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Friday, January 4, 2013

“Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXVI: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Fifteen!” by Moses Scharbug III

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Moses Scharbug III   

END Commentary 01-05-2013

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for     Saturday, January 05, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III






Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXVI: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Fifteen!” by Moses Scharbug III


Victor Gaona, Randy Kyles, and Brian Carrick in 1976... 

Bakersfield, CA, 01-05-2013 S:  Yesterday, we concluded our tale with Brian and his friends looking at the ruined Pinto, the car his mother recently had bought him as a graduation gift.  They had gone to the Ford lot in Bakersfield and she picked it out for him, paying about $2,000 for the little car.  He was so excited that not long after he got it, he and his friends drove down to Long Beach, California sometime in September 1974, to see the English rock band Traffic’s farewell tour and to get tattooed at the infamous Pike, the arcade and amusement park on the beach.  They spent a couple of days down south drinking beer and looking for women and then drove home in one state or another of mental fog due to nonstop partying.  Beverly had no idea at the time that her son was doing, as she said later, “she had all the faith in the world in him to be responsible” but it appears that he was not.  So, when he called her the next day to tell her that he had a “little problem,” she was aghast as she listened to the story unfold and then became quite angry.   
Brian Carrick and Randy Kyles 1976...

The one thing he left out of his tale about what had happened in Selma was the fact that he and Victor had been drinking heavily and that they had a girl in the car with them.  She had no idea what was going on and told him not to worry, that she would get in touch with the insurance company and with any luck, she could get him another car.  In the meantime, he had to rely on friends to get him to work or take the bus and on the odd occasion, she would come and get him.  It was difficult that he was working graveyard shifts but that is what it was and they worked it out between them.
Brian Carrick behind the drums 1975...

Besides, Beverly had her ongoing relationship with Ray to consider and now, they were split up, and she did not care for his drunkenness or his immaturity.  When they argued, he was like a naughty little boy, he would go and sulk or he would show up at a dance with another woman on his arm, one of her friends, too, which made her even angrier.  Yet, there was something about Ray she liked and it was hard for her to admit that at some point, she would have to move on with her life.  Yet, after what she had undergone for more than two decades was not something she wished to repeat and yet, she did not like being alone so someone else would have to come along.  She began going back to the Hilton Inn on Rosedale Highway or to the Rodeway Inn on California and Real Road.  She met a better quality of people there and that is when she met John again for the second time in her life.
Beverly Carrick in 1974...

John Snow seemed to be a true gentleman—he was nice, he was chivalrous, he was a wonderful dancer, and he always knew how to treat a lady—something that was extremely important to Beverly.  He came to town every couple of weeks because the business he owned, the John Snow Seed Company—based in Salinas, California, the farm belt—sold hybrid agricultural seed to farmers up and down the length of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys, also up into Oregon and even Washington State, and down into Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.  He traveled all over the place and delivered seed to a variety of farmers and the fact that he owned the business and had bought it from the previous owner put him into contact with all sorts of people, people who knew how to show him and whoever was with him a wonderful time. 
John Snow and Bowling Award...

The problem with John, however, was that he was a married man and had two teenage daughters.  As Brian has said, that did NOT deter his mother, in fact, it was a plus because if he wanted to cheat on his wife and show someone else a good time, she did not have to worry about him pursuing her and wanting to marry her, at least until she was sure of it herself.  Ray was always talking marriage even though he and his wife were only separated but Beverly knew that marrying Ray would be a disaster all over again.  Sure, not in the same way that Harry had been because in her estimation and also in her kids’ was that her husband/their father was crazy.  Perhaps Ray was not "crazy" in the clinical sense but still—something obviously was quite wrong with the man and while Ray shared some similar attributes, his problems were immaturity and intoxication, not mental illness. 

Beverly, however, would not allow herself to be seduced by John, however, even if it was a very attractive proposal because as long as she was technically tied to Ray because of whatever it was they “had,” she would not be a cheater, it was one man at a time.  Still, John seemed to be pretty nice so she decided she would get to know him better when he came to town and know him she did as he took her out to the finest restaurants, showered her with expensive gifts, and treated her like the woman she was.   He opened and closed doors, his drinking did not change his personality, he remained the same whether sober or seemingly intoxicated but he never ever really got drunk.  He knew when to stop and as he spent his life driving the endless highways of the western states, he could not afford to have any issues with driving impairment.  He truly seemed like the man any woman in her right mind would want and so she began toying with the idea of a complete separation from Ray.

