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Thursday, January 3, 2013

“Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXV: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Fourteen!” by Moses Scharbug III

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Moses Scharbug III   

END Commentary 01-04-2013

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for           Friday, January 04, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III






Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXV: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Fourteen!” by Moses Scharbug III

Beverly and friends Ernestine and Bill Miller in the early 1970s... 


Bakersfield, CA, 01-04-2013 F:  Here we are, our second week with Day 14 in the story of the life and times of Beverly Carrick Snow and it is getting better by the minute.  We left off with it being the winter of 1973 and times were changing for virtually everyone.  Brian was in the process of finishing his high school degree while his school chums still had to go to school until June of 1974 when they would graduate so in many ways, he felt older and more superior to them.  Even though his close friend, Victor, was working as a line cook on the graveyard shift at Randy’s Restaurant, Brian was preparing to head into the kitchen but first, he had to finish bussing tables at least until Easter and then when Easter was done, he would be able to take over the graveyard shift.  Chef Bob was concerned about the age issue in that he needed him to be as close to age 18 as he could even though he could not go on much longer with Lonnie working nights.  The crew would have to tough it out until then because he had to be sure about the kid, too.  Easter was early in 1974 and the plan was the day after, Brian would go onto the all-night shift and they would see what would happen.  Until then, he would continue having to work part-time in the kitchen when they could bring him in while doing his work in the dining room bussing tables as he finished school. 
Brian and Beverly Carrick in early-to-mid 1970s...

Meanwhile, Beverly and Ray were having difficulties as they quarreled a great deal and then made up and she was tiring of maintaining the large house at Magnolia Avenue.  She knew at some point, she would have to get out but how was she going to do that?  Suddenly, a great idea came to mind and that was to swap houses with her brother, Gene, as he and his wife had growing kids of their own and needed a bigger room of their own.  Beverly figured she could put her son into their house thereby giving him some responsibility of his own while she took an apartment a mile away near Ming Avenue on Taylor Street.  She would pay the note on the house if Brian could afford the utilities and do the necessary work on the property and in addition, it would give his band the necessary room in which to rehearse so they could play some live gigs. When she brought up the idea to everyone involved, they were all for it as gave everyone what they wanted but mostly, it gave her and Brian their privacy from one another to live their lives as they saw fit. 
Beverly Carrick at the dances...

Patrick was still going to be away at USC for one more year as he finished law school and then when he graduate, he and his wife could get their own place and live wherever they chose to live.   She set everything into motion but it would not take place until Brian entered the kitchen for good at the Royale Palms and got the anticipated raise for moving up the ladder.  Everything looked good and the ball was set into motion.

Beverly’s art business continued growing as Howard Morseburg and his wife, Barbara, were busily promoting their new star and she found herself doing art shows and traveling around here and there.  Sometimes she took Ray and sometimes she did not but the two of them mostly remained on good terms and their relationship continued along its course.   She still would not say “yes” to Ray and kept him on the string, as she was not sure as to whether or not she wanted to marry him because by her estimate, the man was very immature for a man his age. 
John Snow and Beverly Carrick in the early 1980s...

During the times when they were not seeing one another, she went out and continued to dance at the hotels in which, she frequented and there were always other men around.  She met a man named John—a seller of agricultural hybrid seeds who seemed to be a very nice guy—but for now, she enjoyed the life she was living and still had her mind if not her heart set on Ray.  However, John seemed to be a nice guy and over the course of time, she grew to know him and enjoyed it whenever he came to town on business, which he did, frequently. 
Brian Carrick and erstwhile girlfriend, Debi Anderson in the early 1970s...

Easter came and the big day arrived, the day when Brian would serve his last day on the dining room floor and then enter the kitchen as a full-fledged cook.  The house switch was underway, too, and she had her furniture moved into her new apartment and had her studio to set up.  Meanwhile, her brother Gene and his wife, Elaine, were busy moving their stuff into the Magnolia address and everything was looking very well for everyone.   Her youngest son was definitely excited as he was going to be an independent adult the best he could and was ready, willing, and able to be able to prove it.  His friends, too, were excited about having a place to play their music, drink their beer, and more or less have a party house.   The future looked good.
The Magnolia Hilltop Brewers in the early 1970s at the Shamrock House...
Randy Kyles, Brian Carrick, and Victor Gaona...

