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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

“Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Pt. XXI: Maple and Buckwheat Muffins—Southern Cooking at its Best”

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                                                   STINKBUG 2011


Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara

END Commentary 07-13-2011

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for Wednesday, July 13, 2011 by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara


 Classic Quickbreads and Muffins, Pt. XXI: Maple and Buckwheat Muffins—Southern Cooking at its Best

Bakersfield, CA, 07-13-2011 W:  Hello, again, I’m back for more fun and excitement.  As always, I love sharing baked goods and if they’re of Southern origins, then, they’re even more exciting.  Today’s recipe is for Maple-Buckwheat Muffins, a delicious treat that you will enjoy for years to come.  Buckwheat flour is found at most health food stores in just about every locale so don’t be afraid to get on the phone and make inquiries.  Once you’ve located this marvelous product, you will be on the road to a great deal of happiness.  Shall we get started? This is a quick one today!


Yield:        20              40            LARGE MUFFINS

About 35 minutes:

Set SO to 400 F or CVOV @ 350 F. Prep baking pans with spray and paper muffin cups.

Buckwheat flour
All-purpose flour
Kosher salt
Large eggs
Granulated sugar
Vegetable oil
Sour cream
Maple syrup
Maple extract
Raisins or chopped dates


     1. Double-sift first THREE ingredients together; set aside.

     2. Beat eggs and sugar together until creamy. Blend in next 5 ingredients.

     3. Combine dry ingredients with raisins and then fold into the wet using the least amount of strokes to do so.

     4. Scoop batter into prepared cups, place on middle oven rack and bake 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of each comes out clean.

     5. Remove from the oven and de-pan the muffins when they’re cool enough to do so without breaking. Complete cooling on a wire rack and if desired, glaze with a powdered sugar-water one and top with a sprinkle of chopped nuts.

     A simple glaze can be made by combining water and powdered sugar together. Do it on the stiff side so that when you spoon it on top of your baked goods, it doesn’t just run off like water.


We love the traditional foods of the American South and this is definitely one of them.  There is nothing better than maple syrup and buckwheat combined together in a tasty bakery morsel.  You will love this one for many years to come!

Like my friend, James “JT” Tobiason yesterday, I, too, have had a great time today and as always enjoy my opportunities to write for the Elemental News of the Day. We urge our readership to write to us and leave comments and if there are any of you, who would care to write an article for us, please get in touch via Magnolia Hilltop Brewers, P.O. Box 20669, Bakersfield, CA 93390-0669.  We obviously don’t pay anything but you will be given a full byline and that’s worth its weight in gold.  We want as many people who want to write to be able to do so and we believe that by presenting a forum for our fellow chefs, we are doing something for our beloved industry.  We love diversity and hope to add new and different authors to our pantheon of chefs, food and beverage directors, and culinary professionals.  Come on and join us, it’ll be fun!

Please remember to avoid doing business with AARC Technology in Bakersfield, CA.  These people don’t care about the small customer anymore but instead put all of their attentions onto their corporate customers. It’s sad to not remember why one has the success they do or from where it came. Anyhow, have a great day and we’ll meet again. Take care.  

Thank you!


Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara
ACF, CWC, Cook IV Institutional Chef

This is me back in 1977 when I was working at the Hilton Inn in Bakersfield, CA, on Rosedale Highway. Now, it's the Red Lion Inn but back then, I was the night sous chef and ran the cook's line at the age of 24.


END Commentary for Wednesday, July 13, 2011 by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara

Please note that everyone who writes for the Elemental News of the Day is their own person entitled to their own opinions, attitudes, and insanity so does not necessarily speak for all of us.  Thanks, Stinkbug.


This original essay was authored by the one-and-only Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara.

Recipes created by Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara on January 10, 1984 in Phoenix, AZ.



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     this is a shot of bassist Victor Gaona piloting our van home from Lake Isabella, CA, on 10-07-1978.  Vic was a great driver whether he was loaded or not. 

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This is another shot of Vernon McMahon and Victor Gaona at West High School on 08-21-1977 at the gig.

 This is a shot of Brian Carrick at the Kern County Fair on 09-30-1978 showing his disapproval of the exhibits.

This is a shot of MHB Bassist Victor Gaona on 09-15-1978 at a live gig somewhere in Kern County, CA. Vic was a great musician and vocalist. 

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