She did not have to wait long for the end with Ray to come.  She went to her family doctor and she discovered that she had contracted cancer for the second time in her life and that she would have to have a hysterectomy as soon as possible as otherwise, she might put herself into a difficult situation.  Dr. Sidders and Dr. Newman put her into San Joaquin Community Hospital and within a couple of days, the surgeons performed the surgery and she was sent to recuperate upstairs in one of the rooms.  Her son, Brian came to see her but Ray never showed up.  They had been having another of their endless quarrels and he had stayed away, ostensibly to do his job at the school district but it was really to see someone else.  He was still sulking about Beverly’s refusal to marry him and he wanted to teach her a lesson.

  When she recuperated and was ready to go home, he came, picked her up, and took her to the Taylor Street apartment.  There, they got into another quarrel and he flounced out of the two-story unit and went back to the place he shared with his friend and drinking companion, Jim.  When it was time for the Mavericks to have their next dance, Beverly prepared herself to go and when she arrived and sat down, she noticed that Ray was there across the room—with another woman, someone who was supposed to be her friend.   Ray kept looking over at her through the cigarette smoke to see if she was hurt or upset but she did her best to ignore him.  Yes, she was angrier than hell inside and wanted to go over and sock him upside the head.  “Didn’t come to see me in the hospital, did you, Ray, and here you are with another woman, you two-timing smuck, this is it!”

She ignored him all night long even though he and this woman repeatedly danced near to where she sat and then when she danced with other men who asked her, Ray and his partner danced as closely to her and her companion and did his best to catch her eye but failed.  She was so mad she said later that smoke should have been pouring from her ears, eyes, and nose, but she did her best and avoided contact with her erstwhile lover to the best of her ability.  Recognizing that he failed, he and his date left for somewhere else and Beverly went home by her and sat in silence, by the phone. 

Ray did not call for a couple of days and finally, when he worked up the nerve, he came by the apartment and knocked on the door.  When she opened it, he asked if he could come in and then set out to apologize.  Beverly would have none of it; she had finally developed the ability to take charge of her own life and to not show hurt to anyone.  Losing her leg at age 12 had done a lot for her persona and then being married to a lunatic—a drunken one, too!—increased that ability and then this final dalliance with a loser for several years carried her over the top and internally, she said to herself, “no more.”             

Ray was in the process of repeatedly apologizing when she told him to ‘stop it, get your stuff and get the hell out of my apartment, my life, and my heart: I never want to see you ever again!” 

Ray was stunned as up until now, he always thought that he could finagle his way back into her good graces and her heart.  After all, she had but one leg and was he not a sexy guy, he had it all and she needed him but to his surprise, he misread her.  Thinking that her disability made her somewhat vulnerable and knowing what Harry had been like, he thought that he was God’s gift to women in general and Beverly in particular.   Shocked, he got angry because that was all he knew how to do when his “charms” did not work and he told her as he left, “that she was making a big mistake because when she needed him again, he would never come back—it is over and done.”

Beverly was hurt, of that, there was no doubt because she had put a lot of love into their relationship but it also taught her what she needed to know about herself and about men.  She knew that she deserved to be treated better and that a man like John was the sort of man she should find with whom to share her life.   In regard to John Snow, however, she also knew that if a man would cheat on his wife, then he, too, might not be good husband material in the end and so would have to come to know him better and what his story was before she could trust him with her heart. 

As time went by, she continued to see John at the Hilton or at the Rodeway and he continued to shower her with attention, with charm, and with being a man’s man.  She learned that he had been married for almost as long as she had been to Harry and that his marriage was not a happy one nor had it ever been.  He married his wife before shoving off to serve in Korea where he had served well and been decorated.  Originally a marksman, he was trained for the artillery and when he arrived in country in 1950, the type of field guns for which he had been trained were not there.  He and his company were sleeping in tents beside the road in the south in pouring rain when an officer came up and asked him if he and his platoon wanted to be ‘line-crossers’ and that if they did, they would be sleeping in better quarters, out of the rain, and eating way better food.  At this point in his life and military career, that sounded better than what he and his group were presently doing and so all volunteered. 

