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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Soup Seminar, Pt. XIV: Chicken Noodle-or-Rice Soup—Grandma always knew Best!”

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Chef James “Jimmy” Hall

END Commentary 08-03-2011

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for Wednesday, August 03, 2011 by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall


 Soup Seminar, Pt. XIV: Chicken Noodle-or-Rice Soup—Grandma always knew Best!

Bakersfield, CA, 08-03-2011 W:  Good morning, once more, I am back to continue our series on soup.  Usually, one makes the best soup in the wintertime but in hotels and country clubs around the world, soup is always on the menu just as it is all-you-can-eat luncheon and dinner smorgasbords.  People generally want to eat soup at lunch when they go out regardless of the weather and truly believe that by doing so, they are increasing their nutritional intake and reducing their caloric intake and thereby decreasing their waistlines.  A few weeks ago, a study was released in The Bakersfield Californian citing the sad fact that American waistlines are ever-increasing.  This is due to the availability of widespread empty calorie junk foods, lack of education (even though the First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her crusade to spread knowledge far-and-wide on this subject!), and our lifestyles of always being on the run.  Well, let me tell you, one can reduce their caloric intakes if they do eat soup, primarily ones that are broth-or-stock-based and NOT cream-and-butter-based.  Yes, the latter tastes wonderful but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty shall we?  It’s time we start doing the right thing for our bodies and cut down the overabundance of calories and start doing something for our combined health.  If our kids are going to enjoy us into our old age, then it’s important to put an end to ever-increasing consumption and we can begin by eating a bowl of nutritious soup everyday for both lunch and dinner.  Soup is our salvation and the soup I am going to teach you how to make today is both tasty and good for you so what could be more important or better than that?

Our soup for today is the classic of classics: Chicken Noodle or Rice Soup.  This is the one that everyone’s Jewish grandmother always pushed and you know what? She knew what the heck she was doing as there’s something highly good about chicken broth.  It has enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that seemingly defy description and there’s no doubt that when one is sick that it can lead to increased shortness of duration of a common illness and a return to health faster than if one doesn’t consume it.  How can you argue with that, my friends, I mean, if something is proven to work beyond a shadow of a doubt, we’d be foolish not to recognize that fact!


1. Yield: 1.5 quarts / Mis-en-place: about one hour.


Chicken broth

Mirepoix vegetables (celery, carrots, onions, and leeks)
Cooked and diced chicken breast meat

White pepper

Granulated garlic

Poultry seasoning

Freshly minced parsley

Egg shade food color

Add one of the following:
Cooked white rice OR

Egg noodles, cooked


1.      Combine ingreds for soup and bring to and keep a boil for 2 minutes; then lower heat and prepare for service. Keep the noodles or rice close by so that the servers can add them to their bowls before taking them out to their guests.

2.      Helpful Hint: you can tighten your soup with a little bit of lie or cornstarch slurry just to keep the soup from slopping over onto their saucers but it doesn’t take much, just be careful!

This is one of the classic soups of all time and perhaps among the easiest to make.  This is a good one for your health and it’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that chicken has a nutritional value connected to it that far outshines most other foods, especially the chicken broth.

As I said yesterday, I, too, have had a great time today and as always enjoy my opportunities to write for the Elemental News of the Day. We urge our readership to write to us and leave comments and if there are any of you, who would care to write an article for us, please get in touch via Magnolia Hilltop Brewers, P.O. Box 20669, Bakersfield, CA 93390-0669.  We obviously don’t pay anything but you will be given a full byline and that’s worth its weight in gold.  We want as many people who want to write to be able to do so and we believe that by presenting a forum for our fellow chefs, we are doing something for our beloved industry.  We love diversity and hope to add new and different authors to our pantheon of chefs, food and beverage directors, and culinary professionals.  Come on and join us, it’ll be fun!

Please remember to avoid doing business with AARC Technology in Bakersfield, CA.  These people don’t care about the small customer anymore but instead put all of their attentions onto their corporate customers. It’s sad to not remember why one has the success they do or from where it came. Well, we had a great time today and I will be back tomorrow to give you one soup recipe and then someone else will come on in with something else. Who knows, we might make soups for awhile?   

Thank you!

Jimmy Hall

James Hall

Cook III, CWC, ACF, and Maui Chef’s Association


This is me as a chef during the 1980's when we took a group photograph for a Chefs de Cuisine yearbook. At the time, I was working at a hotel in Bakersfield, CA, down on Union Avenue. It was still somewhat nice and the area was still the original "restaurant row" of the city. Now, I am in my sixties and am working over in Santa Barbara, CA, as a food and beverage director for a country club.


END Commentary for Wednesday, August 03, 2011 by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall

Please note that everyone who writes for the Elemental News of the Day is their own person entitled to their own opinions, attitudes, and insanity so does not necessarily speak for all of us.  Thanks, Stinkbug.


This original essay was authored by the one-and-only Chef James “Jimmy” Hall

Recipes created by Chef James “Jimmy” Hall on April 11, 1982 in Bakersfield, CA.



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