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Sunday, January 6, 2013

“Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXVIII: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Seventeen!” by Moses Scharbug III

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Moses Scharbug III   

END Commentary 01-07-2013

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for           Monday, January 07, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III


Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXVIII: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Seventeen!” by Moses Scharbug III

 Debbie Murphy at Shamrock 1978...

Bakersfield, CA, 01-07-2013 M:  Greetings and welcome to the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, the place where—normally—we discuss food and some other educational issues but today, continue with our story on the life and times of Beverly Carrick.   Yesterday, we mentioned how Brian Carrick—noted Chef and author here at the AICP-END and Beverly’s youngest son—went to work at Wm. Flagg’s Restaurant on the Grapevine, 30 miles south of Bakersfield.  While there, he fell in love with one of the servers, a woman named Debbie Murphy who came down from Frazier Park and was a foodserver.  She was married to a man named Gary but had had an affair with one of Chef Arturo’s other line cooks and drove him away from the job so when she set eyes on Brian for the first time, Chef Arturo told her to keep her distance as he was ‘recently married.’  Nevertheless, Brian could not keep his eyes off her, she was young, tall, and had a frizzy afro-like coiffure atop her head.  In her body-tight red uniform, she was difficult for Brian NOT to want to look at and so she knew she had him in the palm of her hand.  Needless to say, things did not go well at home after that and soon, he put his wife Lupe out of the house in anticipation of Debbie leaving her husband and moving in with him.
Chef Arturo Valachi Miranda 1978...

   Every day, when the shift was over, Chef Arturo and either his wife, Sandy (who worked at Flagg’s, too) or his girlfriend, Teri Bailey (who worked there as well) went to the Farmhouse Restaurant across the road or to Denny’s as both served liquor as did Flagg’s.  There, the Chef, Brian, and their women would go and get intoxicated before the drive home back to Bakersfield, which was thirty long miles away.  Usually, when Sandy worked, her and her husband, Arturo, and Brian would drive up together but now that Brian was single and filing for divorce and seeing Debbie Murphy, they would drive home to Bakersfield.  There, they would spend the afternoon and early evening together making love before she had to take the long drive back up the Grapevine to her home in Frazier Park, California, another 10 miles up the road past where they worked.  There, she was building up the courage to ask her husband for a divorce so she and Brian could become a couple. 
Brian Carrick near Frazier Park, California up the road from Wm. Flagg's Restaurant 1978...

However, at this time, she had not the courage so she and Brian continued to see one another secretly.  One of the reasons as to why the affair went on for so long without Gary detecting them was the fact that he worked, as a game angler for the State of California at Pyramid Lake and most of the time, he did not come home, sometimes for days.  He was beginning, however, to suspect something so he and his fellow state employees would come to Flagg’s restaurant, sit at the large counter, and eyeball the cooks on the other side.  They looked at Chef Arturo, they looked at line cook Greg Radle, and they looked at Brian Carrick, too.  Not sure which one was the one punking them, they arrived at different times and kept their eyes and ears open. 
Brian Carrick after the illness late 1978 behind the drums at a gig and down to 120#...

After three months of this cat-and-mouse game, Brian became ill, minor, at first, but as time went by, he became sicker and sicker.  He was burning the candle at both ends, having this physical affair with an oversexed woman and then playing with his band.  They rehearsed at least three nights a week and then played jobs on the weekend.   Therefore, he was getting very little sleep and doing highly physical things even at a young age of very early twenties.   As he says during the interview process, there was a time when he drove by the halfway point, the roadside community of Mettler without noticing it on the way south towards the Grapevine until he saw it in the rearview mirror.  He drove by it without noticing it, so dazed at five o’clock in the morning that he did not notice the lights until he saw them in the rearview mirror.  Shocked, he attempted to wake himself up every morning since that episode but had difficulty doing it.
Brian Carrick with Chuck Swartz, lead guitarist and vocalist, at the same gig as above...

Finally, he became quite ill and went to the doctor where he discovered that he had a major case of mononucleosis AND what his doctor called, “the worst case of genital herpes he had ever seen.”  It turned out later that it was a horrifying case of the shingles but at the time, Brian felt his life was over and that he deserved everything the Lord had given him.  To him, his life was over and he called Chef Arturo and explained his situation and that he would be ill for several months or so the doctor had told him.  The people at work thought it was funny and Debbie Murphy did not come to see him anymore.  The worst thing was that now, he had no one in his life and had to stay home by himself, looking after himself, but the mono made him so physically tired, that he could not do anything for himself. 
Brian Carrick at the same 1978 gig after the months' long illness...

