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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

“Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXIV: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Thirteen!” by Moses Scharbug III

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Moses Scharbug III   

END Commentary 01-03-2013

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for           Thursday, January 03, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III






Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXIV: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Thirteen!” by Moses Scharbug III



Bakersfield, CA, 01-03-2013 Th:  Friends, welcome to Part 13 of the saga of the life and times of Beverly Carrick and her family, but first let us talk about the continuing depression plaguing America.  Last month, the Obama Administration was dragging House Speaker John Boehner through the muck as no matter what he did to avoid going over the fiscal cliff, the President would have nothing to do with it.  What the President wanted was for the speaker to admit that “tax cuts were diabolical” and that the Republicans were guilty of all the wrongs facing the nation through their lower tax policies.  Mr. Obama is all about revenge, punishment, and the destruction of the other side and right now, he is pretty much getting what he wants because with a lapdog press getting his version out and distorting the other side’s, how can anyone win when faced with that?  The country has seen nothing yet but soon, they will and when the low information voters wake up and smell the tax increases, it is sort of like the frog analogy, you know the one of boiling the amphibian as opposed to doing it slowly?  The old adage is that if you attempt to boil a frog in boiling water, the little bugger will leap from the pot the moment you pop him into it but if you start the cooking process with lukewarm water and gradually increase it, that he will not know what’s happening until it is too late.  By the time, his brain sends the necessary signals to the rest of his body alerting him that he had better act before it is too late it is too late.  This is what will happen to the ignoramuses who voted for the President, they're cooked before they realize what has happened to them and by that time, it is too fricking late!

  We have speculated that this was the final straw for Beverly Carrick Snow—the reelection of President Obama.  His reelection caused her to lose her will to live and so she slid into the darkness within less than a month once he was given a second term.  Look, the low information voters have as yet come to realize that elections have consequences and that now, the President can do whatever he chooses to do: he can erase the borders with the stroke of a pen, he can raise taxes at will and punish everyone who makes $150,000 or more a year.  The definition of “rich” continues to decrease, which means more and more people are falling into the unforgiving net of the Internal Revenue Service while the President continues whipping up the low income voters to head to the streets to vent their anger and to launch the class warfare he so desires.  The Occupy Movement was but the first step in the total transformation of this country from of free market capitalism to one of state-run socialism in which, the people are but cogs in the greater machine.  Who would ever have thought that it would be this easy to overthrow the nation’s constitution and replace it with a dictatorship? 

Know that if something does not happen in 2014, then the last gasp of the nation is going to expire as the body dies.  The President can virtually do anything he so chooses merely by the stroke of a pen—Executive Orders—which allow him to enact any law he so desires.  There is no other nation on earth that gives this much authority to their leaders and all I can say is that everyone—including you who favor redistribution from the haves to the have-nots—is going to suffer.  Welcome to the 28-hour full-time workweek, friends, who can support a family on that? 
Beverly Carrick Snow in the 1990s...

We continue with our topic, the life and times of Beverly Carrick and of those closest to her such as her sons, her parents, and her brother and his wife.  Ray was now living in the family home and when he was not working, he spent his time guzzling beer, something he deemed to be okay because it was NOT hard liquor.  To those around Beverly, they saw parallels to her ex-husband, Harry, as he spent a great deal of time drinking gin or vodka when not engaged in work.  Yet, Ray seemed to be a nice guy but those closest to him recognized the fact that he was not very mature and off and on, he and Beverly would argue with one another. 
Beverly Carrick and Ray Wolf in the 1970s...

