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Thursday, September 22, 2011

“Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Pt. XL: Lilah Paulikovich’s Italian Cheesecake Recipe—a Time-Honored Treat covered in Cherries and Sour Cream!”

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Chef Lilah Paulikovich

END Commentary 09-23-2011

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for Friday, September 23, 2011 by Chef Lilah Paulikovich


 Fabulous Bakery Desserts, Pt. XL: Lilah Paulikovich’s Italian Cheesecake Recipe—a Time-Honored Treat covered in Cherries and Sour Cream!

Bakersfield, CA, 09-23-2011 F:  Ah, here we are the beginning of our weekend and all I can say is that I am pleased as pie!  Friday is always the beginning of “slam time” in most restaurants as business picks up and people pour in, looking for a good time, libation, and companionship.  Restaurants do land-boom business as people, even in financially troubled times, come in looking for a way to temporarily put their troubles aside and have some fun. It’s amazing that in today’s United States, what with unemployment at an all-time high that people still dig down in their wallets and pull out money for a meal out with family and friends and sometimes, a show.  My business is to cook for customers, not to think about where their money is coming from or if they’re in a position to spend it, all I can do is to sell-sell-sell and not worry about it.  Still, being a woman and all, I do worry about these things but in the end, all I can do is to worry about myself.

Our delicious dessert for today is one of my favorites, another cheesecake recipe that features booze and cherries, I mean, what better combination than that could there ever be?  Today’s selection is my Italian Cheesecake, a true confectionary delight that everyone from one end of the nation to the other can appreciate.  Long ago, one of my favorite restaurants on Maui, Casanova’s, up-country in Makawao had a similar dessert like it and I based mine on it.  I don’t know how they made their version as they’re very tight-lipped there but I did my best to copy it and to get it on the menu in the hotel in which I was working. I think you will find this one to be very tasty, wonderful and good.  The key is the sour cream topping with the chopped Maraschino cherries all over it: they add the kick that drives diners wild with passion! Let’s do it:


Yield: one spring-form baking pan / Mis-en-place: about 14 hours:

The Crust:
Graham cracker crumbs

Granulated sugar

Melted butter

Large egg white, beaten and strained

The Cheesecake:
Philadelphia-brand cream cheese

Granulated sugar

Large AAA egg yolks

Sour cream

All-purpose flour

Vanilla extract

Zest of one lemon

Lemon juice

Rum flavoring

Marsala sherry

Large AAA egg whites
Cream of tartar

The Topping:
Sour cream

Powdered sugar

White chocolate
Almond extract

The Finish:
Chopped Maraschino cherries


1.      Mis-en-place: have everything ready to work with.  Make the crust first by combining the Graham cracker crumbs with the melted butter, sugar, and egg white in the bowl of an electric mixer equipped with a paddle attachment.  Mix into a crumbly blend of butter and crumbs.  Spray a 9” spring release bake pan with PAM or some such other food release spray and gently press the crumb mixture into first the bottom and then onto the sides.  Do it slowly and gently so that it adheres to the pan but take care to have sprayed it well with the PAM, first. Note: the purpose of the egg white is to stabilize the crust so that it will hold together better when the cake’s been baked.  Preheat standard oven to 350°F or a convection oven to 300°F.

2.      Next, beat the cream cheese until it’s soft and creamy on an electric mixer equipped with a whip attachment and then add the sugar and beat thoroughly.  Blend in the egg yolks one-by-one until well-mixed.  Add sour cream, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, rum flavoring, sherry, lemon zest, and lemon juice and combine well.

3.      Beat egg whites until stiff and as you do so, sprinkle in the cream of tartar along the edges.  Fold the whites into the cheese mixture slowly, stirring by hand, until well-blended.

4.      Pour mixture into prepared crust and bake at 350°F standard oven for approximately ONE hour.  Check for doneness by noting the cheesecake to begin pulling away from the sides of the pan and for SMALL cracks to begin forming in the center of the cake—when you see this, check with a cake tester to make sure the center is almost completely dry. 

5.      Note: The trick is to pull it out before it’s completely done so that it will finish in the pan and NOT in the oven.  If you leave it in the oven for too long, the cracks will appear quickly and will be deep.  You can cover this up by putting a topping on top but you can’t do anything about the dryness so be careful!

6.      Allow to cool on a cake rack. As it does so, have the ingredients listed under “Topping” beaten together and combined and pour over the top of the cheesecake allowing it to drip into a pan beneath the cooling rack.  Sprinkle the cherries atop it and gently press by placing a piece of wax paper atop it and pressing down.  Allow the cake to chill in your refrigerator for at least 12 hours before use.

This is a classic, macerated cheesecake with the alcohol and is a tasty one around holidays and such.  It is one that can be placed on the menu and featured as a special, depending upon the type of establishment you are conducting.

As I informed you yesterday, I have had a great time today and as always enjoy my opportunities to write for the Elemental News of the Day. We urge our readership to write to us and leave comments and if there are any of you, who would care to write an article for us, please get in touch via Magnolia Hilltop Brewers, P.O. Box 20669, Bakersfield, CA 93390-0669.  We obviously don’t pay anything but you will be given a full byline and that’s worth its weight in gold.  We want as many people who want to write to be able to do so and we believe that by presenting a forum for our fellow chefs, we are doing something for our beloved industry.  We love diversity and hope to add new and different authors to our pantheon of chefs, food and beverage directors, and culinary professionals.  Come on and join us, it’ll be fun!

Please remember to avoid doing business with AARC Technology in Bakersfield, CA.  These people don’t care about the small customer anymore but instead put all of their attentions onto their corporate customers. It’s sad to not remember why one has the success they do or from where it came.

Day Five is now over and done and I find it somewhat amusing that like my good friend, Olaf Bologolo, I am counting the days.  I guess that’s what we do on any job, even one we enjoy: we count the minutes until we’re safely out the door.  Don’t get me wrong: I do enjoy writing for you and so do wish you would leave me some comments, my friends. That is what makes blogging fun, to be honored with comments of the readership which we know we have out there, just by the number of hits every single day!  Anyhow, please leave some comments and/or become a follower and why not spend some money and purchase an album by the Grateful Dead and/or buy a cookbook from Amazon.com.  We are allied with them and are pleased to market their merchandise! See you next time around! Bye!    

Thank you!

Lilah Paulikovich

Lilah Paulikovich

Pastry Chef, ACF, CEC, CPC, Les Amis de Escoffier Society


This is me as a young chef in the mid-1960 when I was working at the Maui Prince Hotel. I apprenticed under some of the best European chefs back in the day and met Stinkbug, our mentor, on Maui in 1990.


END Commentary for Friday, September 23, 2011 by Chef Lilah Paulikovich

Please note that everyone who writes for the Elemental News of the Day is their own person entitled to their own opinions, attitudes, and insanity so does not necessarily speak for all of us.  Thanks, Stinkbug.


This original essay was authored by the one-and-only Chef Lilah Paulikovich

Recipes created by Chef Lilah Paulikovich on June 17, 1986 in Kihei, HI.



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