The last day in the dining room was not an easy one as the floor staff did not want him to leave.  At one point at the end of the shift, one of the girls, Mary—a sly old country girl and one of the main servers—“accidentally” pushed a two-quart soup pot  full of bleu cheese dressing off the salad station ledge onto the top of Brian’s head.  Bent over on his hands and knees, he was in the process of pulling plates out so he could place them into the ice on top.  He stood up, sputtering and was quite upset and all she could say was, “sorry, boy!”  Needless to say, his feelings were horribly hurt while the women all laughed and slapped him on the back.  He had to leave the dining room, go upstairs, and wash the stinky mess off his body before he could return to the dining room.
Brian Carrick and the 1974 Ford Pinto Sedan...

The next day, he entered the kitchen as a line cook and Chef Bob gave him his marching orders that night at 9:30 P.M. when he arrived at work: “Whatever you do, you can call me if you are SWAMPED but do not call me at home to call me as I will come over and kick your ass.  Do you understand?”
Party Time at Shamrock during the 1970s..

Of course, he said yes and so began his culinary career.  The first night was a difficult one as never before had he stayed up all night long and somewhere around 3:00 A.M., he could not keep his eyes open.  It was a good thing that it was not a weekend and the bar run was happening, something which, he had not had to worry about—yet.  This weekend would be his baptism of fire.  A new waitress named Ruth also started that night and she was about thirty years older than he was.  They became friends but one thing was clear about the kid, he had a difficult time handling the stress of multiple orders and tended to become angry if swamped and he was behind putting out the plates.  If he were that way now on a weeknight, how would he be on the weekend when all hell broke loose?  Time would tell for him.
Beverly Carrick, free at last from Harry Hall Carrick

Beverly had her new apartment all to herself and painted vigorously throughout the day.  She and Brian did not see one another much unless he dropped by to see her at the apartment.  Nor did she hear much from Patrick who seemed to be doing well and on the road to happiness as long as he did not get too close to his wife’s family, he should be fine.  Trish seemed to be a nice girl and she thought they were evenly matched and good for one another.
Beverly Carrick and Ray Wolf out on the town in the early 1970s...

Ray came back and she and he spent many nights out on the town going to bars with live music but always to either the Funny Farm or the Rancho Bakersfield Inn.  She did not see much of John for a while, as she did not go to the Hilton Inn with Ray.  Soon, Howard Morseburg was getting her into new galleries, in places ranging from Palm Springs to San Francisco and her name was becoming known throughout the art world.  Here and there, she would have to take trips to meet gallery owners or to go to art shows in which, her work was displayed and always with Howard or his wife, Barb.  Money was beginning to come in more than ever before and she was ecstatic that things were finally beginning to pay off and it certainly looked like she was on the road to success.
The Magnolia Hilltop Brewers at Shamrock: Brian Carrick & Victor Gaona in front with Randy Kyles in the back during a rehearsal in the early 1970s...

When she did see her youngest son, she noted that he did not seem right and learned that he had been depressed a great deal but had not mentioned anything about it.  Once again, she was concerned with her son’s mental situation and found a psychologist named Dr. George M. Singer, a man who came highly recommended to her through friends.  She called Brian and asked if he thought that maybe it might help and like all youngsters ashamed to admit, they need help, and he put it off until finally, he knew he had better go, as he was afraid of what might happen to him. 
Brian Carrick crazy behind the drums...

He began seeing the doctor and it seemed like he was helping some and then when he sent him to see his associate, a psychiatrist, they put him on some antidepressants.  He saw the doctor once a week but no breakthroughs were made, it was more or less a maintenance situation as Brian mentioned to me in interviews, he just did not feel “right” as he has said.   He did not realize how dark his darker moments had become as he was used to cycling up and down like clockwork over the course of a month.  Again, he mentioned that he was afraid that too much of his father had ‘rubbed off onto him.’
Harry Hall Carrick, victim of a "suicide?"