For one thing, he talked about getting married but she held him off, she was not sure as to whether or not he was just a passing fancy or if he was the real deal.  Occasionally, they would have quarrels that would lead him to stay with his buddy Jim before returning to Beverly and her home.  Her youngest son spent his time watching this parade of back and forth living arrangements and secretly, deep down inside hoped that Ray would move out or that he would hit eighteen and be free of this mess.   Brian did not care for Ray but saw him as better than some of the other guys whom she brought home.  One of them, Aaron, the owner of a tire company was a slob and all he did was come over and eat, then leave and go back to run his business so Ray seemed to be okay.  There was just something wrong with him, Brian felt that they were more on the same level than Ray was with Beverly—it was as if he was a juvenile, very immature, and somewhat irresponsible.
Brian Carrick, young rock-and-roller in training, early 1970s...

The fall of 1972 commenced and Brian was off to his junior year, perhaps his best year ever as he balanced his scholastic work with that of being with his friends.  They roamed all over the city going to all sorts of places in the evening searching for alcohol or pot, or whatever.  On the weekends, they played music and the life he had with his mother was very limited.  Yes, he says he loved his mother but he did not feel akin to her, it was more as he was two people in one body.  He had anger issues and as said, it seemed to him that he was not alone within his body or mind.  It was clear that some sort of mental malady was plaguing him and that he was belabored by whatever it was, which to him, seemed as if he had inherited a part of his father, something he would know for sure at a later date.

His brother was entering his second year of law school and all he did was study, go to school, and work.  He worked in a law office as a clerk while his wife, Trisha, worked at the bank.  Occasionally, they would come home to Bakersfield to see his family or would go to Whittier to see her family.  He felt closer to her family even though it had some pretty dark secrets, things that made it difficult for his mother to be around.  Back when they married, Trisha’s idea was to have the reception at the Magnolia Avenue home, where her in-laws had just moved to from Whittier.  She thought it was beautiful and that it would impress her family members but Beverly knew a secret that her eldest son had mentioned to her:  the Norris family’s patriarch happened to be a molester and had molested his several daughters and sons over the years.  This was one of the reasons as to why Patrick had wanted to marry her, to save her from this hell. 

Beverly was aghast when she heard this and at first could not believe it.  Was not Mr. Norris a respected faculty member at La Habra High School and had he not taken in her oldest boy when she and Harry were fighting to the death figuratively night after night?  He opened his home to her son and Pat spent most of his waking hours over there in this nest of snakes.  When Beverly asked Trisha about it, she said, “Yes,” that her father had molested her, her sister and her brother and that her mother never said anything about it or tried to stop it.  In fact, it had been ongoing for so long, that it seemed to be “normal.”

Beverly refused to host the family or to let them set foot on the property and her mother Florence and her father Clarence were aghast when they heard this.  They could not see how Beverly could do this to her son—their grandson!—at this special time in their young lives and a schism opened between them and their daughter.  In fact, things became extremely cool between them for quite awhile and the gist of it was that Beverly’s parents had the reception at their house, something Beverly did not attend.

Now that Beverly had Ray in her life, both Florence and Clarence were not happy with the fact that he was living in the house with their daughter and their grandson and that it bothered Brian.  They also were not pleased that their oldest grandson did not come home to visit them or his mother all that often and the family began to separate to a visible degree.  Brian has said that he felt closer to his grandparents than he did his mother and one can see this as one of the formative occurrences in his life.  His family was problematic, everyone was doing their thing, he never had a father figure, and the one living in the house now was little more than a bum.  All he had were his friends and their parents who were one hundred times more normal than anyone in which he had ever lived including what there was now.  “It is what it is” or in this case, “it was what it was,” and this motto became his lifelong mantra from this point forward.

Beverly and Ray went out several nights a week to go dancing, out to dinner, to movies, or to the Moose Lodge, the Eagles, or any of the other fraternal lodges to which, Ray belonged.  Then, a couple of nights a week, Ray went out with his friend, Jim, and they caroused around the town.  This did not always make Beverly happy and so once again, there was a certain element of tension in the house until things smoothed over once more. 

