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Monday, December 31, 2012

“Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXII: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Eleven!” by Moses Scharbug III

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Moses Scharbug III   

END Commentary 01-01-2013

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for           Tuesday, January 01, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III


 Beverly Carrick in 1972 holding flowers...




Educational Writings-Discourse, Part XXXII: the Life and Times of Beverly Carrick—World-Famous Artist, Part Eleven!” by Moses Scharbug III



Bakersfield, CA, 01-01-2013 T:  Happy New Year 2013, my friends, welcome to the fourth year of the American Institute of Culinary Politics and the Elemental News of the Day, the place where we strive to share and to teach life’s culinary lessons!  Who would have thought that we would arrive at the year 2013 when everything we knew was supposed to end on December 21, 2012?  The Mayans said that it would and that something unseen is going to destroy our world and yet, we are still here, breathing air and eating meals, something that says we are very much alive!  Virtually all of the END authors took their vacations over the month of December and enjoyed it in one part of the world or the other while your host, Assistant Editor Moses Scharbug III, remained behind, keeping watch until the very end!  Well, the “end” did not occur so when we finish the story on the life and times of Beverly Carrick, they are going to come trickling back one by one and will pick up where we left off, months ago!
Beverly Carrick with Friend, Mike Harris, in 1972 admiring one of her paintings...

  We have been talking about the year, 1971, and the amount of changes taking place within the Carrick family.  Harry, now a divorced man (or soon going to be) found himself a nice apartment not too far from the family home and made a stink about his youngest son not coming to see him.  To him, that meant that he should face a major reduction in the large amount of money given to his mother to support him, maybe cut the $100 a month into $50 a month, maybe that would be better.  He accomplished one of his intended tasks and that was keeping Beverly tied up with additional legal expenses because every time he made an accusation, she had to respond to it through her lawyer but she would never force her son to spend time with his father. 
Beverly Carrick with Crazy Aaron in 1975.

Brian absolutely could NOT do it, he could not even speak Harry’s name without tearing up.  He left his uncle’s employment and found a job at the Royale Palms Best Western Inn located at 200 Union Avenue, which for many years had been the famed “restaurant row” of the city.  As people entered the southern environs of the city, they would veer off and come up the old Business 99 Highway, beginning in Greenfield, up Union Avenue with the first stop being in the smaller town.  There, there were two coffee shops on either side of the street, the Greenfield Café and Three Eggs Any Style.  Heading north, one passed Bear Mountain Boulevard and the road heading east to Arvin or followed the two-lane highway up north.  Eventually, the visitor would hit the world famous Maisson Jaussaud’s French restaurant located at 1001 South Union Avenue where all of the acts heading back and forth from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Los Angeles or up north to San Francisco made a required stop.  This once was one of the favorite places of Harry and Beverly whenever they visited Bakersfield but now was a place visited only by Beverly. 
Beverly with Ray Wolf, her on-and-off again lover during the 1970s...

From there, one hit the smaller coffee shops like the Eden Rock Inn but when they made it to the Casa Royale, the sister restaurant of the Royale Palms, they knew they had arrived in town.  From there, they hit the Royale Palms, the Black Angus on the other side of the street, then a variety of smaller restaurants like Don’s House of Fine Foods, the Koji Japanese restaurant, Clark’s Coffee Shop, and then the ultra swank, Bakersfield Inn.  If one continued heading north, they came to Farmer John’s Coffee Shop at the fork in the road between Golden State Avenue heading west to the city and Union Avenue heading north to Randy’s Coffee Shop, Sambo’s, the Funny Farm, Traveler’s, the Coachlight Inn and eventually Panorama Drive and the Bluffs. 
Beverly with Emily Long in 1975.

Brian found a job at the Royale Palms bussing tables, something of which, he was extremely proud.  He knew he needed to do his best to bring additional money into the household plus he wanted what all high school kids wanted, he wanted a car, a stereo, and a new Rodgers drum kit.  He craved being a rock-and-roll star and knew that if had the proper equipment, he was going to be one and besides, his good friend, Victor, had a cook’s job at Randy’s Coffee Shop and if he could do it, then Brian would, too—eventually.
Beverly with oldest son, Patrick, in 1972...

Harry enjoyed going out on the town with his new woman, Mickey, the former wife of one of his former Mobil Oil Company employees and one night, they arrived at the Royale Palms.  The waitresses—Phyllis, Terry, Mary, and Alice who worked the weekends and the days off of the other three—sent him to the table to bring the relish tray, water, and the menus.  When he approached the table, the man said, “hello,” and when he looked, he was stunned—it was his father!  He began stuttering, trembling, and shaking and went to old crones for whom he worked and explained that he simply could not do it and for once, they showed him kindness and told him, “no problem” and the leader, Terry, a woman in her sixties did the job for him. 
Beverly and friend, Sal Romandio in 1975.