In the summer of 1974, she received a phone call from one of her friends and she found out that Harry was found dead at the apartment he shared with his wife, Mickey.  Mickey’s son was in the other room watching television when he thought he heard a “pop” but did not get up to check on it.  When his mother arrived home later in the evening, she went to check on her husband and found him wrapped up in the blankets, a single gunshot wound to the head—Harry had shot himself with a 22-caliber handgun.   Word had of course gotten out as the coroner and the police had to come to investigate a suspicious death and when Beverly heard about it, she thought “too bad” but did not care a bit.
Brian Carrick as a young chef...

She called Dr. Singer to ask him how she should approach it with her son as she knew he was having issues and the doctor told her to present it to him slow, the best way to do it would be to invite him over to her apartment.  She called Brian on the job to tell him she needed to talk to him, and he surprised her with his answer:

“What? Did dad kill himself or something?”

“How did you know? Have you heard it from someone else?”

“No, I just knew when you asked me like that that something had happened and all I could think of was dad.  It doesn’t surprise me, I just knew it, and I had a hunch.” 

She asked him if he needed to come over and talk to her or if he needed to go in and see Dr. Singer early and he said, ‘no,’ he would be fine.   When asked about it now, he says he does not remember if he was bothered by it or not but it was at this point that he begun to wonder if he was “possessed” by his father.  He had similar mannerisms and he acted like him, too, whenever he was angry or bothered by something.  He said that he felt that he had to keep himself under control at all times, which was not easy due to the pressures of the job and what it did to him.  Yet, he managed to carry on and live with it.   He kept drinking beer whenever he and his friends got together and working on music in their spare time was like medicine to him.  He also was going to bars with the waitress, Ruth, when they got off at six o’clock in the morning and he enjoyed being with her.  At one point, she took him to Tijuana, Mexico, for a long weekend with some friends and he had a wonderful time with her.  His mother knew about her and did not care, thought it was good for him even though the woman was in her forties—everyone has to learn about life somewhere and she seemed to be a nice person.

In the fall of 1974, two crises occurred that caused some problems.  The first was with Beverly’s older son, Patrick.  He was in the midst of studying for his BAR exam when on a holiday; he went with his wife, Trish, to her parent’s home.  Suddenly, his wife got up and told the assembled throng, “Pat and I are getting divorced, our marriage is over.”

This was the first time Patrick heard this, it was news to him and it took him totally by surprise as you could imagine.  Stunned, he could say little but asked Trish what was going on and she told him she was tired of living the life they lived and she was bored and wanted out.  He begged her not to go, pleaded, but as far as she was concerned it was a done deal and not long after that, she moved out of the married students’ quarters at USC and went home leaving him to stumble through the horrendous test by himself.  He called his mother and broke down in tears telling her what had transpired and this made his mother mad, the perfidy of what the little bitch had done to her son.  She told him to hang on and do his best, that it would all be worth it when it was over and done and from that point on, she had to provide the strength her son needed to come out at the top of the class.  It was a horrifying difficult time for him but his strength of character pulled him through to graduate with honors. 

The other problem was her younger son, Brian, who got into a drunken driving accident outside of Selma, California, about two hours north of Bakersfield.  He and his friend, Victor, were taking a girl home to her parents in San Jose, and when the 1974 Ford Pinto he was driving was outside the city, he found himself going head on into a bridge at ninety miles an hour.  When he realized what he was doing, his drunken mind sobered up immediately and he threw the wheel which sent the car into a screeching swerving crash across the highway, over an embankment, and down a sixty-foot slope to come to a rest upside down. 
Victor Gaona and Gerry Kleier, guzzling beer nonstop at Shamrock in the early 1970s...

He looked at his friend, Victor, thought he was dead, he was unconscious, blood running off his upside-down scalp.  The girl in the back managed to get out of the car and Brian, too, made it out fearful the car might explode.  Then, he went back in and freed his friend from the seatbelt and pulled him clear.  He then tried to push the car right side up thinking that they could get back in and take off when the first responders were running up to him.

“What happened, are you alright?”

“I fell asleep at the wheel; I need to help my friend!” 
Victor Gaona performing onstage with the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers during the 1970s...

