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Monday, June 13, 2011

“Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Pt. IV—Chicken and Broccoli”

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Chef Elmer K. Hootenstein.

END Commentary 06-14-2011

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Elemental News of the Day Commentary-Opinion-Sports-Foodservice for Tuesday, June 14, 2011 by Chef Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein


Hawaiian and Polynesian Recipes, Pt. IV—Chicken and Broccoli

Bakersfield, CA, 06-14-2011 T:  Greetings, once again, it’s been quite awhile since last I graced you with an article and last you read one by me.  I appreciate being here and always enjoy doing what I can for Stinkbug, our beloved friend and patron who have always been there for all of us and who has brought us all together!  One thing one cannot ever forget is the wonderful thing of friendship, of long-term friendship, of knowing people from the time they’re young into middle-and-old age.  The special thing about knowing people in the foodservice industry is that these friendships transcend all others and relationships last forever.  It’s sort of like the military, I guess, the bonds last a lifetime and end with the death of one of the parties.  Each one of my friends here at the Elemental News of the Day, I’ve known for 30 or more years.  We enjoy one another’s company and our spouses are part of that relationship, too.  

Those of us who have had the privilege of living and working in Hawaii also have a special bond as that is a very strange place unless you’re born there or come from elsewhere in Asia.  Granted, Hawaii is not Asia, but its peoples mainly come from the continent or elsewhere in the Pacific Ocean region.  They share similar foodstuffs but prepare them in a variety of different ways which makes it a wonderful place to learn all of the Asiatic cultures in one place.  The dish we are preparing today, Chicken and Broccoli, can be prepared in many different ways and the way we’re doing today is one that hails from the Big Island, from one of the many fine eateries in Hilo, where I worked for many years.  The Big Island of Hawaii is a beautiful but sparsely populated place that has tons of land but not a lot of people as there are only two really habitable areas: Hilo and Kona.  The rest of the island is sort of a Mordor-like place, lots of volcanic or evidence of past volcanic activity that has left it dead and empty.  Driving between the two great volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the Saddleback Road, is like driving into the J.R.R.R. Tolkien “Mordor” as it’s dim, eerie, and grim.  It’s hard to associate it with the beauty of the rest of the islands.  Anyhow, this is a wonderful recipe that I learned from my Japanese friends working at the Hilo Hotel back in the early 1990’s.  I think you will find it to be both tasty and quick to make.  Add to that the fact that it’s economical and will save you money as you use up scraps of vegetables and leftover chicken breast trim that you have when you buy Foster Farms’ chickens in bulk and do your own trimming.


1. To serve 4-6:

The Chicken
Boneless chicken breasts, sliced into strips

Reserve 1-quart
Top quality chicken base, sodium-free, preferably
Bay leaves

The Vegetables
Yellow onions, julienned

Chinese-cut celery

Green zucchini, strip cut

Broccoli florets

The Sauce
Chicken broth

Balsamic vinegar

Brown sugar

Teriyaki sauce


Minced garlic

Minced ginger

Kosher salt

Sesame oil

Bay leaves

Chinese five spice

Almond extract

The Thickener

Cold water

The Finish
Slivered scallions


1.      Place the first FOUR ingredients into a 4-quart saucepot and bring to a boil; as soon as it is lower heat to low and allow it to simmer undisturbed for an hour to tenderize it.

2.      Blanch each vegetable separately in boiling, salted water and cook only until al dente and then drain the water and plunge each vegetable into ice water to retard further cooking. If serving with rice, now would be the time to prepare it—use 2-cups of the reserved chicken broth here with 1-cup of Hinode rice.

3.      Combine all of the ingredients listed underneath “the Sauce” and add 2-cups of the reserved chicken broth.  Bring to a boil.  In the meantime, combine the cornstarch and the cold water together to form slurry and when the pot is boiling, briskly whisk it in, stirring constantly as you do so. It will drop down in temperature momentarily because of the cold water but will soon be at a boil once more.  When it reaches that state, keep it there for ONE minute to clarify it and then lower to a very low flame.

4.      When the rice is ready to exit the oven, heat the chicken and the vegetables in the microwave and combine together with the sauce. Doing it this way will keep the colors of the veggies bright and sparkly and won’t overcook the chicken meat.  Blend together well and then put a spoonful of rice in the center of each plate and ladle the chicken and broccoli over each mound.  Sprinkle each with some of the slivered green onions and serve.

This dish will suffice for a good dinner for a hungry family in need of some Asian cookery.  The beauty is that everything can be prepared in advance and then heated up—including the rice—just before dinner time in the microwave oven. Enjoy!

Well, my friends, I think you will find this dish to be pleasing and fun to make and eat.  I always enjoy sharing the dishes I learned from my time traveling throughout the Pacific and hope that you enjoy them, too. One of these days, we will all take a vacation there together and that is going to be fun and somewhat crazy, I’m sure.  Please help us by accessing the Google advertising links and enabling us to make some revenue with which to keep it up-and-running! Thank you! Patronize the advertisers as they are the best and be sure to buy your CD’s through Amazon.com by using the convenient link at the top of the blog! Bye!  

Thank you!

Elmer K. Hootenstein

Elmer K. Hootenstein

CWC, ACF, the Golden State Chefs’ Association



END Commentary for Tuesday, June 14, 2011 by Chef Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein.

Please note that everyone who writes for the Elemental News of the Day is their own person entitled to their own opinions, attitudes, and insanity so does not necessarily speak for all of us.  Thanks, Stinkbug.


This original essay was authored by the one-and-only Chef Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein.

The Hooter. “Chicken and Broccoli Recipe” c/o Polynesian Online Review.  17-March-1992: P. AA 1.



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Web Pictures I

 Broccoli Chicken Plate #1 04-24-2011 at Las Palmas in Bakersfield, California.

     Another photo of Broccoli-Chicken on 04-24-2011 at Las Palmas in Bakersfield, California. This is a wonderfully simple dish to concoct and extremely delicious! 

Close-up of Broccoli Chicken by the Hooter. 

    Serving Suggestion: Rice Pilaf ala the Hooter. Dish created in the 1970's at the Casa Royale in Bakersfield, California. 

                                                                Rice Pilaf #2 05-10-2011. 

this is a shot of Brian Carrick on 12-03-1976 at Delano, California behind his Rodgers' Drum Kit. 

 This is a photo of bassist Victor Gaona on 12-31-1976 at the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers' annual New Year's Eve gig. Vic was a great musician and vocalist. 

This is a photo of the MHB state on 05-28-1977 somewhere in Kern County, California. From an unknown gig. 


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