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Saturday, January 5, 2013

“Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXVII: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Sixteen!” by Moses Scharbug III

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Moses Scharbug III   

END Commentary 01-06-2013

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for     Sunday, January 06, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III


Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXVII: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Sixteen!” by Moses Scharbug III

Bakersfield, CA, 01-06-2013 Su:  Lately, we have been running a price list of Beverly Carrick’s remaining paintings and we must note that we will not be in control of her artworks for very much longer. This is because part of her last will and testament has specifically dictated that Patrick C. Carrick, as executor of the will, must sell ALL artworks to a gallery of his choosing.  Sadly, we will only be able to sell prints, greeting cards, and other associated items such as her DVDs to interested buyers but when and if we know who is going to take over sales of her precious artworks, we will alert the readership then.
Patrick Carrick, Attorney-at-Law

We left off yesterday with the story of how Beverly found John Snow and how to two of them became inseparable whenever he came to town.  Meanwhile, Patrick was busy working in town as a new attorney at law while dating the woman who would become his second wife in a few years, Karen.  Brian on the other hand had married Lupe Maria Loya and the two were living in the Shamrock house with the band members coming and going at all hours because of the musical career.  In the case of Brian and his wife, it was going to become a stressful situation at some point.  For one thing, Lupe worked where he worked—Henry the VIII—and seven years his senior.  Therefore, you have a young man aged 18 and his wife age 25 and with two young children, Katrina and Philip.  Add to this the fact that her ex-husband, Mike Dillard, was an ex-Marine who hated his ex-wife for reasons unknown and who had remarried himself.  It was to prove to be a volatile situation, something that would dog them throughout their marriage.
In the pre-John Snow days: in North Dakota with Ray and fish she caught...

Beverly was now showing her work in numerous galleries and the money began to increase although Howard kept a tight rein on his promising young female artist.  She earned a smaller percentage for her work than did her agent’s male artists, something that dogged her for a long time.  Still, he was responsible for making her into a known name in the art world and without him; she did not think she could survive.  To complicate matters, Mr. Morseburg and his wife, Barbara, were married in name only and had not lived together for a long time.  The reason they did not separate was due to the fact that his wife controlled the books and knew where the money was stashed and there was no way that either one would divorce the other due to the fact that it would mean their standard of living would decrease by half in a community property state. 
Beverly Carrick in North Dakota with her fish in 1974...

Howard attempted several times to move in on his beautiful artist but she tactfully held off his advances.  It did add a certain layer of tension to their relationship so at the first opportunity, she introduced him to John, her new beau.  The wily art agent knew when to step back but never gave up hope of making something happen should there ever be another breakup at some point farther down the road.  He did not ‘punish’ her for snubbing him, however, and kept pushing her artworks, as he knew a good moneymaker when he saw one. 
The John Snow Seed Company in Salinas, California...

The year 1975 arrived and it was a new year, Beverly and John seemingly had a good life together as every time he came to town, they immediately saw one another and went out to dinner, to dance, or whatever.  Beverly’s mother, Florence, was not happy with the situation as she saw it as a dishonorable thing for a divorcee to be running around with a married man and for this reason, whenever her daughter brought him to the store to see her parents; she remained as aloof from him as she could. 
Brian and Lupe Carrick on their wedding day...

John was a great person by all accounts, so much so that it was hard not to like the man.  He was a good talker, friendly, jovial, and never without a smile on his face.  He dressed nice, always drove the newest model car, and wore flashy jewelry.  With Beverly being of like mind and doing her best to show that she was successful, the two fit each other as though they had been destined to meet.  However, when Beverly began bringing up the future, John always tended to shy away mentioning that he would divorce his wife when his daughters were out of school.  In some ways, the women controlled this independent man’s man in his life, the three back home in Salinas, that is.  Whatever they told him to do or asked of him, he did his best to give it, even if it meant suffering a huge ordeal accomplishing it. 
Beverly Carrick clowning around in a restaurant in the late 1970's....

Yet, his wife was frigid as ever so he welcomed his opportunities to get out on the road and go to other places but the one place he kept coming back to as much as possible was to Bakersfield to see this amazing lady.  Whenever she was with him, he felt good and he knew that she felt the same way about him, too.  The only thing he wanted to do was to put off the inevitable showdown at home asking for a divorce and of hurting his daughters.  This was the conundrum eating away at him but it went on for several more years. 
Beverly and John Snow on their wedding day 07-07-1979...