One of the people giving them aid told him not to tell the police he ‘fell asleep’ as that would not be a good thing to do but in his mind he was thinking better that than to tell them I was drunk.   He stood around dazed, trying to help his friend but the emergency responders were there and engaged in loading up Victor for transport to the hospital's emergency room.  When the first California Highway Patrol officer arrived, he took Brian aside, asked him what happened, and then put him through the sobriety tests.  Satisfied he was not drunk (and thankfully, no empty beer cans were found in the car), he transported the boy and the girl to the hospital to be with their friend.
Randy Kyles, Brian Carrick, and Victor Gaona: three of the original Magnolia Hilltop Brewers in the 1970s...

While waiting in the hospital waiting room, another CHP officer approached him and told him, “My friend played Santa Claus tonight with you.  If it had been me, I would have locked your drunken ass up.”
Gerry Kleieir on guitar during the 1970s at Shamrock...

Brian told him, “The trouble is only starting.”  The officer sneered at him and said he ‘had better be thankful he’s not in jail’ and walked away.  Brian then had to call Bakersfield and have his friend, Gerry, come and get them, two hours away.  As they sat in the hospital waiting room, a nurse told them that Victor was okay, that he had a scalp laceration and that they always ‘bleed.’  He would be stitched up and ready to go when they were ready to leave. 
Victor Gaona and Randy Kyles conversing over a cold one...

On the way out of Selma later that night, they stopped by the tow yard so they could look at the car through the fence and when they saw it, they were stunned: the top was sheared off, it was packed into an accordion-like shape, and the axles and wheels were twisted into unrecognizable shapes: it was a horrific mess.  Brian knew he would have to tell his mother the next day but was thankful he did not have to do so yet.
Victor Gaona, Brian Carrick, Debi Anderson, and Randy Kyles during the 1970s...

This is where we shall end our narrative for today, friends, what a story, it would appear that the 1970s while a time of freedom and of growing up was not a good time for anyone.  Beverly had her on-and-off again relationship with the drunken fool, Ray, Brian was walking on the wild side, and Patrick had had his heart ripped from his chest by a hopeless fractured woman.  Still, Beverly’s career was picking up, as was Brian’s and Pat soon would have a bright new future with which, to get past his emotional trauma but for now, it was not a pretty time.
The Magnolia Hilltop Brewers' Business Card in the 1970s..not politically correct but wilder than any other band in Bakersfield at the time.

The Beer Collection of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers...

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          I want to thank everyone who has provided information for this story, primarily Brian Carrick, one of our co-founders here at the AICP-END who is a brave soul for sharing these tales; especially the ones that make him appear in a negative light. The discussion of mental illness is never something that is easy to share no more than a childhood featuring sexual molestation, thankfully absent in this case.  If his parents had anything together, it was their love life but that occurred in between the lengthy battles that went on almost all the time.  Yet, they did do things together that both enjoyed like throwing the best parties around or going to the beach or out to dinner or into Los Angeles and Hollywood to go to plays, stage shows, and the theater.  They went to home games of the Los Angeles Rams, they went to Dodger Stadium, they did many things together that the two enjoyed doing and yet, it is apparent that they hated one another; go figure!                      

          Friends, please buy your holiday gifts as soon as possible, so you if the world does continue, you and yours can enjoy them.  Nothing says “I love you” better than a Beverly Carrick painting and now that the artist has passed away, her paintings are invaluable.  Buy now by calling us at 661-831-2544 after looking at the beverlycarrick.com website.   

          Today was a powerful segment of our story, there is so much to discuss in it that I am not sure where to start.  It is when we look at the human drama that we see the stimuli that direct we human beings on to better things.  If we can survive the growing pains and come out on the other side, that is when the Lord or fate or whoever you believe in or do not for that matter that we see where true inspiration delves.  It is important that we know the entire story lest we miss out a small part that gives sense to it all, I do hope you are enjoying our time together, my friends!                                                                        

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Thank you!

Moses Scharbug III

Moses Scharbug III
Assistant Editor of the Elemental News of the Day

This is me when I was a university professor at one of California’s State Universities in the Southland back in the 1970’s.  I have been retired for the past 15 years and have been the assistant editor of the END since its first incarnation back in 2009.


Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, CA.


The END Commentary for Friday, January 04, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III



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