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Thursday, January 17, 2013

“Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XLIX: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Twenty-Eight—the Photographic Evidence!” by Moses Scharbug III

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Moses Scharbug III   

END Commentary 01-18-2013

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for           Friday, January 18, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III


Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XLIX: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Twenty-Eight—the Photographic Evidence!” by Moses Scharbug III

Bakersfield, CA, 01-18-2013 F:  We have now arrived at Friday and the Missus and I will be leaving next week, we had our tickets pushed back by a couple of weeks, as I did not expect still to be here as long as I have without being relieved.  The reason for the setback is due to the loss of the person whom we have been writing about for the past twenty-seven days, Beverly Carrick (Snow), the famous artist and patron saint of the Elemental News of the Day and the American Institute of Culinary Politics.  She passed away on November 29, 2012, after a short illness, small cell carcinoma spread throughout her body.  She never said she felt ill or anything to allude to her condition until it was too late and it is the belief of most of us here that she knew, kept it to her, so that she could move on into the next world to be reunited with John, her husband of many years.   One of the things most people do NOT know about the artist is that she was a strong believer in the supernatural and that she believed in ghosts and in communicating with the spirits of the dead.  For one thing, she had readings by many of the top psychics of the era and spared no expense meeting with some who many believed to have amazing “sight.”  In her later days, she spent a great deal of time using the Ouija board communicating with both John after his death and then later attempting to do so with John “Jack” Russell.  It is also true that both she and her mother, Florence, were indeed psychic themselves and many times could predict events only to have them come true.  The thing about it is this: she used these arcane powers to help her be successful in business and up until the final year of her life, they never failed her or let her down.  However, in the final year and up until the day she died, she seemed sad as if they had abandoned her and left her behind with no idea as to what was coming.  Whether you choose to believe in this sort of thing or not, some do have amazing insights into a wide variety of things and in the supernatural realm, the Jamison-Carrick women always seemed to be blessed or curse with this ESP or whatever you would care to call it.  Florence claimed to have seen the ghosts of family members as well as of strangers whom she sometimes found in her homes late at night and it used to bother her to share these stories.  Brian also admits to having some whiff of this talent although not as much as his mother or grandmother although he does have some stories about an encounter with his grandfather long after he died and about his meeting with an angel or possibly God.  That event centers around the car crash at Selma, California, in 1974, you can find a partial account of that farther back in the life and times of Beverly Carrick.
Beverly and Florence Jamison in the early 1930's...

  Before we begin, I would like to say a few words about all of the horrifying shootings that seem to plague our nation and sometimes, one has to wonder where the nation has gone wrong and why there are so many random acts of violence?  I believe that guns have some sort of place in this discussion but believe more in the fact that nation has allowed the mentally ill to wander the streets and that if someone even tries to suggest that someone on a school campus may need an “intervention,” all hell breaks loose.  At some point, the good citizens of this nation need to wake up and to kick the American Civil Liberties Union out of the nation’s affairs because when they would rather have a nutcase wandering around the city rather than to help him or her with medicine, therapy, or institutionalization, we have a major problem on our hands.   I believe that no one should be mistreated or taken away from their home unless they present a danger to the community and then, there needs to be plenty of oversight and multi-departmental agency coordination.  If someone presents him-or-herself to be a danger, then society must act for the good of it.  Of course, we cannot have it be like the old Soviet Union in which, those in disagreement with the state found them declared mentally ill, no, we cannot have that. 

My feeling is this: what is it that is wrong with the nation that people—who feel like outsiders for whatever reason—pick up guns and go out into the world and start shooting people just because they are bullied, mistreated, or ridiculed?  It used to be that part of life’s passage was suffering bullies and either standing up them and beating them up or getting beaten up but giving a good account of oneself?  Generally, the punks of this world back down from someone they perceive as being “not worth the trouble” of picking on and this is what parents need to teach their children: do not be pussies as the world will treat you better than if you are a pussy.  I taught all of my children from an early age and believe me, being Jewish only adds to one’s issues like being a minority in a mostly-white nation.  If I taught my kids to be meek, humble, and to turn the other cheek, they most likely would have grown to adulthood being “victims.”  Instead, I taught them to stand up for themselves, to fight back, to do the best they could and in the end, they all grew up being fairly normal and not one prone to being picked upon by idiots.  Parents have this responsibility, I tell you, to teach their kids to be aggressive when faced with aggression and to not run away like a whimpering lamb.   If you ask me about my kids, I tell you, I did a “damned good job raising them!”