Occasionally, the two would agree to not see one another and go their separate ways but sooner rather than later, John would be back and would go in search of Beverly.   He was saving money and was finding ways of protecting his business assets, as he did not want to have to sacrifice the company he had built, virtually from the foundation of the previous owner’s up.  Money was coming in and if he lost it, he would lose any opportunity of being able to live the good life, which meant going to Las Vegas or Lake Tahoe, Nevada, or to Reno, or to any other gambling locale.  He loved to gamble, playing cards was a lifelong love of his and what’s more, he was incredibly lucky and seldom lost large amounts of money.  He also thrived playing the Keno wheels throughout the state of Nevada, and no matter where he went, he was a big spender and the hotels and casinos welcomed him warmly.  Life was good and the possibility of losing it kept him in check, as losing it would kill the man’s spirit, leave him naked in the wilderness so to speak for wild animals to pick his bones clean.
John and Beverly Snow in the early 1980's...

As 1975 turned into 1976, everyone was prospering in the Carrick family.  Brian was now the sous chef at the Hilton Inn in Bakersfield, California, learning the tricks of the trade from chefs who had been cooking for as far back as the 1920's and 1930's.  He was learning to bake breads, quickbreads, desserts; you name it, from scratch from the great baker Tommy Crandall while working under a veteran executive chef, Fabian Sabedra.  The owners of the Hilton, Butch and Nita Milligan, were showy people themselves and always dressed the part.  Living on Panorama Drive in Northeast Bakersfield, they lived in a wealthy community with a view of the oilfields below the bluffs. They drove expensive cars, they had racehorses, and life was good for them.  The fact that once Butch had been a detective on the Bakersfield Police Department’s vice squad and that Nita had been a carhop at Michener’s Drive-in Restaurant spoke of ill-gotten gains and as time went by, their second hotel and restaurant the Rodeway Inn, began to drag them down financially.
Brian Carrick behind the drums in 1976 in Taft, California...

The Rodeway was never as successful as the Hilton Inn but they socked money away from their more profitable enterprise into the one that was struggling to get along.  As time went by, the couple began having cash flow issues and began taking whatever they could out of both franchises.  When the end of the year came, the couple vanished and the hotel locked its doors, bankruptcy had claimed both hotel operations and the crews at both found themselves holding worthless payroll checks, some of them for as many as twelve paydays back.  The last day was a disaster as the floor staff, the maintenance personnel, and the hotel staff were seeking the one manager left behind to verbally and sometimes physically attack him in desperate bids to get some of the money owed them, it was a horrible time.
Another photo of Brian Carrick behind the drums in 1976...

Thankfully, for Brian, he managed to get all of his money, as the executive chef who had taken over from Fabian, Henry Gutierrez, had made sure that he and his star pupil got their money every payday, as they were the main two keeping the restaurant open.  Everyone else, however, wandered about listlessly until the sheriff arrived and slapped a padlock on all of the doors.  Desperate, Brian went in search of another job opportunity but did not have to wait long to find one as a new management group took over the Rodeway Inn and planned to have it up-and-running within one week.  The chef there, a fellow named Rudy Paz, a Filipino chef called Brian and asked him if he would like to be his sous chef, as he knew him from as far back as the Royale Palms days. 
Lupe Maria Loya Carrick in the 1970's after a gig by the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers...

Elated, Brian went back to work within a short amount of time making up his financial loss from the Hilton.  His wife, Lupe, was managing a Shell gas station in town, and things seemed to be well.  The band also was doing well as 1976 and 1977 proved to be the best years of its lifetime and Brian was living in the clouds, his mental issues seemingly increasing with the day.  He was going through more elevated mood swings, his highs would be “higher” while his lows, “lower,” and this proved to be difficult for their marriage to handle.  Still, he managed to appear “normal” most of the time but could not always hide his issues from his wife so she and he had numerous quarrels.  In some ways, he was appearing to be his father, Harry, all over again, something that terrorized him day and night.  What with his father’s suicide, he felt that he had definitely inherited a part of his father’s persona—if not all of it— and keeping, it in check was becoming increasingly difficult to do.  In time, something would happen and when it did, it would not be nice.
Brian Carrick behind his famed Rodgers Drum Kit...

Patrick and Karen were dating exclusively and he had found his own apartment, having spent some time at Shamrock in 1975 when he first returned to Bakersfield.  He and his younger brother had not been getting along very well as he viewed Brian as being irresponsible and on the road to destruction based upon the car crash in Selma and his attitude about it.  Both Patrick and his mother did their best to live their own lives without having to deal with Brian, as both knew he had issues, emotional and personal.  The family more or less was separating from one another as each member was involved in his or her own life and only found time to be together at holidays or on someone’s birthday but with Brian working all hours in restaurants and then playing music, those times were decreasing more and more.
Victor Gaona, bassist and vocalist for the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers in 1977...

In 1977, Patrick and Karen married and the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers played their reception.  At this point, John was not involved in the lives of Beverly’s kids and that was fine with each.  Pat and Karen moved into a house and started their life together knowing that there was one problem facing them: his wife had a disease called Fredrik’s Ataxia, a disorder of the nervous system of which, not a great deal was known.  Much like her new mother-in-law, Karen had once dreamed of becoming a dancer, particularly a ballerina, and the disease ended that idea.  It put her into a situation in which, she gradually began to lose nervous sensations in her legs, finding it increasingly difficult to walk in the same way a polio victim finds that he or she has lost their legs.  At this point, she could still walk and even dance a bit but it was not clear as to what the future would be but all Patrick knew was that he loved her dearly and wanted her in his life.   Whatever happened, they would manage to deal with it.
Lupe Maria Loya Carrick in the 1970s...