The year 1972 became 1973 and Brian was still flying along, doing great in his schoolwork and going out with his friends or played with the band out back in the guesthouse.  He moved out there from the main house as he found life to be easier living there than in the main house because he was no longer comfortable with what he saw to be a repeat performance of his father, Harry, manifested albeit in a lukewarm way in Ray.  By the time summer came, he was ready for the good life and slid into one of the heaviest summers yet of drinking and running around with his friends.  He had no desire to return to school in the fall for his senior year at Garces and put it to the back of his mind.  Somehow, he thought he would be ready for it but was kidding himself; it was going to be extremely difficult for him to get through it.  The depression still plagued him and it made him sad most of the time and only the booze that he and friends managed to buy at various stores around town kept him from going mad.

On the job front, he was doing well and he was searching for a way out of the dining room and bussing tables.  He had a strong desire to copy his friend, Victor, and move into the kitchen as a pantry man or as a cook and began talking to Chef Bob about the possibility.  The chef saw the kid’s potential but he was only sixteen, going to be seventeen and that was a bit too young to become a line cook.  Maybe a dishwasher or a relief pantry worker but at the moment was fully staffed and had no need of an extra pair of hands.   Maybe at some future point, he would be able to speak to Mr. Rand, the general manager, and see about getting him passed into his charge on a fulltime basis. 

Mr. Rand also saw his potential and knew that the women on the floor really liked him, too, and would be loathe giving him up so he came upon a good idea.   “How about letting the kid help out either before his shift in the dining room or after it so they could begin training him and give the boy a taste of what he hungered for: a man’s job.”  The Chef liked the idea as did the kid so they brought him into the kitchen to shadow the line cooks or to help his buddy Natcho and in so doing began training him for what would become his life’s career. 

When the fall arrived and it was time to return to high school and his senior year, Brian dried out and committed his heart and soul to it the best he could.  The one thing he knew was that he did NOT want to go to college as had his brother and wanted nothing more than to get through it and into the kitchen full time.  During this frame of time, Beverly and Ray broke up and went their separate ways even though they ran into one another every time either one went out dancing.  Beverly began dating his erstwhile friend, Jim Parker, and Ray always showed up with some divorcee or another and flaunted his ability to find ready and willing partners.  At times, their paths crossed directly and they would argue with one another but Ray had no intention of giving her up for good, especially not to his friend for any length of time.  He sat across the barroom’s dance floor eyeing her through the smoke and savoring for another opportunity to get her back but the primary problem between them was that he wanted to marry her but was a drunk.

She was tired of drunks and their irritating ways and unfortunately, that was Ray’s main problems, when he drank, he tended to act like a fool and he also made the distinction that drinking beer was NOT drinking hard alcohol, it was like drinking water.  After all, that is how he had been raised in North Dakota, drinking beer with the guys after working on the farm all day was a time honored tradition while the women stayed at home and took care of the kids and their husbands—whenever they came home.  Beverly’s experience having gone back there with Ray was that from a woman’s point of view, it was extremely boring not to mention depressing as well.  She saw no desire or allure in moving back to the home state of her beau, as she knew she would be treated the same way if she married him.  Besides, she enjoyed Bakersfield and her son was there to whom she had an obligation, she just did not realize that Brian was in the process of divorcing her. 

Now, kids do not divorce their parents but in this case, both of them divorced one another and ended up going their separate ways.  Sometime in October, Brian had had enough of the assistant vice principal perpetually going after him about his hair, his attitude, and his sudden difficulties with his schoolwork.  It seemed like every time he turned around Mr. Lizalde was there breathing down his neck.  Finally, one day, Brian erupted and told him to back off, that he had had enough and that the frustrated administrator could throw him out of school.  The portly Hispanic took him to the office, sat him down, and called his mother to explain to her what was going to happen to her son.  She spoke to him on the phone, somewhat surprised that he was in this situation but then, she had not been paying close attention to what had been going on in his life for quite awhile. 