Harry made every attempt to contact Brian from that point onward and begin frequenting the place on almost every weekend.  He always had Mickey with him and sometimes her kids, too.  Now Mickey was a peculiar woman, she always envied Harry’s former wife, Beverly, and had no kindness in her heart for her.  She had always fancied Harry herself, found him to be an extraordinarily wonderful man and had long had the idea of taking him away from his unappreciative wife and kids.  She saw a way of getting back at Beverly by maybe helping Harry “capture” Brian, making him become a part of their family, even if but part time.
Brian Carrick in 1974 behind the drums...

The floor staff at the Royale Palms would have nothing to do with it, however, and between the four women and the irascible exhibition broilerman, Ignacio “Natcho” Cisneros; they did their best to protect the boy.  He was a good worker, he showed up on time and worked any shift, no matter how hard, how long, or how tiring and many time managed the dining room all by his own.  Many times, they might feed 150-200 people on a busy night and Brian always managed to bus the tables, help the servers, and bring beer from the cocktail lounge for Natcho, he being the only one at the hotel allowed to drink on the job. 

Harry was flustered because he knew the weakest one in the family was his youngest son and through him, he knew he could somehow continue to plague his mother with his schemes and machinations.  Harry was a dirty man, he enjoyed causing mental anguish to those around him and with Mickey being a willing coconspirator, he made the best shots he could at driving Brian crazy.  One night, he sent one of his new stepchildren to go up to Brian and tell him that since they were now “brothers,” he should begin spending time with his mother and his stepfather, Brian’s dad.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back as Brian went to the general manager, Mr. Rand, and begged protection from the constant subterfuges of his father and that caused the older man to speak to his father and tell him that if he continued to persist in this harassment, he would no longer be welcome in the restaurant.  Harry backed off.
Victor Gaona on bass with Gerry Kleier standing behind him flipping the bird...

Patrick seldom came home from USC, as he was involved in his senior year and preparing to begin law school.  When not in school, he worked at a local bank as did his wife, Trish, they worked around the clock and he spent his off time studying for what he knew was going to be a tough finals season.  After that, he would go into the pre-law program and if lucky, make it into the school’s vaunted law school, something of which, anyone could be proud.  That left his mother and younger brother to deal with things on the home front as best they could.  The fact that he would still have a full ride throughout his time at school spoke highly of his abilities and he also spent time working as a law clerk at one of Los Angeles’ finer law offices. 
Randy Kyles, lead guitarist of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers, 1971-1977.

Brian entered his sophomore year at Garces Memorial High School in the fall of 1971 and was doing well in school but never as well as his friend, Gerry, eldest son of one of the Kern County Sheriffs top lieutenants.  Gerry and his younger brother, Tim, were amazingly smart, did not have to look at their textbooks for longer than 10-15 minutes and then walk in, take their tests, and get “A” grades while Brian had to spend hours and hours perusing his books hoping for “B’s” in his scholastic work.   On the weekends, however, things were different as he spent his time with Gerry, Victor, and Randy playing in their band, the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers, drinking beer and smoking pot.  Occasionally, something stronger in the realm of psychedelica appeared on the scene and the boys would experiment with dope as their idols in the rock bands of the day did. 
Victor Gaona on the congas in early 1974...

Beverly continued painting throughout the day and then went out in the evenings so there was not a great deal of what you would call “home life.”  Sure, they saw one another but their own individual issues enveloped them keeping them somewhat aloof from one another.  Paying the bills each month kept Beverly stressed, of finding the money necessary to keep the household running without having to get help from her ex-husband.  The alimony would not last forever and the minute Brian hit the age of 18, his support would vanish like smoke in the wind.  Things were tight but the two of them went about their lives as best they could but parental supervision was not always there.  However, as Beverly later related, she trusted her son and did not expect him to be doing the things he was doing: drinking, smoking pot, and doing whatever else there was to do.  She said, too, she waited for much of the first year Harry was gone, sitting at home night after night while her son went out with his friends.  What she did not know was that he was beginning to experience an upgrade in his mental issues, something that would cause him to have a minor nervous breakdown later.
Beverly Carrick at the famous "Tacky Party" of 1973...

Howard Morseburg continued pushing Beverly’s paintings and she no longer had to journey south as her agent came and picked up her artwork and gave her new orders.   Throughout the day, she worked hard, working in her studio, the windows closed and little ventilation.   She used oil paints, kerosene, paint thinners, all sorts of lacquers and sprays, without a thought as to how this would affect her later.   It was about the art, becoming more and more self-supporting and building the Carrick brand.  Bit by bit, success was catching up with her and Howard was pushing her into more and more galleries throughout the state.   It really seemed like things were going to explode at some point. 
Beverly Carrick outside her home in 1973...

