove down into San Bernardino for a flight to the east coast some five-and-a-half weeks ago for the flight out of Florida to Bermuda.  That British Commonwealth is a lovely place, Lucinda and I had a delightful time there at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, one of the loveliest places either one of us have ever seen.  After spending time there, we returned to Florida and met up with some of our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids for a fun time on both coasts of the amazing state.    
Bermuda is a Glorious Place—we could retire there if we did not already plan to go to Israel…
We drove back across the southern tier of the United States passing through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and back to California.  The way my wife and I see it, we may never ever do this again so the time we spent with family living on the road was golden, it is something we will always remember with fondness.  We ate at marvelous restaurants, diners, hole-in-the-wall joins; saw some truly American scenes, memorials, towns, cities, and we documented the entire trip.  This is what we strive for in life, we do our best to make our lives matter, to succeed at whatever we choose to do so we can amass a certain amount of wealth with which, to do the things we want to do across the span of our lifetimes.    
Some will indeed call us the “Evil One Percent” because we made the Correct Financial Choices throughout life…
Yes, some will call us the ‘evil one percent,’ but my vocation was to be a professor and administrator within the educational system of the great state of California as well as the United States.  Being an administrator in the California University system is not something one aspires to do whereas teaching is a something that satisfies the soul.  However, if we hope to make more money, amass more vacation days, increase our benefits through increasing our value, our worth, to the system, that is what one must do.  Only losers seek to escape the classroom for the boardroom of the educational system when they are younger and not the age that I was because we do our best work influencing the minds of those who come to us for their education.  Nothing is more fulfilling than to have someone remember you as an instructor three decades later and to thank you for the difference that the professor made in their lives.    
Education—especially from a Conservative Point of View is a God-given Obligation…
Anyhow, over the years we watched the intrusion of the federal government ever deeper into the educational system to the point that if we did not fulfill certain educational requirements, we boxed ourselves in to an inescapable position.  Therefore, we have to find ways by which, we can circumvent the system, insert the education the student truly needs into the vastness of his or her mind and to do so sans getting caught by the ever-present governmental regulators who want us to teach history in specific ways.  High schools are horrible, that is why any instructor worth his or her salt seeks to continue increasing their educational background by amassing additional degrees, writing academic papers, and going on fact-finding trips.  In so doing, we bronze ourselves to the point that we become untouchable by the governmental bureaucrats sniffing around our backdoors.  
We may have to disguise our Intentions and our Deeds but we can do it if we intend to dethrone the leftwing liberal icons such as Howard Zinn and Ward Churchill
I would encourage every young person who has a BA degree to seek a life in education, especially if you believe in freedom and not indoctrination.  Far too many leftwing agitators like Howard Zinn among others who do their best to write revisionist textbooks, journal articles, and other forms of self - flagellation/self T promotion truly need to leave the profession.  Were it not for schmucks such as Zinn, Saul Alinsky, Ward Churchill, and other leftwing agitators, the country would not be in the disastrous shape in which, we now find it, struggling to keep its head above the roiling waters, seeking someone to save us.   
We must remove every vestige of Liberalism from Education if we are to save the Nation…
In closing for today, I hope that many among you on the center-right but especially the conservative right consider entering the educational system.  It is one thing to be a student, to hide within it, saying whatever one need say in order to keep his or her head above suspicion and quite another to boldly stand up, proclaim who and what one is, and then to pursue it.  We should no longer cower in the shadows seeking to camouflage who and what we are; no, we must stand up, announce our intentions, and then pursue them using whatever legal means necessary to force our way into the system and then to change it.  I did so much to transform the way things we did things in the university system of California and without putting my head on the flipping chopping block all the while achieving every bit of success I could so I could live my life the way I chose to do.  I made a difference, continue making a difference, and will finish my life making a difference in the name of Conservatism, the HOLY POLITICAL OBLIGATION sent to us by God.  
Conservatism is a God-given Holy Political Obligation that those given it must acknowledge and to follow
I know some will throw barbs at me for being so bold as to share my feelings as to how we should spread education to the masses but the duty is one that overwhelms the heart, grips the intestines, and then sends the bearer into the fray.  We have seen excessively much turmoil and dissension-taking place within America, especially over the past six-plus years.  Barack Obama is the creator of all of the problems causing Americans to be at one another’s throats and that tells me all of it has been by intent.  He seeks to do so much damage to every facet of American society and life to make it impossible for his or her successor to repair much of it thereby making that chief executive appear lackluster and a loser.  If we tell the truth here, which we do, we must say that Barack Obama is the phony, the loser, the man who has done everything in his power to devastate and to damage the United States as much as possible.  Our long, national nightmare is almost over, folks.  I will see you tomorrow; have a God-blessed day.  Bye.        
The Closing Words of our Founder, Stinkbug:
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Thank you!
Moses Scharbug III
Moses Scharbug III
Assistant Editor of the Elemental News of the Day
This is I, your aged host, when I was a university professor at one of California’s State Universities in the Southland back in the 1970’s.  I have been retired for the past 15 years and have been the assistant editor of the END since its first incarnation back in 2009.
Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, California.
Moses Scharbug III is a proud member of the Republican Party.
Contact me at mosesscharbugiii305A@gmail.com
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  1. Moses Scharbug III celebrates his arrival back at home after having been on vacation for almost six weeks. The reason he had so much time is that he made sure he accrued the money throughout his time in the California educational system so that one day he and his wife, Lucinda, could go and do the things they wanted to do. Far too many young people—especially conservatives fail to see the benefit of working within the educational system in the pursuit of transforming the minds of the young. We must educate and not indoctrinate something the Democrat-Liberal-Progressives have backwards as that is indeed our duty as educators. Please join him today, share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions and we will indulge in a meaningful dialogue of sorts. / Posted by B.H. “BC” Cznystekinki of the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, posted @ 10:26 A.M. PDT


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