The “herpes” on the other hand made him walk the hallways of the house throughout the night because if you have ever had shingles, then you know the agony it puts one through, which in this case covered the young man’s groin area and around the backside, as the doctor had said, “the worst case I’ve ever seen.”   He could barely make it to the doctor on his own and then his mother Beverly called him to see how he was and gave him the disturbing news that she was going to marry John and would be moving away to Salinas, California, within a couple of weeks.  John had finally found the courage to ask his wife for a divorce and wanted Beverly to head north with him as soon as possible so they could find a home of their own, schedule a marriage, and commence life living in his hometown so he could run his business, see his daughters, and marry his beloved. 
Brian Carrick outside the Shamrock House following many months of illness in 1978...

Beverly told Brian that as “much as she felt she should stay and help him, he was now a grown man and had to sleep in the bed he made for himself.  She would however hire a nurse to come to his home every day of the week to do the things he could no longer do, like wash the dishes, clean his clothes, and take him to his doctor’s appointments.”  He lay there on his couch in his living room, no one coming to see him because of the infectiousness of the disease, alone, depressed, and stressed out but said, “Okay.”   He had done this to himself and no matter how much he wished his mother to remain and to help him, she said she had “no choice that she had to go” and that she would not mess up this new opportunity for any reason in the world—including her youngest son.
Beverly and John Snow on their wedding day, 07-07-1979 after John finally managed to get things done...

Beverly said goodbye to Bakersfield and moved north with her new husband-to-be John Snow and anticipated a new and magnificent life, only that it did not work out that way.  After a week or so of bravado, John began to waiver as his wife hired a top attorney who came down upon John like a load of bricks.  He began to panic as she played her daughters against him, tugging at his heartstrings and the man began to crumble right in front of Beverly.  Within a day or so, he abandoned their new place and moved back home telling Beverly they could keep seeing one another but that now was not a good time for a divorce. 
Another photo of Brian Carrick following his illness at the Kern County Fair of 1978 with his beloved 1975 Ford Gran Torino...

Beverly was stunned, then amazed, and then completely angry with him and told him, “Look, I am not going to sit around here waiting for you being your ‘girlfriend’ while you go about town with your wife.  If you can’t do this, then you are damned sure the wrong man for me and I am going back to Bakersfield!”  She had not yet surrendered her Taylor Street apartment, called the manager to renew her rent for another month, and then made John drive her and her belongings back to Bakersfield that day.  When they parted, John was in tears, begging her to ‘please work it out with me, I can do it.’  She told him to grow a pair and that if this was how it was going to be, she was going to go back to what she had been doing before and that was going out to the dances and dancing with anyone who asked her to dance with him.  After John took her back and took her stuff into her apartment, she sent him away.
Brian Carrick in the spring of 1978 prior to the illness at a band rehearsal...

John returned heartbroken to Salinas and moved back in with his wife.  He tried to pick up where he left off but now that the wife and daughters realized his weakness and vulnerability, they began paying him back.  If he thought his life was miserable before, it was even more so now so after about one month, he grew a pair, stood up, filed for divorce after hiring a darned good attorney, and went back to Bakersfield to find Beverly.   She was not easy to find so he went out and searched all the places she went to dance and when he finally found her, he broke the ‘good news’ to her.  She told him this time, he had better mean it as if he crumbled again, he would be gone for good, just like Ray, Harry, and whoever else.   He returned home to Salinas and saw it through, fought to retain the John Snow Seed Company albeit it with his wife still on the board drawing money but at least, he maintained control of his company. 
Beverly and John Snow at Harvey's Lake Tahoe on New Year's Eve 1981...

Beverly and John continued seeing one another until the divorce was final so that she could marry him without any interference or backpedaling.  During this time, she remained in Bakersfield and also, her youngest son, Brian finally got over his twin illnesses after three months in bed.  The rest of the fall and winter of 1978, he was more or less a ‘broken man’ as the fatigue remained with him for a full year.  He went back to work at the Rodeway Inn and left behind Debbie Murphy and the Grapevine.  He did go looking for her as they had been in touch during September but when he went to find her and to bring her to Bakersfield, her husband had moved her and him to his parent’s home somewhere in the Los Angeles area so he never saw her again. 
Lupe Carrick with Sleepy the Cat in 1978...

