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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

“Just the Facts: Moses finally addresses the ongoing Murders of Police Officers by George Soros-inspired Black Lives Matter Thugs—is this Group the NEW Obama Brown Shirts?” by Assistant Publisher Moses Scharbug III


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“Just the Facts: Moses finally addresses the ongoing Murders of Police Officers by George Soros-inspired Black Lives Matter Thugs—is this Group the NEW Obama Brown Shirts?” by Assistant Publisher Moses Scharbug III



The founders of the Black Lives Matter group built it atop a shaky foundation—their movement is a FALSEHOOD
Bakersfield, CA, 09-09-2015 Wednesday: I think the time for civil disobedience is now upon us what with the daily slaughter of police officers from one end of the nation to the other as well as to combat the felonious Black Lives Matter group, the one cobbled together by hardcore communist financier, George Soros.  Almost every day, we see thugs marching through the streets of various cities, chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” as well as their stupid battle cry, “what do we want?—dead cops?  When do we want them?—now!” These people are insane—they belong to a group of hardcore lunatic leftists that inhabit the fringe of American politics.  George Soros funds the various entities, his puts his money into the pockets of the cop hating, socialist-leftist groups and to them I say, “Fuck you, we will come for you and you will rue the day you decided to go down this road.”     
Out of the ashes of the Occupy Movement, we see the beginnings of the Obama Brown Shirts who could very well contest Election Day 2016…
One has to wonder WHY all of this presently takes place in our country, what is the reason for this erroneous dialogue—“HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT,”—what is it the scumbags who inhabit the sewers want—to intimidate us?  My fear is that we are seeing the birth of a new group, one that will replace the Occupy Movement, and will join the crackers and the black activists with one another and that will become the Obama Brown Shirts.  Is it possible that our devious, American-hating president seeks to so tear apart America’s social fabric so that when the weeks become days counting down to Election Day 2016, he can declare it canceled.  Nothing would surprise me anymore because everything we have already seen has surprised me to the point of numbness now.   
If I suggest that our nation currently is at the MOST Dangerous Time in its history, people scoff at me, deride me, brush me off because they do not want to admit that it is indeed happening all around them…
If I attempt to share this idea with average folks, some of them nod in agreement while others seek to deride or scoff at me.  You need to understand that the biggest proponent the leftwing uses is the lack of historical education of most Americans, something we can pin on the U.S. Department of Education and its insinuation into local educational systems.  Take for instance the little schmuck, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, that little bastard covers his lack of truthfulness by running his mouth at light speed and through the failure of his or her hosts to keep his constant blabber at a minimum.  The best friend of any leftist is his or her ability to distort facts and to mold the truth to fit his or her needs.  What they cannot contend with is a knowledgeable opponent who is just as adept with his or her tongue as some such prick as Dr. Hill.  
The Obama administration uses dimwits such as Dr. Mark Lamont Hill to do its dirty work just as it uses the New Black Panther Party…
How would the leftwing of America do something to postpone or to cancel the next election?  To me, we need a great state of unrest across the country, something that would cause fear in the average person and keep them from going to the polling place.  We saw something such as this on a small scale back in 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama was running the first time for the presidency.  Does anyone recall the New Black Panther Party stopping certain people from entering Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, polling places?  If you do not, yes, this situation did indeed occur and the authorities filed federal charges against them.  However, when Obama entered the White House, he told then Attorneys-General Eric Holder NOT to prosecute any nonwhite criminals.   
Who can forget the Voter Intimidation Incident in Philadelphia in 2008?
Outside one polling station, New Black Panther Party thugs, Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, attired in paramilitary uniforms and holding billy clubs threatened white voters by pointing the nightsticks at them and then calling them “white devils” and then telling them, “You’re about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.”  The police eventually arrived and sent Minister Shabazz home in part due to his billy club whereas they allowed Jackson to stay because the man was a certified poll watcher.  The George W. Bush administration commenced a federal investigation but then stalled until Barack Obama entered the White House and then squashed it through his new AG Eric Holder.    
I say ‘Screw Minister Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson”
Anyhow, nothing ever happened to either of these two scumbags so just imagine in the summer of 2016, violence explodes across the country as leftist blacks and illegal aliens take to the streets and begin attacking regular folks.  Imagine if the violence explodes across all fifty states and that there is a state of siege within the nation.  President Obama might have to tell the world that he has had to ‘temporarily postpone the election until after he and his minions restore law and order.’  Then, it might take months, possibly years until we could hold our next election and by that time, we would be living in the midst of the new leftist dictatorship under the control of Barack Hussein Obama.   
I do not believe that Barack Obama would hesitate for a moment to cancel the 2016 Elections if it meant he could retain power…
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Today’s Discussion will continue tomorrow and over at the OTHER Blog…
I will continue with what we began here today tomorrow at the Thursday edition of the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day as well as at the secondary blog, the one we devote to Beverly Carrick.  I think we still have enough patriots within the federal and state governments who have no intention of allowing Barack Obama to turn us into some sort of Cuba-like clone, only on a larger scale, but still, a leftwing, socialist-communist paradise.  I also believe that law enforcement is not going to lie down and roll over for this cop-hating administration to put everyone at one another’s throats so he can finish his plan of destabilizing the nation. 
I am so glad the family of murder victim Kate Steinle is going after the people who enabled the illegal alien bastard, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez to murder their daughter…
I have to say that last week, I found myself delighted by the fact that the family of murder victim Kate Steinle, the one the illegal alien shot dead on the pier in San Francisco several months ago has set in motion THREE major lawsuits.  They are suing the city of San Francisco, I believe the San Francisco County Sheriff’s Department, and the Bureau of Land Management (I believe) because it was the firearm of one of their agents that the illegal alien used to commit his heinous act.  I hope to God that at some point, Divine Retribution on an Old Testament scale befalls all of the scumbags running the once beautiful now despicable city of San Francisco because there is no excuse for allowing illegal aliens refuge.  Yes, indeed, the time is coming and it is coming soon when the folks living in sanctuary cities such as Frisco will lament the crimes their refusal to enforce the law has caused.  Have a good day; I will see you all tomorrow—bye.       
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Moses Scharbug III
Moses Scharbug III
Assistant Editor of the Elemental News of the Day

This is I, your aged host, when I was a university professor at one of California’s State Universities in the Southland back in the 1970’s.  I have been retired for the past 15 years and have been the assistant editor of the END since its first incarnation back in 2009.
Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, California.
Moses Scharbug III is a proud member of the Republican Party.
Contact me at mosesscharbugiii305A@gmail.com
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  1. I am somewhat stunned that Moses Scharbug III would be the one to bring up the Black Lives Matter movement before I could get around to it next week but that is how racism works, friends. Whereas Moses sees the invisible hand of the Commintern behind all things they do not understand, I see a group dedicating its members to improving the plight of blacks and other minorities at the hands of the law enforcement thugs who all too often deprive them of their liberties and their lives. There is no truth to the rumors that the BLM group has backing by someone as conniving and evil as George Soros but is a clean cut, all-American group dedicated to protecting ALL American citizens from fatal run-ins with overzealous law enforcement. We stand with all people, not just black Americans and what’s more, we stand for fair and honest elections. If you would like to leave some comments, please do and since I am hosting the Facebook Page and the blog today, we can share in some chitchat about everything Moses has said or anything else you might wish to discuss. Thank you, your friend and fellow chef, Chef Bea O’Malley of the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, posted @ 10:31 A.M. PDT


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