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Friday, July 8, 2011

“Famous Restaurant Recipes, Pt. XVIII: Austro-Hungarian Paprika Chicken—Classic Eastern European Cookery at its Best”

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Chef Vladimir Gdansk

END Commentary 07-09-2011

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for Saturday, July 09, 2011 by Chef Vladimir Gdansk


 Famous Restaurant Recipes, Pt. XVIII: Austro-Hungarian Paprika Chicken—Classic Eastern European Cookery at its Best”

Bakersfield, CA, 07-09-2011 S:  I am back in less than a week which is great as I have a recipe that I have brought out of my dust-covered cookbooks, one I created back in the 1980’s when I was living and working in the great city of Seattle.  I have always been a fan of the cookery of Eastern Europe as obviously, my heritage denotes via my surname.  Gdansk is, in fact, a Serbian name that is also prominent in Polish and even Russian communities.  The dish I have for you is my famed Austro-Hungarian Paprika Chicken, a delicious dish that is flavored by that spice of spices, Hungarian Paprika, NOT Spanish paprika.  The difference between the two is that the former is lovingly sweet whereas the latter is somewhat bitter and a substitute for those who can’t afford the Hungarian.  Of course, the readers of our blog can afford only the best so rush out and buy some and we’ll get cracking! If you’re ready, we should begin:


1. To serve four:

Boneless chicken breasts

Seasoned flour

Bacon fat

Lawrey’s seasoned salt

White pepper

Whole thyme

Melted butter

Sliced mushrooms

Minced yellow onions

Lawrey’s seasoned salt

Lawrey’s seasoned pepper

Hungarian paprika

Chicken stock

White wine

Sour cream

Heavy cream

Freshly minced parsley

Spaetzle or potato dumplings, cooked


1.      Place a skillet on the fire to heat up.  Turn your standard oven onto 375°F and have ready.  Pound the chicken breasts lightly with a masticator on both sides.  Dredge them in the seasoned flour, shake off the excess, and set aside.

2.      Place the bacon fat in the skillet and the first measure of salt, pepper, and thyme.  Heat up and then add the chicken breasts.  Sauté quickly, browning on both sides.  Be sure to roll them around in the bacon fat and then transfer to a plate lined with paper towels.  Wipe the skillet clean and return to the fire.  Add the butter.

3.      When the butter’s hot, add the mushrooms, onions, and the second round of seasonings.  Stir to combine and when the vegetables are slightly sautéed, add the chicken breasts.  Cook some more until they’re close to being done.  Remove them from the pan and transfer to a baking dish and place inside your preheated oven to finish cooking. Don’t discard the drippings from the pan but set aside.

4.      When the chicken is done (internal temperature reads 165°F), remove it from the oven and set aside to rest.  Place the skillet on the stove over a medium-flame and when it’s hot, add the chicken broth and reduce to about a cup over the flame.

5.      Next, hit the pan with the white wine and deglaze the pan with the liquid.  Stand back as it might flare up. Continue cooking until it’s again reduced to about one cup of liquid.  Stir in then the sour cream and the heavy cream. 

6.      The mixture will rise as it heats up so take care to watch it every second.  When it rises, transfer the chicken to the skillet and immerse in the forming pan sauce.  As the cream reduces, it will begin to thicken in conjunction with the sour cream and the flour from the chicken.  Continue cooking until a smooth pan sauce has formed, one that’s “marred” with specks of color due to the seasonings and paprika.  Reduce the heat and allow it to sit for a moment or two.  Then, it’s time to serve.

7.      This is a dish of Austro-Hungarian origins and it’s customary to serve it over a bed of potato dumplings or spaetzle of some sort.  Be sure to accompany with vegetables of your choice.  Place the pasta/dumplings on each of four plates and place a chicken breast halfway atop each mound.  Spoon sauce over the top and garnish with parsley flakes.  Then, it’s ready to serve.   

This is a classic dish of Eastern European heritage and it’s one that is both simple and tasty.  Be sure to find a recipe for spaetzle or potato dumplings and go for it!  You can find recipes for spaetzle on the Internet or you can look in that authority of authorities, the Austro-Hungarian Cookbook published by Gourmet Magazine.

Like my friend, Jimmy Hall yesterday, I, too, have had a great time today and as always enjoy my opportunities to write for the Elemental News of the Day. We urge our readership to write to us and leave comments and if there are any of you, who would care to write an article for us, please get in touch via Magnolia Hilltop Brewers, P.O. Box 20669, Bakersfield, CA 93390-0669.  We obviously don’t pay anything but you will be given a full byline and that’s worth its weight in gold.  We want as many people who want to write to be able to do so and we believe that by presenting a forum for our fellow chefs, we are doing something for our beloved industry.  We love diversity and hope to add new and different authors to our pantheon of chefs, food and beverage directors, and culinary professionals.  Come on and join us, it’ll be fun!

Please remember to avoid doing business with AARC Technology in Bakersfield, CA.  These people don’t care about the small customer anymore but instead put all of their attentions onto their corporate customers. It’s sad to not remember why one has the success they do or from where it came. Anyhow, have a great day and we’ll meet again. Take care.  

Thank you!

V. Gdansk

V. Gdansk

Cook IV, CWC, ACF, and the Washington State Chef’s Association
This is me back in the 1980's when I was the Executive Chef at a country club in the Napa Valley. I spent many years working in foodservice, having begun as a young boy working for my father in his restaurant over on the coast in Pismo Beach. Foodservice is in my blood and it's something I still do actively every day in my late eighties.


END Commentary for Saturday, July 09, 2011 by Chef Vladimir Gdansk

Please note that everyone who writes for the Elemental News of the Day is their own person entitled to their own opinions, attitudes, and insanity so does not necessarily speak for all of us.  Thanks, Stinkbug.


This original essay was authored by the one-and-only Chef Vladimir Gdansk.

Recipes created by Chef Vladimir Gdansk on October 17, 1987 in Seattle, WA.



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