Brian and Lupe continued having problems off and on and the main problem was that she found him to be both mercurial and immature.  Her ex-husband was always trying to find ways to take the kids from her as he claimed they were living in unfit circumstances due to the band rehearsing in the house at all hours of day or night and that her young husband was unfit to be a father.  After awhile, he managed to gain longer periods of visitation and then, he and his wife moved to Yuba City, up at the top of the state of California, where she would have to drive to deliver them or to pick them up, whichever way upon they agreed.   This became a major hardship in their relationship as for one thing, Brian mostly could not go up there with her due to his job or the band plus he did not do well making long drives.  The polyneuropathy issues were already beginning to present themselves unbeknownst to any of the family much less him.
Brian Carrick after a gig at Lake Isabella, California...

When 1978 arrived, it proved to be a year of change for all.  John finally got up the nerve to ask his wife for a divorce and wanted to marry Beverly.  She would have to leave Bakersfield for Salinas as that is where his business was and he wanted her to be with him.   Brian and Lupe were having issues and broke up on and off due to Brian’s manic side turning him into a philanderer with other women who he met on the job.  The band also was having a great year and was playing numerous gigs so be was burning the candle at both ends.  As for Patrick and Karen, their life together was moving along and they seemed to be very happy even as manifestations of her illness begin presenting themselves. 
The only known photo of Chef Arturo Valachi Miranda, chef and friend of Brian Carrick...

In the summer of 1978, Brian’s friend from the Hilton Inn, Arturo Valachi Miranda, the nighttime sauté chef took a chef’s position out of town at Grapevine, California, the place where California’s I-5 Highway leaves the Tehachapi Mountains for the valley floor of the San Joaquin Valley.  Business was crazy up there, money was to be made, and Arturo came by Brian’s house and took him and his wife out to dinner to pitch his idea. 
Brian Carrick drinking a beer prior to a rehearsal of the MHB in 1978...

If Brian took the morning line cook’s job, he would earn about $11.00 an hour plus mileage, something that was difficult to overlook.  The trip up would be tiring as it was about thirty miles south of Bakersfield on a long, mind-numbing straight line.  It went through the vast agricultural area until it began to climb a short distance up the mountain.  There, there was a turnoff with three gas stations, three restaurants, and a store.  One of the restaurants, Wm. Flagg’s Restaurant, was brand new, a beautiful place with a gorgeous panoramic view of the mountains, the farmlands, and the road.  Its seating capacity was about 500 people, which made it one hell of a restaurant in which to work.  There would be at least two line cooks during the day and afternoon shifts, all of them recruited from Bakersfield or Arvin while the floor staff came down from Frazier Park.   
The Rodgers Drum Kit in the 1970's...

Arturo talked a good show and both Brian and his wife salivated over the large amount of money being offered.  His friend asked him to drive up there to see the place on his first day off from the Rodeway Inn to which, he readily agreed.  This was to be one of the major life-changing events in the life of Beverly’s youngest son, and would lead to major issues.  However, for now, we shall stop here and pick up with our narrative tomorrow so please, be here, we are getting to the good parts of this rambling story!   
Chuck Swartz, guitarist and vocalist of the MHB during the late 1970's...


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Moses Scharbug III
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Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, CA.


The END Commentary for Sunday, January 06, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III

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This is #0079, a 30” x 40" original oil painting by Beverly Carrick entitled, “Runnin’ Late." It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale. You can see much more of her work at her Website, located at http://www.beverlycarrick.com or at Brian Carrick's Facebook page. At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, "Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick." Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks. Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty. We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work. It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor! You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY! Thank you, the Elemental News of the Day!

Beverly Carrick: the World’s Greatest Artist!

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The Chef’s Culinary Nightmare: Our Muse…

Beverly Carrick Original Paintings Price List:

  1. Size 36” x 72”…………………………………………………………. $18,000.00.
  2. Size 40” x 60”…………………………………………………………. $15,450.00.
  3. Size 36” x 48”…………………………………………………………. $11,500.00.
  4. Size 30” x 40”…………………………………………………………. $ 9,900.00.
  5. Size 24” x 48”…………………………………………………………. $ 9,000.00.
  6. Size 24” x 36”…………………………………………………………$ 8,240.00.
  7. Size 24” x 30”…………………………………………………………$ 7,600.00.
  8. Size 20” x 24”…………………………………………………………$ 5,950.00.
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  10. Size 16” x 20”…………………………………………………………$ 5,400.00.
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