Now, to the gun issue: nations like Switzerland and Israel, owning a firearm is mandatory, as everyone is part of the home defense force.  You never hear about Swiss citizens running around gunning schoolchildren down for the fun of it, you never hear about Israelis killing one another, you only hear that sort of thing here in the United States.  Something must be done and soon and my belief is that it is the large numbers of the mentally ill roaming America’s streets going about their lives with no intervention.  I think the government needs to get involved at a much earlier age and start looking for REAL issues and not ADD and ADHD issues.  Look for the kids who are abnormal and try to help them, not to allow them to move along the line until they snap.  Watch out for the Harris and Klebold types in the schools, look out for the Cho sneaking around the shadows of our college campuses, look out for the nuts in the far rightwing or leftwing organizations and try to monitor them if not help them outright.  Do not worry about cries of personal freedoms and civil rights, that is simply preposterous in a nation in which, we have Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and every other offense to modern humanity.  We have a president who loves ruling by executive order and yet fails to act when it is necessary.   I may have more to say on this tomorrow so stay tuned.

We begin with our batch of Beverly Carrick photos for today, good ones like yesterdays, I tell you.  The more I look at this woman’s career and her life, the more impressive it is, she had an amazing run. The truly astonishing thing is that if the cancer that claimed her leg back in 1940 had been successful, we would have lost an amazing talent not to mention two great kids who have grown up to be excellent adults!  Here we go:


1.     This is a photo of Beverly and John Snow, boarding the cruise ship, Azure Seas, on August 29, 1988 for an Asian destination.  During the 1980s and early 1990s, the Snows traveled to Hong Kong, Macau, and other Far East ports for agricultural conventions, business trips, and vacations on quite a few different occasions.  

2.     This is another photo of the Snows boarding another cruise ship in 1988 bound for the Caribbean Sea and its amazing islands.  While John Snow owned the business, the one selling seeds to the farmers of the western states, he made amazing money and spent a great deal of it providing the creature comforts for not only himself and his wife but also for his daughters and eventually their families, too.

3.     This is yet another photo of the Snows boarding another cruise ship for the ASTA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the big agricultural organizations in the world.  Wherever they went, John and Beverly traveled in style and this was quite a memorable time in the life of this amazing artist.

4.     This picture is one of the Snows aboard one of their cruises standing by the railings of the vessel.  According to Beverly, she always enjoyed this time of her life because John was a man’s man and knew how to treat a woman, something that was an integral part of her life.  After being married to Harry and then in a lengthy relationship with Ray Wolf, Beverly was ready for happiness and John certainly provided it.

5.     This is a photograph of Beverly Carrick riding in a Rolls Royce golf cart belonging to one of Beverly and John’s friends, Lois.  This shot was taken at one of the country clubs to which her friends belonged and you had better believe a golf cart made by this British automaker is the absolute best.

6.     This is a shot of Beverly and John Snow wearing western dress at one of their California Rodeo Association functions to which, both belonged as members.  They had a lot of fun going to these events, as Beverly had been a rodeo queen back in the 1940s.  Her love of horses and his of western paraphernalia was a dream come true for both.

7.     This is a picture of John and Beverly out to dinner in their usual form of dress: spectacular, and Beverly was just what the doctor ordered for John: a flesh-and-blood woman who enjoyed life and wherever they went, he always felt that he had the most beautiful woman anywhere in the room on his arm.

8.     This is a photo of Beverly and John at the WGA (Western Growers Association) event in Palm Springs, California, in 1988. John and his lovely wife always attended all of the trade conventions, dinners, and award banquets, never missing a one throughout their life together.

9.     This is a photo of John and Beverly Snow at a PSA event in the summer of 1988, dressed in western wear with some of their friends.  

10.  This is a photo of John Snow on one of Beverly and John’s trips to Canada where John also did business.  John was an avid hunter and a wonderful marksman as we said back in one of the earlier posts on the life and times of Beverly Carrick Snow and could hit game birds, game animals, and anything else with amazing accuracy.

11.  This is a photo of John Snow standing out in front of his gorgeous new warehouse and office of the John Snow Seed Company with the primary bankers behind his loan.  John was a perceptive businessperson who cultivated numerous relationships with farmers across the western states.  His business was quite successful and when he finally retired, the man who bought it bought the name, too, and it is still known as the JS Seed Company to this day. 

12.  This is a shot of John Snow sitting behind his desk at his new office complex.  The building and the corporation are centered in Salinas, California, in the midst of the agricultural belt of central California.  Millions of dollars of seed is sold every year out of this building and it made both John and his wife, Beverly quite wealthy.