His estranged wife, Lupe, eventually came home and helped him recover his health the best he could and the two resumed living in the Shamrock home; however, it was never the same between them and over the course of the next year, their problems once again rose to the forefront.  She could never forgive him for being unfaithful with TWO women during this time, not just Debbie Murphy (but that is for another story) and so they began to drift apart.  He tried to rebuild the marriage but as time went by and she realized that men were interested in her other than her husband, she began to experience some extracurricular activities on her own.  Brian was somewhat unaware of this at this time and then when he lost his job at the Rodeway Inn (due to an attempt by the employees to bring in the Local 550 of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union); he went to work at the famous Freddie’s Top of the Hill. At first, he worked as the breakfast cook and then later, as the executive chef.  There, once more, he found other women who captured his attention and so the cycle commenced once more.  
The Magnolia Hilltop Brewers in 1978: Chuck Swartz, Victor Gaona, and Brian Carrick...

When we look back at the things that Brian did, we see that most of it was due to the bipolar issues with which, he later would be diagnosed as possessing were the root cause of his outrageous activities.  As he says later, ‘he felt compelled to do these things’ and did what his heart told him he should do.   While this was ongoing, his wife began to look around on her own and their family was never the same again. 
John and Beverly Snow at Harvey's Lake Tahoe, New Year's Eve 1980...

Eventually, Beverly and John married on July 07, 1979 and this time, she bid Bakersfield and her family goodbye for good as she and her new husband moved to Salinas.  It was never easy for her there as the community is one built upon cliques and if one is not included or deemed an outsider, then one’s social circumstances are limited.  Nevertheless, John had many friends among the farmers with whom he did business and they made room for his dazzling new wife.  She began selling paintings to them and found that there were other avenues open to her, too, as she accompanied John on all of his seed-selling trips from now on, partly to be with him and partly—because she knew him—to keep an eye on her investment.  However, he remained true to her, did his best to take her to a wide variety of art galleries across the country, and helped her to get her work hung on their walls. 
John and Beverly Snow mid 1980's...

Additional exposure brought in additional business and when Howard Morseburg came calling, he demanded of her what the hell was going on and why had he not—as her agent—been consulted?  She negated the contract and became her own agent but as time went by, she and Howard still did business together even though he no longer was in charge as to what she could and could not do with her work.  Soon, she appeared in galleries from San Francisco, the California Coastline, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, and Colorado.   Beverly had finally broken through and the next twenty years would be the pinnacle of her career as she sold countless paintings, prints, giclees, and other formats to thousands of people.   Life indeed was beginning to pay off dividends and to do so in a big way.  She was going in one direction and that was straight up as were her children. 
MHB Bassist and vocalist Victor Gaona with Lupe Carrick at the Shamrock House after a gig...

In the winter of 1979 while working at Freddie’s Top of the Hill, Brian had a nervous breakdown while on the job, walked off, called Dr. Singer’s partner, Dr. Kelly, the prescribing psychiatrist and asked for help. He asked to be admitted into the Kern View Mental Hospital, the place where both of his mental medical practitioners had been trying to get him to go in the first place.  Brian was having increasingly difficult mental episodes and as the band had broken up, so was his marriage as Lupe by now had found a new lover in her life—her boss at the alarm company for which, she worked.  Now that the tables were turned, Brian was cracking under the stress and early in November 1979, he fell apart on the job.  Finally, his bipolar issues would be addressed by competent professionals and his life would finally change but not before, he underwent going to hell.
Brian Carrick prior to the nervous breakdown with two of his dogs, Twinkie and her son, Bro...

We will stop our narrative here and pick up where we left off tomorrow, friends.  I do hope you are enjoying our traumatic tale, something that is of interest to everyone who has ever been involved in these trying and horrendous issues of marital infidelity, mental disease, and anger issues.  One must wonder is how do these things come about, are we born with them or are we products of the environments in which, we are raised or in which, we live?   Brian’s father was a mentally damaged individual himself while his mother was stronger than most women truly ever are but most of it was due to two things: the loss of her leg—to the hip!—due to bone cancer in 1939 or 1940 and then a lengthy marriage to a deranged man, Harry Hall Carrick.   You be the judge of this story, no one has any of the answers so all we can do is to come to our own conclusions.  We will continue our story tomorrow so please!  Be here or be nowhere!
Brian Carrick at Cayucos, California, 1980 following his recovery...


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Moses Scharbug III
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The END Commentary for Monday, January 07, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III

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