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Friday, November 30, 2012






The Elemental News of the Day—Culinary Politics would like to express sadness over the recent passing of Beverly Carrick Snow.

Born: August 08, 1927 in Long Beach, CA.

Died: November 29, 2012 at 04:15 P.M. in Bakersfield, California.


Beverly was born Beverly Ernestine Jamison in Long, Beach, California on August 08, 1927 and lived a long and prosperous life.  Born to Clarence and Florence Jamison, she was a wonderful child who dreamed of becoming a dancer.  During the Great Depression, her parents worked hard to do their best to provide her the opportunity to become a dancer and so she attended various dance schools in the area in which she grew up. 


During her childhood, the family moved around several times, back and forth between Long Beach, La Habra, and Oildale, California because her father worked in the oilfields throughout the area.  Many times, he worked three jobs and was away from the family for weeks at a time but when he came home, the family rejoiced because at least, he had a job. 


At the age of twelve, she came down with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone that appeared at her ankle.  Her physician at the time had the good sense to have her diseased leg amputated at the hip instead of the knee, which most likely saved her life.  In those days, most people did not survive the disease, especially a young girl but Beverly persevered and recovered. 


No longer able to be a dancer, she focused her attention on art and over the course of time worked hard at being an illustrator, a painter, and a true artist.  Mostly self-taught, she continued her love of art and over the course of her first marriage to Harry Hall Carrick, became a professional artist in 1963 painting seascapes.  She sold her works to an agent in Los Angeles, CA, and studied art under professionals such as Lukits, Kerr, and Franks. 


Over the course of time, she became a major seller and even though she had an agent, as time went by, she began to be her own agent and at a time when female artists simply did not do that, she did and became well known around the country and the world. 


In 1974, she contracted cancer for the second time and survived it eventually to marry her second husband, John Snow, on July 07, 1979 in Salinas, California.  It was at this time that she managed her own work and she and her husband traveled throughout the western United States to the various galleries in which, her work was represented and to the sites seen in many of her paintings. 


She became a prolific landscape artist, also painted still-life, mountains, canyons, deserts, and many other categories, some of which, contained dream imagery as well as depictions of her youth and childhood.  Beginning as a seascape artist, she became famous for her purple deserts, the majority of her later body of work.  She is skilled at painting the sturm and drang of the crashing surf to the glory of the aspen clime, to the stunning deserts of the great American Southwest, to images plucked from her mind of Roman gardens, statuary, and magnificent gardens.


As her brochure proclaims, her work has been represented in galleries nationwide as well as in private and corporate collections, which include Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, that of a retired chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, and David Wolper, etc.  In addition to her paintings, she also is represented by Leanin’ Tree Greeting Card Company, which published numerous of her images. 


Beverly is survived by her two sons, Patrick Charles Carrick and Brian Craig Carrick.  Her daughters in laws include Karen Carrick and Linda P. Carrick as well as extended family of “adopted” former step-granddaughter Marykay Christensen and her son, Scott Alan MacArthur, Brett and Shannon Smith (Linda’s son and daughter-in-law), and their two children, Buddy (Junior) and Kylee Smith.  Her brother Eugene Jamison and his wife, Elaine Jamison reside in Bakersfield as does one of her nephews, Christopher Jamison, his two children, her grand-niece and nephew Christopher, Junior and Elizabeth Ann Jamison and her other nephew, Craig Jamison of Sacramento, California, and his son, Colin, her other grand-nephew.


On December 22, 2012, we will commence a lengthy look at the life and times of this prolific artist so please join us, the day following the End of the Mayan Calendar.  We look forward to seeing you all then. 



Thank you for joining me today at the New Elemental News of the Day, I appreciate your company and hope that you bring your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and relatives the next time you visit!



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