One night they did, it was Saturday night and she had gone out to dance at the clubs while Brian had spent the day smoking dope beneath the house.   He covered his tracks well while she had nothing but faith in him to do the right thing and at some point; he began to experience for lack of a better description, a “bad trip.” In fact, while they were eating dinner before either of them went their way for the evening, Brian was wondering in his messed up mind as to why, ‘she didn’t see that he was cracking up in front of her?”   Yet, she saw nothing, to her, he appeared normal and as soon as he could sneak into the other room and use the phone unobserved, he called Gerry and Randy to come and get him because he was afraid he was going to kill himself. 

The pot these kids smoked back in the day came in what potheads at the time called a “four finger lid,” the thickness was the size of four fingers of an average hand held together and this large amount of dope cost all of $10.  Usually, Victor, Gerry, and Brian would go in thirds deducting what was needed out of their school lunch money and then bought the lid.  It was full of stems and seeds but it got them high and occasionally, what they bought was incredibly powerful as it was homegrown.  The fact that he had been smoking his share of the dope somewhat heavily over the past several days and then did it almost all of the day on this day, it messed up his mind, which was already getting there anyway.   He did not have the mental strength that his friends possessed and it began to show.

His friends collected him and out they went for the evening and they spent several hours trying to “talk him down.”  Eventually, he appeared okay and went home and when his mother arrived home from the dance, he was going back and forth as to whether to tell her or not.  He was plagued with the idea that he should confess and that is what he ended up doing and she was stunned: 

“How could you do this when we have gone through what we have?”

“I don’t know, mama, I don’t know, I wanted to do it because everyone is doing it but now, I am scared, I am scared that if you do not lock your bedroom door, I am going to kill you!”

She slapped him and told him that he made his ‘own bed, now sleep in it’ and that, ‘no, I am not locking my door” and went to get ready for bed.  She was incredibly angry and blamed what was happening to her son on Harry and what he had put the family through but knew it had nothing to do with her.  She gave him the cold shoulder for quite awhile and left it to him to deal with, which he did.  It was hard but he made up his mind to never smoke dope again or do any other drugs, just drink, as he knew he could control that.  After all, had not his father given him his first FULL can of Coors at Newport Beach when he was 10 and left him to it?  Yes, that is precisely what he had done in a rather jovial mood; he gave his son his first full beer.  Harry never drank beer during the year, only when the family went to vacation at the beach for two weeks during the summer.  Without delay, he drank beer and that was something his youngest son enjoyed.  Up until age 10, he had only been given sips but at age 10, his father allowed him to get drunk on the beach and so sowed the seeds for his future. 
Beverly, Patrick, and Brian Carrick at Newport Beach during one of the family's summer vacations...

This is where we shall conclude today’s installment, friends and please note, this is a difficult subject for Brian to discuss but he remembers this time in his life and in his mother’s very well.   It was a horrible time, yet it was also very good, as the family no longer had to live with a monster in the home and freedom found both of them ready, willing, and able to indulge in it.   Beverly had freedom to go out and dance, to meet men, and to flex her wings while also supporting the family based upon her endeavors and hers alone.  Well, she had some help from Harry but was doing her best to minimize it and to become the sole breadwinner.   For a woman at this time, that was quite an accomplishment but it was one she intended to exploit to the best of her abilities. 
Beverly Carrick at the family's Newport Beach house during one summer vacation...


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The story of Beverly Carrick Snow is quite interesting and the fact that it intertwines with her youngest son is evident, too.  For the two of them, they spent much more time together as the family deteriorated in the late 1960s and early 1970s than did Patrick as he managed to escape the doomed ship by going to the University of Southern California.  Yes, he came home on holidays but that became fewer and farther apart due to his need to spend time working and making money.  He also had a wife he needed to care for but had no idea that in a couple of years, she would tear his life apart and leave him broken-hearted.    

          The power of this story is quite refreshing; no one knows where and how he or she will end up in his or her lives.  Right now, everyone is moving in his or her own direction with little input from the other.  It is clear that Brian required someone to watch after him and to keep him on track but the stress he had undergone in the last few years of living with his father tipped him over the edge of mental imbalance and he was beginning to show signs of impending trouble.   We must always supervise our children so that any deficiencies in their makeup do not go undiagnosed as they did in his case; it might have saved him years of misery but getting Harry out of the house was like opening the doors to solitary confinement with inmates going in every which way.                  

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Thank you!

Moses Scharbug III

Moses Scharbug III
Assistant Editor of the Elemental News of the Day

This is me when I was a university professor at one of California’s State Universities in the Southland back in the 1970’s.  I have been retired for the past 15 years and have been the assistant editor of the END since its first incarnation back in 2009.


Moses Scharbug III writes from Oildale, CA.


The END Commentary for Tuesday, January 01, 2013 by Moses Scharbug III



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Beverly Carrick: the World’s Greatest Artist!

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    1. Yes, Beverly was the mother of Brian Carrick, one of the founders of the blog and a friend to many others. We hold her and her paintings dear and it is our intention to eventually publish every single one of her images, which we hope you will enjoy. Thank you so much for your kind comments and thank you for taking the RSS Feed. Please become a follower! God bless and take care!


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