The rest of his time in Korea, John had better treatment but his job was not quite, what he had expected and it was horrible.  At night, he and his men would crawl off into the no-man’s land separating the UN forces from the North Koreans and their Chinese allies and would cut throats, capture prisoners, and drag them back to be interrogated by their superiors.  It was a dangerous job and he had seen a lot of bloodshed, both by the enemy and by his men and it left him scarred forever.  Beverly said later that throughout the years of their marriage that John would wake up in cold sweats screaming and yelling as he relived the war years in his nightmares and dreams at night.  Yet, it made him into a good man and the only reason he and his wife had no life was that neither loved the other, it was a marriage in name only.

Beverly and John began seeing one another and they never had a problem, he was always kind to her and always showed her a wonderful time.  She was glad that he was married for now because it removed the weight from her shoulders as he was not pursuing her to marry him the way in which, Ray had night and day.  Speaking of Ray, they ran into him on occasion when they went to different bars and dancehalls around Bakersfield and he slunk away into the shadows, he knew he was beat.  As time went by, Beverly learned that John had grown up the son of a chef, someone who ran his own restaurant in a hotel in San Luis Obispo, California.  He married his wife and had two daughters and it seemed the thing to do even though she never wanted him in a way that a woman wants a man.  If they did have any sort of concourse between them, they had to be spic and span, the sheets had to be changed, and it could only be one way: he had to do the work and she did nothing. 

Their relationship continued to develop over the course of 1974, 1975, and 1976 and at some point, she began to think of marriage herself.  She still was not quite ready but at some point, she would have to bring it up.  Meanwhile, she was busy going to new gallery openings throughout the western states and her artwork was taking off, she was getting noticed, people were buying her paintings, and she was selling both through her agent and independently through her own network.  She had gone to Hawaii by herself not long after she divorced Harry and had moved into the apartment and had no fear of traveling and seeing things, doing things by herself.   Her oldest son, Patrick established himself working for an attorney in town and had met a new young lady, Karen, who worked at the Bakersfield Community Theater where he also spent time performing in local productions, as acting was still a major part of his life.  He still enjoyed acting and the two met, finding new love themselves, the thoughts of Trish long since gone.
Brian and Lupe Carrick 1974

Brian moved on from the Royale Palms after having issues with Chef Bob over Brian’s lack of responsibility and he went to a place called Henry the VIII, located across the street from the Rodeway Inn at the corner of California Avenue and Real Road.  At this point, he met and married his first wife, Lupe Maria Loya, and the two lived together in his home on Shamrock Way in Bakersfield with her two young children.  The band, the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers continued performing on weekends in and out of both town and Brian was still hoping of finding success as a musician.  He continued drinking alcohol and still drove while intoxicated on occasion having as yet to learn his lesson.
Lupe Maria Loya Carrick

We shall stop here for today, I think we have covered a great deal of ground in the life and times of Beverly Carrick Snow, the famed artist and our patron saint, someone all of us who knew her truly loved and admired.  Beverly had a long full life and in the end, cancer was determined to not let her go but it did give her long periods of respite in which, she had a highly regarded life and career.  I do hope that you are enjoying this lengthy essay and that you send your friends, family, neighbors, and whomever else you know in your circle of life.
Randy Kyles, Brian Carrick, and Victor Gaona aka the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers, 1974


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            Today, we covered a lot of ground and that is good, we are getting ready to enter the next big period of the lives of the Carricks and their loved ones. Florence and Clarence still are alive and well at this point although Clarence, Beverly’s father, had come down with Alzheimer’s, a dreaded disease of memory and loss of it.  He was one of the earliest cases to be diagnosed with this horrible infliction that sadly, there is still no cure for but it must be noted that in the evenings when the twilight effect occurred, Florence could call her grandson, Brian, to come and help her control her husband no matter the hour of night or morning.  In fact, Brian, his grandmother, and his mother were about the only people who could stand to see Clarence in this condition while everyone chose to stay away as much as possible.  Beverly’s brother, Eugene, also came to help as he continued running the family’s hobby shop across the street from his parents’ home on Roberts Lane in Oildale, California, the place where our corporate offices now are located.    

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Moses Scharbug III

Moses Scharbug III
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This is me when I was a university professor at one of California’s State Universities in the Southland back in the 1970’s.  I have been retired for the past 15 years and have been the assistant editor of the END since its first incarnation back in 2009.


Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, CA.


The END Commentary for Saturday, January 05, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III



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