He told his mother not to worry, that he had a “plan B” in mind and that, he would graduate out of the Bakersfield Adult School and go to work.  She told him that ‘yes, he had better do something with himself because she did not want him hanging around the house doing nothing.’  Mr. Lizalde took the phone and gave him a final chance to reconsider as expelling a student at a private high school meant loss of money but the kid said, ‘no, go ahead and do it, I cannot do this anymore.’

He found himself expelled with another kid he knew named Kevin who had been caught with drugs and they spent the rest of the afternoon together with Kevin’s older brother driving around, listening to music, and doing nothing.  When he arrived home later in the day, Beverly asked him what had gone wrong even though she knew that he had not been doing well in school for quite awhile.  Yes, his grades had been good but his spirit, his attitude, all of it had been suffering for quite awhile and she blamed it all on the influence of Harry and what they had gone through, not on what she had been doing or on mental illness, something that was increasingly apparent. 

The next day, he went down to the adult school, which was located on the campus on Bakersfield High School (BHS) and signed up.  Within a couple of days, he was attending classes and the good thing was the curriculum at Garces was college level classes so all he needed was a total of three classes, all work at your own pace.  Meanwhile, he had been undergoing training on the cook’s line seven days a week for four hours a day prior to entering the dining room and bussing tables.  If he completed his training and the line cooks said he was ready, Chef Bob told him that he would get the graveyard cook’s job.  Lonnie, the graveyard cook, was an old cook who had drinking issues and the type of issues he had either were the sort that caused him not to show up on time or if it was a bad bender, for several days thereby causing everyone to cover for him.  Art, the swing shift cook usually was the one who had to pull the double shifts or else, Chef Bob had to come in or he had to call Randy, the Assistant Sous Chef to come in early and split the shift.  No matter how he did it, it was killing everyone and so he decided to gamble on the seventeen-year-old kid and see if he would work out because if he did, it would help everyone.  
Executive Chef Robert "Bob" Pendleton of the Royal Palms in the 1980s...

     This is where we will call it a day today as we have run long but we are now getting to some major happenings in the lives of everyone involved in this story.  No one can blame Beverly for doing what she was doing, having married Harry, a man more than a dozen years her senior and she at the age of 18 or 19, she had been stifled by him.   She craved freedom and it was the early to mid 1970s now, not long after all of the “free love” going on during the hippie era and the growth of women’s liberation movement.  Nor can we blame Brian, he had been through living hell for all the years his brother had been away at school and now the effects of mental illness—something that first appeared at age 10—was manifesting.  No one really saw it but at some point, they would but by that time, the family would be spread over the state of California. 


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          I want to thank everyone who has provided information for this story, primarily Brian Carrick, one of our co-founders here at the AICP-END who is a brave soul for sharing these tales; especially the ones that make him appear in a negative light. The discussion of mental illness is never something that is easy to share no more than a childhood featuring sexual molestation, thankfully absent in this case.  If his parents had anything together, it was their love life but that occurred in between the lengthy battles that went on almost all the time.  Yet, they did do things together that both enjoyed like throwing the best parties around or going to the beach or out to dinner or into Los Angeles and Hollywood to go to plays, stage shows, and the theater.  They went to home games of the Los Angeles Rams, they went to Dodger Stadium, they did many things together that the two enjoyed doing and yet, it is apparent that they hated one another; go figure!                      

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Thank you!

Moses Scharbug III

Moses Scharbug III
Assistant Editor of the Elemental News of the Day

This is me when I was a university professor at one of California’s State Universities in the Southland back in the 1970’s.  I have been retired for the past 15 years and have been the assistant editor of the END since its first incarnation back in 2009.


Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, CA.


The END Commentary for Thursday, January 03, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III



Please note that everyone who writes for the Elemental News of the Day is their own person entitled to their own opinions, attitudes, and insanity so does not necessarily speak for all of us.  Thanks, Stinkbug.


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