13.  In 1984, John and Beverly Snow took a train trip across the United States and this photo is of them on the back of the train at the depot in Durango.  Together, they saw a great deal of this nation and also traveled widely across Canada and over the course of their marriage together, they compiled quite a photographic journal of many of their trips.  

14.  John and Beverly Snow loved to attend a wide range of horse shows across the nation and this photograph features John standing with two individuals at an Arabian horse show in the 1980’s.  As mentioned before, the couple loved horses and we both avid riders although in later life, Beverly was forced to give up the past time due to her unique health issues.     

15.  This is another photo of the Arabian horse show featuring the entire group looking at the animals.  In the center row to the right of the photographer, you can see Beverly and John Snow standing behind some folks kneeling in front of them.  This was in the 1980’s around 1984.   

16.  This is a photo of John holding one of his grandchildren.  John was always a good father and a good grandfather and loved his daughters, grandkids, and even his stepchildren of Beverly, Patrick and Brian.  He was a strong family man and only left his first wife due to her lack of interest in him as a human being and for failing him as a wife but his kids always figured prominently in his life.

17.  This is a photo of John and Beverly Snow with good friend, Bob Wiley, at the Hap Jackson installation dinner at one of the Snow’s many organizations.  Both John and Beverly loved socializing, spent a great deal of their free time traveling to a wide range of different functions, and had friends across the world.

18.  This is another shot of John and Beverly Snow at John Snow’s Seed Company’s open house.  His warehouse was the largest in the entire Salinas area and many of the town’s leading citizens as well as friends, family, and neighbors attended the grand opening.  John was noted for always putting on the best parties ever attended by anyone.  

19.  This photograph is one of John and Beverly Snow at the Valley Bowling Tournament and dinner sometime in the early 1980’s.  John was a champion bowler in the same way, he was an expert expert shooter and at different times was president of the organization.  John participated in many different functions and never seemed to get tired nor did his lovely wife, Beverly.

20.  This is a photo of Beverly Carrick Snow at home in her Salinas, California, studio working on one of her amazing works of art.  In every home in which, this wonderful artist lived, the studio was always one of the most important rooms in any house.  Here, she created the bulk of her mid-era works, 1980 to 1990. 

21.  This is a photo of Beverly Carrick Snow aboard the Harvey’s Casino houseboat on July 09, 1992.  The Snows always were welcome at any of the Harvey’s facilities throughout the nation and were prominent guests at Lake Tahoe.  Going out on the lake in the houseboat was considered to be the epitome of ‘living the good life.’

22.  This is a shot of Beverly Carrick Snow in the John Snow Seed Company’s building still under construction in September 1984.  Beverly was one of the corporation’s board members and was also an officer in the support of her husband.

23.  This is a shot of Beverly Carrick Snow in Canada in July of 1984.  As mentioned previously, the Snows traveled throughout North America stopping in many unique and interesting areas.  This is a photo of Beverly on tour wearing one of her famous furs—screw off you anti-fur people, that was always her attitude and she felt that you were a bunch of ignorant trash.   

I think that this is as good a place to stop as any other so we will pick back up tomorrow and Sunday with the final batches of photos and then your friend, mine, the lovely Itzi Nakamura joins us for a return to the culinary arts, and I go on a very long vacation.  I cannot wait to get on the flight and off to the Holy Land, it is going to be one of the main events of my entire adult life, I think it is going to be astonishing and I only hope that no one suffers from a terrorist attack or some such other mishap while we are there.  God bless us all!     


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Thank you!

Moses Scharbug III

Moses Scharbug III
Assistant Editor of the Elemental News of the Day

This is me when I was a university professor at one of California’s State Universities in the Southland back in the 1970’s.  I have been retired for the past 15 years and have been the assistant editor of the END since its first incarnation back in 2009.

Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, CA.


The END Commentary for Friday, January 18, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III

Please note that everyone who writes for the Elemental News of the Day is their own person entitled to their own opinions, attitudes, and insanity so does not necessarily speak for all of us.  Thanks, Stinkbug.


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This is #0091, an 8” x 10" original oil painting by Beverly Carrick entitled, “Palo Verde Blossoms." It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale. You can see much more of her work at her Website, located at http://www.beverlycarrick.com or at Brian Carrick's Facebook page. At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, "Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick." Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks. Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty. We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work. It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor! You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY! Thank you, the Elemental News of the Day!

Beverly Carrick: the World’s Greatest Artist!

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The Chef’s Culinary Nightmare: Our Muse…

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